Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial 02

IPv6 and Sensor Network
Speaker: Prof. Laurent Toutain and Claude CHAUDET, ENST Bretagne


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are often considered as an early development of the upcoming Internet of Things. They, therefore, represent a very popular research topic and have seen several practical realizations and applications. However, these applications are generally running aside and independently of the Internet. That's why the IETF created a few years ago several working groups to study how IPv6 could be used over Wireless Sensor Network. Due to the constraints specific to WSN (restricted energy resources, low bandwidth and high error rates), header compression, cross layer optimization and dedicated new routing protocol generated an important number of contributions. This tutorial presents WSN from the network's point of view, describes IPv6 functionalities and how they have been adapted to WSN behavior and introduces routing protocols dedicated to this environment. This tutorial is part of the Tiny6 IST Asia project funded by the french Ministry of Foreign Affair.