Campus Information

IIT Guwahati has recently entered the elite list of top 70 young universities of the world under 50 years. It is the best ranking for any Indian institute in the world university rankings. At this moment of pride and happiness, I take this opportunity to welcome you all.

In a short duration of over two decades, IIT Guwahati has been able to develop world-class facilities and resources. We are well recognised for our research and teaching facilities in India and abroad.

Our students have continuously been able to display excellent potential and skill in their fields of academics and extra-curricular activities. Many of the students have visited foreign universities of repute to widen their knowledge and experience. The IIT Guwahati alumni are showing excellence in their respective fields. It is worth mentioning that recruiters from varied fields have responded very enthusiastically and rated our students very high. Their abilities are well attested by the excellent reports we receive from the recruiting companies.

We provide continuous support to the graduating students registered for placement by offering information and guidance. Centre for Career Development (CCD) looks after all the necessary activities for their placement. We have the required infrastructure to conduct parallel placement sessions, pre-placement talks, excellent accommodation arrangement in the guest house, etc. to organize campus placement activities.

Our CCD team take this opportunity to invite your esteemed organization to visit our our campus for recruitment of our students. It will be a great privilege for us to welcome you at the IIT Guwahati.

With best wishes,

Prof. Abhishek Kumar, PhD
Head of the Centre for Career Development
Indian Institute of Technology

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