Curriculum Vitae

Theses Supervised:

In Progress:

                                i.      Ph.D. Students

          Anwesa Barman

          Thesis Title: Nanofinishing of Freeform Surface using Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing (MFAF) Process     

          Chandan Kumar

          Thesis Title: Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of LASER Beam Welding Process 

Anupam Alok

Thesis title:  High Speed Machining 

Kelli Durgaprasad

Thesis title: Advanced welding process 

Kelli Durgaprasad 

Thesis title: Plasma-assisted atomistic surface finishing on freeform surfaces of fused silica

  ii.  M. Tech Students

 Anche Lohit (Roll No: 124103073)

 Thesis Title: Prediction of residual stresses and distortion of large welded structure

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pankaj Biswas

Pritam Akhuly (Roll No: 134103014)

Thesis Title: Computational fluid dynamics simulation of magnetorheological polishing fluid for finishing in magnetic field assisted finishing

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pankaj Biswas

Kundan kumud (Roll No: 134103064)

Thesis Title: Numerical simulation of magnetic field assisted tungsten inert gas welding process.

Co-supervisor: Dr. Sukhomay Pal

Sujeet Kumar (Roll No: 144103086)

Thesis Title: Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of electrochemical  micromachining.

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pankaj Biswas

Deepak Mylavarapu (Roll No: 144103097)

Thesis Title: Experimental and numerical simulation of self-piercing riveting process

Co-supervisor: Dr. R.Ganesh Narayanan

Mohammad Shafique (Roll No: 154103121)

Thesis Title: Nanofinishing of micro-components using magnetorheological abrasive flow finishing process.

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pankaj Biswas

Pranesh Dutta (Roll No: 154103016)

Thesis Title: Design and develpoment of electrochemical micromaching (ECMM) experimental setup for fabrication of textured surface.

Hardeep Singh (Roll No: 154103069)

Thesis Title: Three-dimensional heat transfer modelling of laser beam weldign process.

Amit Sharma (Roll No: 154103045)

Thesis Title: Design and development of magnetorheological finishing experimantal setup for nanofinishing of external complex surfaces.

Co-supervisor: Dr. BalKrishna Mehata

iii. B. Tech. Students

Heera Lal  (Roll no. 09010318)

Krishna Gopal (Roll no. 09010327)

Thesis Title: Simulation of Surface Finish in Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing Process.

Ankur Kumar Singh  (Roll no. 10010306)

Rohan Rajendra Londhe (Roll no. 10010358)

Thesis Title: Modeling of Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF) Process.


Jitendra Kumar (Roll no.10010327)

Keshav Kumar Meena (Roll no.10010334)

Thesis Title: Numerical simulation of laser beam welding Process.


Priyabrata Behera (Roll no. 11010346)
Shashi Kumar Meena (Roll no. 11010361)

Thesis title: Prediction of residual stress in high speed machining.

Abhimanyu Mawatwal  (Roll no.11010301)
Ankit Dayal  (Roll no. 11010307)

Thesis title: Experimental Investigation of Powder Mixed EDM(PM-EDM) Process

Ankit Gondole (Roll no. 120103011)

Sukumar Das (Roll no. 120103067)

Thesis title: Laser welding with magnetic field

Piyush Bailke (Roll no. 120103023)
Thesis title: Electrochemical Micromachining

Divyanshu Kumar (Roll no. 130103026)
Subrat Kumar (Roll no. 130103074)
Thesis title: Modelling of magnetorheological finishing (MRF) process

Bikash Kumar Naik  (Roll no.
Thesis title: Modelling of Electrochemical Micro-Machining Process

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