My principle area of interest is Computational methods for Incompressible flows and turbulent flows.

Here is a brief review of the topics that I am currently working on


1. Immersed boundary method : Flows in complex geometries are difficult to solve. They bring in issues that are otherwise nonexistent. Use of Cartesian mesh for all problems is not only an advantage, but perhaps it opens up opportunities to compute flows which are otherwise prohibitively difficult. In particular applying this method in complex 3D flows or high-Re flows are challenges that lie ahead of us. We are trying to develop a robust method in that direction.


2. Rayleigh-Benard Convection : Themo-convective instability in a bottom heated configuration is one of the fundamental topic in turbulent convection. Large-scale motion, Ra-number scaling and sustenance of turbulence via production due to buoyancy are especially a few attractive features. Currently we are aiming to see the effect of rotation on the turbulent convection in a cylindrical cell.