How do I Get and Install the Software?


There are many compiler for LaTeX and also there is an online editor But according to me TexLive  is best, because it contains everything you need to compile.

You can choose between TeX Live and MiKTeX. In practice it does not make a difference which distribution you use. But in most of time MiKTeX user faces lots of problems later on due to improper installaion. I stringly suggest you to use TeXLive

Download Links:
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Windows Mac Linux

About TexLive

Download TexLive (Full) (Work Inside IITG)

Download TeXLive 2018 (Full) (Work Outside IITG)

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About MacTex

Download MacTex 

MacTeX Installation Instruction

About TexLive
TeX Live ā€“ Instructions for Ubuntu
TeX Live ā€“ Instructions for Fedora
TeX Live ā€ Use Manual for Others
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Next, you need an Editor (Recommended) although you will get a default editor with your compiler but it is not easy to handle.

My choices are Texmaker for windows, Kile for Linux.

Download Links:
Texmaker: For Windows , For Mac, For Linux.
Kile: For Linux only.

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