In IIT Guwahati, if you want to roam around inside the campus, you can either walk, take the E-Rickshaw or take a cycle.  Here I am giving you the contact details of E-Rickshaw driver which are run inside IIT Guwahati Campus. To book an E-rickshaw just place a call and get it at your doorstep.   

Also, if you want to visit someplace outside the campus, like Shillong, Meghalaya, you may require a cab. Here you can also find the cab drivers mobile number. You may book the cab over the phone.

E-rickshaws charges a minor fee of Rs. 10. Timing of E-Rikshaw is 8 AM to 8 PM

  • New Rule For E-Rickshaw Service: Cash will not be accepted. You can buy a coupon from the various stationary shop. 

Search vechicle type (For example: Rickshaw/Car)

Name Type of Vehicle Contact Number  Remark
Rinku E-Rickshaw 8472882165  On Campus Tour
Rahul E-Rickshaw 8753981004 On Campus Tour
Krishan E-Rickshaw 7896513761 On Campus Tour
Ravi E-Rickshaw 8474085136 On Campus Tour
Dhiraj E-Rickshaw 8876625039 On Campus Tour
Unknown Car / Taxi (Maruti Van) 9957514793 Outside Tour
Bhabesh Das Car / Taxi 9957733253 Outside Tour
Biswajit Das Car / Taxi 9954818892 Outside Tour
Unknown Car / Taxi (Tata Indica) 9954863554 Outside Tour
Pinku Sarkar Car /Taxi 9854494079 Outside Tour
Dilip Sharma Car / Taxi (Maruti Van) 9957181901 Outside Tour
Unknown Car /Taxi 9954879506 Outside Tour
Unknown Car /Taxi (Tata Sumo) 9957699141 Outside Tour
Unknown Car /Taxi 9957539672 Outside Tour
Unknown Car /Taxi 9864064042 Outside Tour