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More people in the world are bi/multilingual than monolingual, this itself makes it a topic worthy of investigation. There are a number of intertwined social and political reasons responsible for people to acquire two or more languages. The course will look into issues responsible for this phenomenon as well the results of the same on society and the individual.

Course content:

Sociolinguistic aspects: a socio-political phenomenon, language contact leading to bilingualism, social motivation for bilingualism, language policy, diglossia, results of bilingualism; the bilingual mind: language and thought, Whorf and neo-Whorfism revisited, categories, event construals, inner speech, emotion categories; psycholinguistics of bilingualism: language acquisition, processing, the bilingual brain.

Texts and References:

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2. Grosjean, F. and Ping Li. 2013. The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism. Wiley Blackwell. Sussex, UK

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