HomeEasy to StartB.Tech Semester VIIIHS 415 History of Contemporary India

Independence and consequences of the partition; Making of the constitution; Towards
a nation-state: general election, annexation of princely states; Resettling
boundaries: linguistic re-organisation of the country; Land reform and the agrarian
question; Planning commission and development programme; International disputes:
Indo-Pak wars-1947, 1965, 1972, Indo-China war 1962 ; Social conflicts and caste
mobilisation; From Nehruvian legacy to regional political formations; Environment
and Polity; Popular culture and the making of contemporary India.


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2. B. Chandra, A. Mukherjee and M. Mukherjee, India since Independence,
Penguin, 2008.


1.-B.R. Tomlinson, The Economy of Modern India, 1860-1970, Cambridge, 1996.

2 P. R. Brass, The Politics of India since Independence, Cambridge, 1994

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