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Introduction: consumer research: process, methods & tools; Market segmentation - bases, effective targeting & strategic implementation; Internal influences on consumer behaviour: information processing, consumer perception: dynamics, imagery & perceived risk; Exposure & attention; Learning theories and brand loyalty; Motivation, emotion & attitude: motives & needs – nature, types & systems, theories and their marketing implications: Maslow-s, consistency, optimum stimulation; Conflict – marketing implications; Types of emotion, levels of affective response: marketing application, appeals; Personality, lifestyle & self concept: definitions, theories & marketing implications -psychoanalytic, socio-psychological, trait; Consumer diversity, self-concept – marketing application, lifestyle, psychographics, AIO: application to marketing, personality variables & consumer market: Evaluative criteria & purchase choice: definition, evoked set, nature, opinion leadership, levels of consumer decision making, decision heuristics : compensatory & non-compensatory model, claims & support: types & strategies, appeals & reasoning, store attributes affecting choice, shopping orientations, unplanned choice; Social & cultural influences: family & household, role structure & influences, family communication pattern: marketing implications; Social class, general implication; Types of reference groups; Types of socialization: marketing implications, culture: characteristics, measurement & core values


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