Design, Development of a Watermarking System for Scalable Video Authentication

Meet our team.

Our team Members include one Principal Investigator and one Co-Principal Investigator. Apart from these two esteemed Members we also have Three P.Hd Scholars and one Project Staff

Dr. Arijit Sur
Principal Investigator

Research Interest:Information Hiding: Steganography and Steganalysis. Multimedia Security: Image and Video Watermarking. Network Security: Intrusion Detection System and Network Steganography
email: arijit @

Dr. Arnab Sarkar
Co-Principal Investigator

Research Interest:Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Algorithms.
email:arnabsarkar @

Nilkanta Sahu
Research Scholar

Research Area:Robust Video Watermarking against Content Adaptation Attack

Sibaji Gaj
Research Scholar

Research Area:Watermarking Schemes for High Resolution Video Stream

Satish Kumar
Research Scholar

Research Area: Resource Allocation Strategies for Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks

Anirban Lekharu
Junior Project Fellow

Interested Area:Network and Security, Application development, Web Designing, Multimedia Streaming