Utpal Barua
Status Professor and former head of the department
Interest area Basic Design, Graphic Design, Design Drawing and Visualization, Visual Design- Principles and Applications


Born in the beautiful state of Assam, Utpal Barua completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal. He then went on to receive his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Currently he serves as a Professor of the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.
He has participated in more than 25 national level exhibitions in India and more than 50 international level exhibitions/symposiums/conferences in the China, Macedonia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Belgrade, Indonesia, Shanghai, Korea, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Romania, Italy etc. Also he has been actively participating in Olympic Fine Arts since the year 2008.

Major National conferences/ symposium/ exhibition:

1982, 1983 Kolkata: at Birla Academy and Academy of Fine Arts.
1985, 1988, and 1992: National Exhibition of Art, Delhi.
1989: Chandigarh at Solid Art Gallery.
1999, 2000: Lalit Kala Academy, AIFACS, Delhi.
1997, 2000, 2006 and 2014 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

International conferences/ symposium/ exhibition:


2004: “Challenging craft”; Scotland, UK. http://www2.rgu.ac.uk/challengingcraft/ChallengingCraft/papers/utpalbarua/ubaruaabstract.htm
2004: Conference in Bergen University, Norway.
2006: International art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2007: International art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2008: International Olympic fine arts exhibition in Beijing, China.
• Project: “One world one dream”
2008: International art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2009: 100 years of Egyptian Art Conference, Cairo, Egypt.
2009: International Art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2010: 1st International Painting Symposium/ conference in Saint-Lo, Paris, France
Project: Touch -Touch, to promote art amongst the entrepreneur and Local people of Saint-Lô; A creative journey
2010: International art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2011: 2nd International Water Color Symposium/ Conference in Skopje, Macedonia.
2011: International Painting Symposium in Ehden North, Lebanon.2012: International Flag Art Exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon.
2012: British Flag Exhibition under UNESCO in Beirut, Lebanon and in London.
2012: 2nd International Water Color Biennial at Gallery A in Belgrade, Serbia.
2012: 3rd International Water Color Symposium/ conference in Skopje, Macedonia.
2012: International painting symposium in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Project: History of Maiden Tower of Baku; a visual dialogue
2012: 1st Ecorea International Art Biennial in Korea.
2013: Art residency program June- July at contemporary art center, Penza, Russia.
2013: Solo painting exhibition at ISS Museum Gallery, Penza, Russia
2013: 1st Changzhou, China International Art symposium and exhibition, China
• Project: Changzhou historical representation
2014: Exhibition at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai in 5th Feb to 11th Feb
2014: A group International exhibition at Gallery Art Penza from 7th Feb’ to 7th March, Penza, Russia.
2014: Haiyan fundraising exhibition in Makati City, Philippines.
Project: A visual journey for fundraising for the tsunami victims
2014: Art residency program/symposium in Ardud castle, Romania 24th July to 3rd August.
Project: History of Ardud Castle; a visual representation
2014: Exhibition from the collection of galleries and ART - PENZA, for the festival of contemporary art " Chernozem- 2014" in Voronezh,
Russia from August 29 to September 21.
2014: International Water color symposium, Skopje, Macedonia- 1st September to 8th September
2014: Conference and Symposium in Khon Kean University 10th October to 21st October, Thailand.
Project: Cultural &Social values; a visual note
2014: Malacca International Contemporary Art Exhibition from 26th November to1st December 2014, Malaysia.
2015: 8th International Painting and Sculpture symposium, Penza, Russia from 3rd May to 20th May.
2015: International Group exhibition at contemporary art Gallery, ISS Museum, Penza from 18th June to 25th June.
2015: International symposium at Orta Lake, Italy from 21st June to 30th June
• Project: “Water is Life” A visual representation for awareness
2015: International Art exhibition at san Rocco, Milan, Italy from 28th June to 5th July.
2015: International group exhibition at Commune di Milano, Milano expo by Palazzino liberty, Italy from 8th August to 25th August.
Project: Italy for last 110 years, significance of each years of Historical events
2015: Silk Journey to Art International Exhibition at Millennium Museum, Beijing, China
Project on silk route; visual representation of Silk route
2015: International Art Residency’15 DFEWA, November, Chile, South America.
2016: Olympia Fine Arts International Exhibition and Symposium (OFAIES’16)
16TH TO 22ND January’2016 in Guwahati, Assam, India
2016: 15th International Art and Calligraphy exchange exposition at Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 5th to 10th January’2016
2016: International Symposium in Jambolia, Romania, 16th to 26th April’16
2016: 8th Asian Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11th to 26th June’16
2016: International symposium in Timisoara, Romania 14th April to 26th April
2016: 2nd International symposium at Orta Lake, Milan, Italy, 18th to 26th June’16
Project: Body and Fashion.
Up coming events: (selected by international juries)
2016: International symposium “Gernik Art”, 24th September to 1st Oct’16, Romania.
2016: G20 International exchange exhibition, Zhangzhou, China from 11th to 21st October
2016: Exposition at Galleria Pygmalion Timisoara 23rd Nov. to 7th Dec.16
2016: International exhibition and Symposium, Luxor, Egypt from 14th to 27th December
2016: Invited to attend G20 Summit International exange exhibition ( Wordl Art Agenda) in Hangzhou, China
2016: 9th Luxor International Symposium/Conference, Luxor Egypt Dec -2016
2017: International Water Colour Symposium, Skepje, Macedonia
2017: Exibition By Indian Contemporary Artist’s art Gallery Penza, Nov’18
2017: 9th Asian International Art Exhibition, Qingdao City, China, 13th - 19th Oct’17
2018: Miami Solo, Florida, January’18.
2018: Contemporary Indain Art at Penza State City Art Museum, 16th Jan’2018
2018: 8th Japanese International Exchange exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
2018: International Shiva Festival, Sivsagar, Assam, India, 13th Feb- 23rd Feb’18.
2018: International Friendship Painting Symposium Cum Cultural Festival, Kokrajhar, Assam, India, 17th- 12 March’ 18
2018: 8th International Symposium Kusadas, Izmur, Turkey, 21st April- 29th April’18.
2018: 5th International Water Colour Biennale Art Gallery “A”, Belgrade, Serbia’18.
2018: International Ar Exchange Exhibition at Hangzhou, China., 1st- 9th November’18.
2018: Personal Sturcutre & International Art exhibition at Colosoul Louvre Art Gallery, Paris, 13th - 16th Dec’18.
2018: 4th Kunming Biennale Art exhibition at Kunming, China, 16th - 21st Dec’18.



1997: Art Fest National Award’ 97 Award.
1997: AIFACS Award.


2008: Gold medal, Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing, China. The title “Excellent Artist of the World” was conferred by the International Olympic Committee in 2008, Beijing Olympics.
2012: Gold medal in 1st Ecorea International Art Biennial in South Korea. Honor given in Ecorea International Symposium as Ambassador for 2012.


2008: Gold medal, Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing, China. The title “Excellent Artist of the World” was conferred by the International Olympic Committee in 2008, Beijing Olympics.
2012: Gold medal in 1st Ecorea International Art Biennial in South Korea. Honor given in Ecorea International Symposium as Ambassador for 2012.

Works in Collections:

  • National Academy of Art, New Delhi, India
  • Rupankar Museum, Bhopal, India       
  • Gallery A, Serbia, Belgrade.
  • Cultural museum, Municipality of Korpas, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Tai Miao Temple, Forbidden City, Beijing, China.
  • Arts at Architecture, Saint-Lo, France
  • Icherisheher, Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Beokam Museum, South Korea
  • Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do. South Korea
  • Baoshengyuan Art Museum, Changzhou, China
  • ISS Museum Gallery, Penza, Russia
  • Ardud castle Museum, Romania
  • Khon Kaen University Museum, Thailand
  • ISS Museum Gallery, Penza, Russia
  • Gallery Hotel Sun Rocco, Milano, Italy
  • Millennium Museum, Beijing, China.
  • Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sun Rocco Museum of Art, Milan, Italy
  • Qianjiang museum, Hangzhou, China.
  • Cultural Academy, Luxor, Egypt


Contact   utpalb@iitg.ernet.in , T: +91-361-2582452