HomeEasy to StartB.Tech Semester VIIIHS 421 Sociological Perspectives on Modernity

Modernity: thematic preliminaries; Sociological modernism: Marx, Weber and Simmel; Ultra-modernism: structuralist interpretation: Levi-Strauss and Althusser; Western Marxism: Lukacs, Gramsci and Tourainne; Synthesising modernity and social theory; Deconstructing modernity; Modernity in non-modern contexts; The idea of alternative or multiple modernities: cases from Asia, Africa and Latin America; Radicalised modernity: Giddens and Habermas; Dialectic of engaging with and interrogating modernity.
1.A. Giddens, The Consequences of Modernity, Polity, 1989.,
2. K. Kumar, Prophecy and Progress: The Sociology of Industrial and Post-industrial Society, Penguin, 1986
1.J. Alam, India: Living with Modernity, Oxford University Press, 1999.
2. D. Gupta, Mistaken Modernity: India between Worlds, Harper Collins, 2001.

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