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Internship opportunities provided by CCD covers only industrial internships. Internship offers for students of IIT Guwahati during summer vacations between the 6th & 7th semesters for B.Tech./B.Des. and 2nd and 3rd semesters for MSc/MA students will be governed by the rules and regulations as stated below:

1. Any student who wishes to participate in the internship activities (either in India or overseas) will be required to sign an undertaking (a declaration form) within the first four weeks of the 5th semester in case of B.Tech./B.Des. and 2nd semester in case of MSc/MA students before being considered for the internship activities. This form has to be submitted through the respective Faculty I/C of Placement of the departments.

2. During registration for internships, the students are required to notify their preference on whether they are seeking academic or industrial internships. Students choosing Academic Internship as preference will be allowed to leave their industrial internships, if selected for both. Once a student, who had given preference to academic internship earlier, accepts an academic internship offer, he/she must inform CCD within one week of receiving offer and must give up all other offers (industrial). Others who have just filled the industrial internship as a choice won’t be permitted to apply for academic internship. If such student after selection in any On-Campus Industrial Internship leaves the internship for any academic Internship, he/she will be considered as Internship defaulter and will face strict action such as debarring the student for few days from the campus placement session.

3. There will be a Student Internship Representative (similar to the placement representative) who will coordinate all the intern activities of the students of that department.

4. As soon as a student is selected by a company/organization for internship, he/she will not be considered for any subsequent processes of internship. A student will be allowed to accept only one internship offer, anywhere in India or overseas for all internship opportunities that are routed through the institute.

5. The No-Objection-Certificate (NOC), if required by the company/organization for an internship within India, will be issued by the Head, CCD. The foreign internship processes will all be routed by the Dean of Alumni Affairs & External Relations (DOAAER) and the Dean of Academic Affairs (DOAA), where an advice/endorsement from the Departmental Faculty I/C, Placement or the DUPC Secretary is essential, so that the department is aware of the application/status of the student.

6. NOC will only be issued for the internship opportunity if the offer/proposal is routed through the institute. Exceptions to the above can be deliberated on a case to case basis.

7. The NOC should explicitly mention that the student has fulfilled his/her academic requirements until now and that IITG has no objection to the student doing an internship during the summer vacation. Further, it should also include that this NOC is being issued at the request of the student and that IITG is not responsible for the supervision of the student or liable for any of his/her actions during the internship period.

8. Declining internship offers secured through the CCD office is not normally allowed. If a student did not join the internship without having a genuine reason and company informs the CCD office about the same, CCD office can take disciplinary action against the student such as debarring the student for few days from the campus placement session.

9. It has been observed from the past that companies abroad generally complain a lot about student not joining company after accepting their internship offer. In many cases, abroad companies usually spend some specific amount for the interns even before they land up for internship. Hence, if you are applying for industrial internship abroad, it may be noted that CCD office is not allowing any student to reject industrial internship abroad.

10. If a student intends to reject a company internship offer in India after having formally accepted the internship, in order to avail academic internship at the top-tier Universities/Institutes, he/she has to apply for a special permission from the Head, CCD well in advance. Such cases will be decided on a case to case basis by the Head, CCD.

11. Students undertaking a summer internship will be required to be present in the campus on or before the registration date for the upcoming semester.

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