February 20-21, 2015                                                                              Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

KIC-TEQIP Short Term Course on

  Solar Energy Harvesting


About the Course

The sources of fossil fuels are rapidly diminishing, raising concerns with respect to generation, storage and utilization of energy on a global scale. Furthermore, ecological disadvantages have come into importance as the use of fossil fuels suffer a number of ill consequences for the environment, including the greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, acid rain, etc. Therefore, it is quiet inevitable to find alternative solution to fossil fuels that would provide energy in cleaner way. A number of solutions to the described challenge include hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, tides, ocean thermal energy, biomass, biofuel, biohydrogen, biomethane and solar energy. In this Short Term Course, the technical, production, distribution and other challenges related to the use of all the renewable energy resources will be discussed and compared.



Under the TEQIP-ll program sponsored by the MHRD, IITs have been invited to participate by establishing a Centre dealing with KNOWLEDGE INCUBATION (KIC) vide DO No. 16-25/2013-TS.VII dated 25th June 2013. These Centers are intended to become a focal point for training faculty, staff and students from TEQIP-II institutions in knowledge engineering, content creation, improving teaching, pedagogy & administrative skills in identified niche areas/ disciplines.


About KIC

KIC- Knowledge Incubation Cell at IITG functions as a multi disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary innovation incubation centre with knowledge management as its focus. Its activities are in the area of improving quality of technical education, incubation of innovative ideas, implementation of contemporary pedagogy practices and development of learning content in technical institutions.


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