Department of Mathematics, IIT Guwahati, welcomes all first year students of B.Tech.(M&C)

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A Whatsapp group for the first year B.Tech.(M&C) students has been created by the Head, Department of Mathematics, IIT Guwahati. The link to join this whatsapp group will be sent (on 10.11.2020) to your email address given in JEE-Advanced Portal and you are encouraged to join that whatsapp group. However joining the whatsapp group is optional.

 Fresher's Portal by Academic Affairs Section (Visit this link/webpage regularly/frequently to know recent updates)
 Syllabi of all courses of First Year B.Tech.(M&C) Programme (Applicable from 2018 Batch Onwards)
 Curriculum and Syllabi of B.Tech.(M&C) Programme (Applicable from 2018 Batch Onwards)
 Institue Level / Central Orientation Programme (at 9:30 am on 13.11.2020) through Microsoft Teams Online Live Event. A Link will be provided by Academic Affairs Section (in Fresher's portal) to join the online Institute Level Orientation.
 Department Orientation Programme & Interactive Session (at 3 PM on 13.11.2020) through Microsoft Teams Online Meeting. Parents/ Guardians are also invited to join. Click here to join the online Department Orientation at 3:00 pm on 13.11.2020.
 Click here to Download Microsoft Teams App for Desktop/ Mobile. (After getting your IITG Email ID, you can start using only IITG Email ID to attend online classes/ meetings through Microsoft Teams.)
 Lecture Divisions, Tutorial Groups, Lab Groups of First Year BTech & BDes(See it and note your lecture division, tutorial group and lab group)
 Class Time Table for the First Semester B.Tech. Students (See: Slot System for Classes)
 Academic Calendar for the First Year B.Tech. Students (First Semester: 16.11.2020 to 26.02.2021, Second Semester: 08.03.2021 to 21.06.2021)
 Academic Affairs Section Webpage (Go through BTech Ordinance 2010-2017 batches - Some changes are/ will be applicable for 2018 batch onward)
 IITG Email/Webmail (Outlook Office) Login Portal
 IITG Moodle Course Webpages Login Portal
 Students' Gymkhana Council Webpage (To know various Student Boards/ Clubs activities and To know hostel & campus amenities)
 Center for Career Development (To know about Internship/ Placement Activities or Opportunities)
 To know, Head of the Academic Departments/ Centers

For any queries or help, Please contact your Faculty Advisor / Member Secretary - DUPC/ Head-Department of Mathematics (See below contact details)
Dr. Palash Ghosh (For Academic and Non-Academic Information, Queries and Help), Faculty Advisor for 2020 BTech(M&C) Students, Email:, Phone: +91-0361-2583729 (If required, Parents / Guardians can contact him to know academic performance of their wards or to discuss any academic difficulties faced by their wards)

Dr. Bhupen Deka (For Academic related matters, if it is not resolved by the Faculty Advisor), Member Secretary, DUPC, Email:, Phone: +91-0361-2582634

Dr. Subhamay Saha (Only for Placement related queries), Faculty Incharge - Training & Placement, Department of Mathematics, Email:, Phone: +91-0361-2582638

Dr. M. Guru Prem Prasad (For any General Information/ Queries on Academic / Non-Academic Matters), Head, Department of Mathematics, Email:, Phone: +91-0361-2582601/ 2608/ 2650, Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9707195232

or the Office of the Department of Mathematics, Email:, Phone: +91-0361-2582650.