Welcome to my official website. I am Rakesh Jana, a senior research scholar in Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati. I was born in Gopiballavpur, a small village in West Bengal. I joined IIT Guwahati in July 2013 to pursue my graduate degree.   My hobby is coding.

I always love to do social work. We are trying to set up an NGO (Voice of Humanity-Gopiballavpur)  in my village Gopiballavpur with the help of other students from my village. Our vision is to help poor and meritorious students from our village. We have already conducted various programme like distribution of Glucon-D in a primary school, distribution of umbrella to all children from two villages. Recently we have conducted a very successful event where we give one-year education material to 180 school students in this year (2018) Durga Puja. Our future event to provide a scholarship to a few poor and meritorious students of our village. 

voice of Humanity  About Me