Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati - 781039, India

Batch Composting of Vegetable Waste for Horticulture Requirements of IITG

IITG generates significant amount of uncooked vegetable waste from student hostels, shopping complex, faculty quarters etc., An intelligent way of utilizing vegetable waste is to generate compost by using composting technology. A batch composter has been proposed in the project proposal for installation at IITG to generate good quality compost, which can serve as a good source of nutrients for horticulture requirements of IITG. Presently, for the horticulture requirements of IITG, the nutrient rich compost is procured from an outside source and thus the compost generated in the project would be of significant relevance to serve the IITG campus green forestation activities.

Inspired with the lush green campus, the batch composting project proposal is regarded to be a very important component of the Green Office, IITG. Apart from generating the compost, the project aims to generate significant amount of awareness and concern among the IITG community to care for the nature and minimize solid waste generated at the campus. The success story of the batch compost preparation project would translate into significant reduction in the solid waste, which is presently sent to the remote landfill at IITG. Thereby, the project would encourage a holistic approach even among the residents of Guwahati as well to promote composting technologies for the minimization of released solid waste.

The project proposal was discussed thoroughly in the Steering Committee and was approved by the Competent Authority for implementation at IITG. For further details with respect to the project, interested colleagues and students are requested to contact Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad, faculty of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati. <-- back to projects