Electric Motors Design for Electric Vehicles Applications

The superior power density and specific power of IM, PM and SynRM motors have made them industry workhorse in EV applications, and this is expected to hold true for the next decade. Due to such advantages, electric motors for electric vehicles drive systems (EVDS) are gaining more popularity in recent years. Our mission is, based on conventional and new class electric motor design, to enable cost-effective, smaller, lighter, and efficient electric motors of IM, PM and SynRM for EVDS.

Our key issues and work focus

To achieve the vision for the EVDS, a number of key issues must be overcome which include:

   • Small and compact. Significant reductions in the volume and weight of motors will allow for ease of integration within current vehicle structures.

   • Efficient and low noise. The efficiency and acoustic noise of the motors must continue to improve to provide value to the customer.

   • Reliable and cost. The motors must be reliable, low cost and provide long vehicle service equal to or better than conventional motors.

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