Campus Information


  • Final year students of bachelors, masters and those completing their PhD are eligible.
  • Students having CPI above 5 are allowed to take part in placement procedure.
  • Those who have procured & accepted PPO through CCD are deemed to be placed and thus, cannot sit for final placements.
  • Students who are a part of IIT Guwahati through special programmes like 'sponsored', 'project staff', 'Part-time' are not allowed.
  • A regular student of IIT Guwahati having foreign nationality, who wishes to sit for campus placements, must inform the company about his/her nationality. His application is subject to acceptance by the company /organization. Moreover the process of getting a work-permit and other formalities will be done by the student and the company itself.

Placement process

  • A student who has applied for a company is required to attend all events/stages of the company's process. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action against the student.
  • Students are free to attend multiple processes as per their will and convenience during a particular slot if he/she have not yet been given an offer by a company.
  • During a placement slot having slot offer system, students may attend interviews of all companies he/she is shortlisted for and the offers are given by companies at the end of the slot. The preference order declaration submitted by students before the beginning of slot is considererd to decide the final offer.
  • For slots with spot-on offer system, company can give offer to the student at any point during the allocated interview slot. In case a student gets selected in some company/organization, then he/she will be excluded from the procedure of any other company whose process is running in parallel with immediate effect.
  • After getting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time till the conclusion of the academic session (May ending), he/she must inform the company with a justifiable reason and through the CCD office immediately.

Other points

  • You must maintain a cordial relationship with the recruiters. Any inappropriate behaviour or action done by student is intolerable and will result in disciplinary action by the institute.
  • Do not contact the HR people of the companies personally. If you need any communication with any particular person or company, contact the student placement representative or the CCD office. A strict action would be taken against any student found contacting the HR without the knowledge of CCD team.
  • Every student registered under CCD and/or got a PPO through CCD will pay a one-time Career Development Fee of Rs. 1000.00 only using IITG on-line fee payment system.
  • Centre for Career Development has the authority to take appropriate actions against any student found violating any policy.

Guidelines & instructions

  • Keep checking portal, webmail, facebook group(s) for event schedule and other placement-related updates.
  • There may be PPTs/tests/events on very short notices due to unavoidable circumstances. Students are asked to be prepared for such situations and keep checking for updates frequently.
  • Always keep CV & documents handy as soft-copy online for any placement activity along with hard copies. Do not forget to bring institute I-card at the time of written tests and interviews.
  • Be ready with all certificates (in original & duplicates) for the curricular and extra-curricular activities as mentioned in the CV.
  • Requests for providing printouts & photocopies from CCD office will not be entertained as they cause disruption to regular activities.
  • Please note that you need to wear formal dress when appearing for the placement processes.
Placement Reports