Vehicle to Grid

The power industry is undergoing significant changes with improvement in technology, change in government regulations and need of costumer. Smart grid, that aims to provide reliable, efficient, secure and quality energy is trying to incorporate advanced communication infrastructure between each entity, thus making grid more safer, greener and efficient

Kempton and Letendre revealed the possibility of EV’s to be used as a power source in 1987 and since than, V2G has gained attention. The architecture is based on the transfer of control signals as well as power signals which requires an efficient, economic and reliable communication system

Apart from communication the control system involved in V2G architecture also plays a major role as it determines the number of signals to be communicated

The work in this group focus on the following challenges

• Determining the type of controller applicable V2G

• Optimizing charging and discharging pattern of EV's based on grid demand

• Determining communication channels that are applicable based on location of entities

• An architecture that has optimized channel for both communication and power flow

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