1. Dr. Tridib Kumar Sarma
  2. Ph.D Thesis Title: Spectroscopic Investigations of Fluid Flow in Soap Bubbles and Au-Nanoparticles and Its Polyaniline Composite Synthesis

    Duration: September 1999 - May 2004

    Department of Chemistry

  3. Dr. Devasish Chowdhury
  4. Guided by Dr.Anumita Paul

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Newer Physical and Chemical Methods of Generating Polymer Films with Macroscopic, Mesoscopic and Nanoscopic Patterns

    Completion: Febrauary 2004

    Department of Chemistry

  5. Dr. Gitanjali Majumdar
  6. Ph.D Thesis Title: Multifunctional Nanomaterials on Various Surfaces

    Duration: July 2002 - December 2007

    Department of Chemistry

  7. Dr. Biswa Ranjan Panda
  8. Ph.D Thesis Title: Au Nanoparticle Based composites as Sensors and Actuators

    Duration: July 2003 - July 2008

    Department of Chemistry

  9. Dr. Arumugam Murugadoss
  10. Ph.D Thesis Title: Functional Au and Ag Nanoparticles in Polymer Composites and Molecular Assemblies

    Duration: July 2005 - September 2008

    Department of Chemistry

  11. Dr. Sonit Kumar Gogoi
  12. Guided by Dr. Anumita Paul

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Nanoscale Silver and Gold for Chemical and Biological Applications

    Completion: 2010

    Department of Chemistry

  13. Dr. Pallab Sanpui
  14. Guided jointly by Prof. S. S. Ghosh

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Implications of nanoparticle-polymer composites as probes and therapeutic agents

    Duration: July 2005 - December 2010

    Centre for Nanotechnology

  15. Dr. Jashmini Deka
  16. Guided by Dr. Anumita Paul

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Interacting Gold Nanoparticles and Proteins in Diagnostics and Catalyses

    Completion: 2010

    Department of Chemistry

  17. Dr. Krishna Kanti Dey
  18. Guided jointly by Prof. Saurabh Basu

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Autonomous Motion Driven by Catalytic Nanoparticles

    Duration: July 2006 - July 2011

    Centre for Nanotechnology

  19. Dr. Shilpa Sharma
  20. Guided jointly by Prof. S. S. Ghosh

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Metal Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites as Antibacterial and Anti Cancer Agents

    Duration: July 2008 - Sep 2012

    Centre for Nanotechnology

  21. Mr. Amit Jaiswal
  22. Guided jointly by Prof. S. S. Ghosh

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Fluorescent Nanomaterials for Biological Applications

    Duration: July 2010- Sep 2013

    Centre for Nanotechnology

  23. Dr. Sadhucharan Mallick
  24. Guided by Dr. Anumita Paul

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Metal Nanoparticle and Polymer Composites for Antimicrobial Applications

    Duration: July 2007 - Nov 2013

    Department of Chemistry

  25. Dr. Shubhojit Das
  26. Ph.D Thesis Title: Inorganic−Organic Hybrid Nanocrystalline Materials in Zero to Three Dimensions

    Duration: January 2007 - May 2014

    Department of Chemistry

  27. Dr. Raihana Begum
  28. Ph.D Thesis Title:Engineering Optical Properties of Doped Quantum Dots by Chemical Reactions

    Duration: January 2008 - May 2014

    Department of Chemistry

  29. Dr. Amaresh Kumar Sahoo
  30. Guided jointly by Prof. S. S. Ghosh

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Nanocomposites for Theranostic Applications

    Duration: July 2009- March 2015

    Centre for Nanotechnology

  31. Dr. Rumi Khandelia
  32. Ph.D Thesis Title: Interactive Proteins and Nanoscale Particles for Cancer Therapeutics

    Duration: July 2009- July 2015

    Department of Chemistry

  33. Dr. Md Palashuddin Sk
  34. Ph.D Thesis Title: Versatile Apllication of Carbon Nanoparticles

    Duration: December 2009- November 2015

    Department of Chemistry

  35. Dr. Satyapriya Bhandari
  36. Ph.D Thesis Title: Chemical reactions on the surface of quantum dots

    Duration: July 2010- December 2015

    Department of Chemistry

  37. Dr. Rama Ghosh
  38. Guided by Dr. Anumita Paul

    Ph.D Thesis Title: Gold and copper based nano materials for potential theranostic applications

    Duration: July 2010- April 2016

    Department of Chemistry

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