Welcome to the NonLinLab Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory

Research group of Dr. Sumana Dutta at IIT Guwahati



















We try to understand natural phenomena by using Chemistry as a laboratory model. The underlying science behind the static and dynamic patterns seen around us, can be understood by delving deep into one of them. Some simple chemical reactions enable us to realize the connection between cell structure and patterns on animal coats, the waves of the heart leading to cardiac arrest and spiral galaxies. We perform experiments in our laboratory and run simulations on mathematical models, in order to assimilate our results and carry it forward to something more meaningful. Our research is highly multidisciplinary and applies principles of physical chemistry, mathematical biology, physics, engineering, and medicine. 






Are you interested in the natural world?

Do you want to understand why things happen?

Do you want to apply your knowledge of Chemistry to the understanding of natural phenomena?

Then you should come and work with us !



Contact us at: sumana@iitg.ac.in