Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial 04

Design of a Network Management Server
Speaker: Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves, TeNeT Group
Department of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Madras


A modern telecom network may have millions of "intelligent" devices -- voice exchanges, IP switches, DSLAMs, base stations, CPEs, phones, etc. For the network to function reliably and efficiently, it is necessary to continuously monitor and control these devices. Given the far-flung nature of the network and the shortage of skilled network administrators, a central network management system (NMS) is essential. Such an NMS is a large, complex software application. The design of such NMS software is the focus of this tutorial.

We start with a brief overview of telecom networks and an introduction to NMS. This motivates the requirements for and complexity of the NMS server. We then develop an object-oriented design for the server. The techniques and design patterns presented are also useful in operations support and billing systems for large telecom networks. The tutorial is based on our experience with the CygNet NMS that is in use by several telecom operators.

The tutorial is intended for students, faculty, networking and software professionals with an interest in telecom infrastructure software. Knowledge of networks and object-oriented concepts is assumed.