Recent Trends in Cold and Ultracold Matter

Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India
27th – 29th March, 2018

Physics of Cold and Ultracold matter has been an interesting topic of research in the last two decades. A phenomenal progress has been made in the field of quantum physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics and condensed matter physics in recent years due to the versatility of this research field and there have been five Nobel prizes awarded in a short span of time. The extreme control and manipulation of atoms and molecules in this state have made this system a system of choice to simulate interesting quantum many-particle phenomena which is practically impossible to perform in the conventional solid state system. This conference will unite experts working in different spectrum of cold and ultra-cold matters' physics to discuss and disseminate their expertise among the young participants of the conference.

Topics :

  • Quantum Phase Transitions in Optical Lattices
  • Many-Body Localization
  • Precision Measurements
  • Quantum Turbulence
  • Synthetic Magnetism
Important Dates
  • Last date of online registration and abstract submission: 15-02-2018    25-02-2018
  • Conference Date: 27 – 29 March, 2018
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