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Polymers have become an indispensable part of the  modern human existence. At present, the most widely  used polymers, such as polyethylene and polystyrene,  are derived from fossil fuels. Besides the fact that the  source for such polymers is finite and dwindling, a  majority of such conventional polymers are non-bio  degradable. With the current focus on a sustainable  future, it becomes imperative that sustainable,  environment-friendly alternatives to conventional  polymers be developed. Synthesis of cost-effective,  sustainable polymers having properties comparable to  conventional polymers is an active area of research with  a keen focus on several promising candidates such as  poly(lactic acid) (PLA), poly(caprolactone) (PCL),  poly(hydroxyl butyrate) (PHB) etc. The National School  on Sustainable Polymers is aimed at imparting  knowledge to scholars and young researchers who  intend to practice research in sustainable polymer based  technology. Distinguishing features of this school include hands-on synthesis of polymers such as PLA, PCL,  PHB, and nanocomposites along with characterizing  them using state-of-the-art analytical instruments. Expert  lectures on a variety of topics covering different aspects  of sustainable polymers will be delivered by eminent  faculty and scientists. 
With the current global emphasis on  environmental sustainability, there is a keen  interest in developing polymers and related  technologies that are eco-friendly and  sustainable. In this regard, significant research  efforts are being undertaken in India as well where  sustainable polymer -based research is rapidly  emerging as a field with considerable promise  and potential. The First Symposium on Advances  in Sustainable Polymers (ASP), to be organized  on Jan 10 and 11, 2014 at the  Conference  Centre of IIT Guwahati, is aimed at providing a  platform for researchers to share recent state-of-  the-art advances in the area of sustainable  polymers with particular emphasis on the Indian  context. The symposium will include  talks on recent advances in several aspects of  sustainable polymers such as synthesis,  characterization, processing, rheology,  nanocomposites and applications. The  symposium will follow the National School on  Sustainable Polymers and will be open to the  participants of the school.
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Convener Dr. Vimal Katiyar Department of Chemical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Guwahati  - 781 039, Assam, India Phone:  +91 361 258 2278;   Fax: + 91 361 258 2291 Mobile: +91 789 612 3664, +91 967 808 5710 , +91 801 101 7338 email: suspol@iitg.ernet.in
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