A. Sahu (PhD CSE, IITD)

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Sc. & Engg.
IIT Guwahati, Assam-781039

Research Interest:
* Multicore (Architecture, Programming and Scheduling), Embedded System, High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing.
For incoming summer session I am not planning to take any summer intern students.
Jan-Apr 2016 :CS223:hardware Lab and CS101: Intro. to Computing Jul-Nov 2016: cs528: High Performance Computing
Jan-Apr 2015 :CS222:Computer Organization and Architecture Jul-Nov 2015: CS221: Digital Design
Jan-Apr 2014 :CS223: Hardware Lab Jul-Nov 2014: C341: Operating System
Jan-Apr 2013 :CS223: Hardware Lab Jul-Nov 2012: C431: Programming Language Lab
Jul-Nov 2012 :CS523: Advanced Computer Architecture Jan-Apr 2012:CS101: Introduction to Computing
Jul 2011- Nov 2011:CS221:Digital Design Jan-Apr 2011: CS223: Hardware Lab
Jan-Apr 2011:CS222:Computer Organization and Architecture Jan- Apr 2011: Computer graphics
Jul-Nov 2010: CS421: Computer Peripheral and Interface Jan-Apr 2010: CS223: Hardware Laboratory

PhD Students:
  1. Manojit Ghose ( Joint supervision with S. Karmakar) : Jul 2014 to till date
  2. M S Vasudevan (Joint supervision with S. Biswas ) : Jan 2015 to till date
  3. Manoj Kumar : Jul 2015 to till date
  4. Rakesh Pandey: Nov 2014 to till date
  5. Chinmaya Swain: July 2016 to till date

MTP/BTP/Others Projects:
Student Name Project Title
Rakesh Pandey (PhD) Efficient Mapping of Multi-threaded Applications onto 3D Stacked Chip-Multiprocessor IEEE HPCC 2017
Sawinder Kaur (M Tech) and M. Ghose (PhD) Energy Efficient Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks in Cloud Environment IEEE HPCC 2017
Pratyush Verma (M Tech) and M. Ghose (PhD) Energy Efficient Scheduling of Scientific Workflows in Cloud Environment IEEE HPCC 2017
Manojit Ghose (PhD) Energy Efficient Online Scheduling of Aperiodic Real Time Tasks on Large Multi-threaded Multiprocessor Systems IEEE Indicon 2016 (Best Paper CS Track)
..... Thermal Aware Scheduling and Mapping of Multiphase Applications onto Chip Multiprocessor [[IEEE/ACM DATE 2016]]
Manojit Ghose (PhD) Energy Efficient Online Scheduling of Aperiodic Real Time Tasks on Large Multi-threaded Multiprocessor Systems IEEE PDCAT 2016
Akash Bharti Cost and Deadline constraints Scheduling of DAG workflow on Cloud System
Sayan Banerjee BARC Project: GPU based acceleration of X-Ray Image Enhancement for Cargo Scanning System [on NVidia GTX 690, Nvidia Titan X and AMD R9 270X based system]
Pranjan Borah Mapping Scheduled Multiphase Applications on to Mesh of Processor to Optimize Power
Hardhik Pandya Scheduling online tasks to reduce Power consumption in Cloud
Chetan Anand and Shivam Kumar Cost and Deadline Scheduling of DAG on Heterogeneous Multicore System
Sushant Sharad Moon GPU Acceleration of text Map reduce system [Nvidia GTX 690: 3072 cuda core system]
Madhuri V T Cost and Deadline Scheduling of online DAGs on Heterogeneous Multicore System
Sahil Goyal and Nitesh Singal Mapping Scheduled Multiphase Applications on Array of Processor to Optimize Power [IEEE PDCAT 2014 (Acceptance ratio 23%)]
Tarun Kumar Agrawal Scheduling Multi-phase Applications on Parallel Processor Pm||p-chain|Cmax [[Springer Computing Journal]]
Pratik Kumar Agrawal Code Generation and Virtualization for GPU Based Multicore Simulator
Zinabu Haile Acceleration of NIDS using FPGA
Suresh Amrutlal Desai Efficient Scheduler level Processor Sharing for Multi-phase Applications on Tiled Multicore Architecture [IEEE Indicon 2014]
Saswata Dutta Implementation of Visibility Graphs on GPU
Chandra Mohan Sharma Multicore Design Space Exploration for Large Skewed Application Streams
Navin Kumar GPU Based Simulator for Cache Management on Tiled Buffer-Less NOC [on Nvidia GTX 690: 3072 cuda core based system] [IEEE Indicon 2014]
Kuldeep QoS Based Task Scheduling on Tiled multicore
Sunil Kumar Comparison of HW Scheduling and Software Scheduling on Multicore Architecture
K Teja Large Scale Molecular Dynamic Simulation on NVIDIA GPU
Saparapu Ramakrishna Comparative Analysis of Cache and Bandwidth Partitioning in Multicore Architecture ACM SAC 2014
Saurav Kumar Benchmarking and Analysis of Work Stealing Scheduler on Clustered Multicore Architecture [ IEEE PDCAT 2014 (Acceptance ratio 23%)]
Appa Rao Maiskar LDS Prefetching for Shared Memory Multicore Architecture
Pradeep Biswal OS Level Cache Coherence Communications Optimization using MST
Bhoopendra Kumar Online Task and Data Scheduling on Large Scale 3D Stacked Multicore [IEEE PDCAT 2014 (Acceptance ratio 23%)]
V. Khenglawt Scheduling Tasks on Large Multicore to Optimize Power
Rishav Kumar Hardware Accelerated Kernel for Multicore Operating System
B Sindhuja Multicore Performance Optimization using Helper Core/Threads
Tuniki Vishal Kumar Machine Learning Based Performance Tuning for Multicore Architecture
Amlan Pradhan Parallel HDL Simulation using Cilk EIT2012
Surabhi Maheswari QoS Optimization in Scheduling Task on Tiled Architecture