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Experimental Research

MEMS/NEMS Devices for Point-Of Care Detection:

Flexible Paperpad
Amylase Meter
MEMS Energy Harvester cum Alcohol Sensor
MEMS ACR Detector

Sensing and quantitative estimation of biological components and natural pollutants employing MEMS/NEMS devices have gained serious momentum in recent times because they can lead to low-cost, portable, and easy to use detection and estimation tools. For example, commercially available glucometer provides glucose count and helps diabetic patients to decide on the necessary amount of medicine to restore normalcy of the glucose level in the blood. Similarly, to assess the quality of health, it is necessary to know the levels of many other essential ingredients such as the level of electrolyte, cholesterol, blood-corpuscles, creatinine, bilirubin, hemoglobin, insulin, parasites, virus, and bacteria, among many others. Quantitative information on the pollutants such as organics, greenhouse gases, dust particles in air/water/soil provide important information on the quality of the environment. In the present context, information on these parameters is not available because of the centralized and costly lab-scale detection methods. Low-cost, portable, and easy to use detection units to measure these parameters can empower people in avoiding many premature health and environmental hazards. These gadgets can improve health and environmental awareness among the mass and assist in precaution, prediction, and cure of simpler health and environmental problems, which can be the stepping-stones for a cleaner and healthier society. In this direction, we are developing low-cost functional nanoparticle based NEMS/MEMS devices targeted to serve as diagnostic and therapeutic tools.