Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya

Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Assam, India - 781039


M.Tech Old Students

S. No. Name of Student Topic Year of Completion
1 S. K. Jha Study of acceleration noise behavior in Indian traffic condition June, 2009
2 Arpan Mehar Microscopic Simulation of Traffic rotary using VISSIM July, 2010
3 Binanda Khungur Narzary Microscopic Traffic Flow Model Based on Cellular Automata Concept June, 2010
4 Raju Anand Bondre Microscopic Simulation of Traffic Junction using VISSIM June, 2011
5 Sushant M. Gajbhiye Study of Acceleration and Deceleration Behavior of Vehicles June, 2011
6 Anusha Kumari Adavikottu Traffic Characteristcis and Emission at Road Intersection (Co-Guide:Dr. S. Ghokhale) June, 2012
7 Sabyasachi Biswas Road Safety Audit of Guwahati City Roads June, 2012
8 Sreekumar M. Development of Car-following Model in Heterogeneous Traffic with No Lane Discipline June, 2012
9 Nayan Kumar Sarma Traffic Accident Study on Highways In Guwahati City May, 2012
10 Anuj Kishor Budhkar Development of Bidirectional Traffic Flow Model for Indian Scenario July 2013
11 Metkari Mahendrakumar A. Evaluation of Driver Behaviour Model for Heterogeneous Traffic with No Lane Discipline May 2013
12 B. B. N. Kishore Safety Indicators for Heterogeneous Non Lane Based Traffic June 2013
13 Pankil Khandelwal Effect of vehicle and traffic parameters on lateral and longitudinal clearances maintained by vehicles in Indian Traffic June 2014
14 Devesh Kumar Patel Calibration of Microscopic Traffic Flow models using genetic algorithm June 2014
15 Arvind Kumar Critical gap study at unsignalised intersection in Indian Scenario June 2014
16 Harsh J Amin Delay study at unsignalised intersection in Indian Scenario June 2014
17 Shreya Dey Time headway Analysis of Vehicles on Indian Roads June 2015
18 Sanhita Das Study of Vehicle Speeds on Indian roads June 2015
19 Suresh Nama Study of Vehicles Speed on Curves in Hilly Terrain June 2015
20 Subhadipto Poddar Study of Lateral Placement of Vehicles in Heterogeneous Traffic Stream June 2016
21 Nilanjan Adhikary Study of lateral and longitudinal interaction of vehicles under mixed traffic condition June 2016
22 Vishal Kumar Simulation of pedestrian movement using Viswalk July 2016
23 Dibyojyoti Saha Accident analysis of four lane highway in hilly terrain: a case study of NH 3 July 2017
24 Renuka Kumar Thamarana A Study on Use of Highway Development Management (HDM-4) tool for flexible pavements July 2017