Question and Answer Paper of Various Exam

To qualify various exam in mathematics like NET, GATE, NBHM you should solve previous year questions of that exam. While solving this type of problems one can understand what type of question will come in the exam. It is always difficult to find all previous year questions and answer keys. For why I am trying to give you all the previous year question and answer key. To download please use below table. There I have uploaded previous year questions and answers of CSIR-NET, GATE, JAM, NBHM(MSC), NBHM(PHD). Please choose exam and year details from the table. 

Please select exam details from below table

Various Material

  • [Click Here] Example of continuous functions whose domains and ranges are from the following collection R, (0,1), (0,1], [1,0) [0,1]. 
  • [Click Here] Solution to exercises from the first few chapters of the book Graph Theory (3rd Edition) by Reinhard Diestel was written by me.  

Some Interesting Articles 

  • We all know the converse of Intermediate Value Theorem is not true. But what is the counterexample? The first counter example, known as base 13 function, given by Professor John Conway of Princeton University. Know More