Dr. Rohit Sinha


Sponsored / Consultancy Projects (PI / Co-PI):

SL. No. Title Project Funding Agency PI / Co-PI


1 Speech-based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 11 Indian Languages/Dialects DeitY, GoI PI Ongoing
2 Development of Speech based Multi-Level Person Authentication System DeitY, GoI Co-PI Ongoing
3 Development of Medical Imaging Laboratory DST-FIST, GoI Co-PI Ongoing
4 Characterization and compensation of acoustic and linguistic mismatch for robust automatic recognition of children’s speech DST, GoI PI Completed
5 Development of person authentication system using speaker verification in uncontrolled envrionment DIT,GoI Co-PI Completed
6 Speech-based Access for Agricultural Commodity Prices in Six Indian Languages DIT, GoI PI Completed


Curriculum Development Projects:

SL. No. Title Under Project Funding Agency


1 Development of web-based lecture resource for the course titled Detection and Estimation Theory NPTEL-II project MHRD, GoI Completed
2 Development of a virtual laboratory for the Signals and Systems course NME-ICT project MHRD, GoI Completed