Campus Information

As an 'Institute of National Importance' for engineering, Special impetus is laid to theoretical and applied research. The institute has 1428 full-time and 188 part-time PhD students and 436 faculty members working constructively to further the net research output of IIT Guwahati. During the year 2015-2016, more than 428 projects in progress under various departments and centres at IIT Guwahati with a total sanctioned value of Rs. 335 crores.The various facets of research at IIT Guwahati can be summarized as below -

Student Projects

Students undertake various interdisciplinary-research and industrial projects under the guidance of the faculty solving real-time problems pertaining to research and the industry. Moreover, the B.Tech and M.Tech students have to complete a 'Thesis Project' in the final year of their Engineering course.


Students actively collaborate with faculty in projects leading to publications in national and international conferences and peer reviewed journals. IIT Guwahati has produced 1131 conference papers and 1169 journal papers in the last two years alone.

Industry Consultancies

Active involvement with the industry is a crucial part of applied research and IIT Guwahati is actively involved in many such projects for various Public and Private organisation, and Technancial institutions. More than 250 such consultancy based projects were undertaken in the last two years alone.


IIT Guwahati also hosts several national and international conferences and workshops. Students and faculty collaborate in organizing these events.

Some facilities available in the institute are:

Major centres established at the IIT Guwahati

Recent Conferences/Workshops/Schools/Courses organised in the Institutes

Various conferences, seminars, workshops and schools were organised by the Departments and Centres of the Institute during the year. A few of them are-

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