PhD thesis supervision

Mr. Sachin Kumar Tomar (Thesis defended August 2020) Thesis title: Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactors for treating wastewater laden with phenol, thiocyanate, ammonium and nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds.


Mr. Subrat Kumar Mallick (Thesis defended September 2019) Thesis title: Treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater by anoxic-aerobic sequential moving bed reactors.


Ms Praisy Terangpi (Thesis defended on 1st November, 2018) (Co supervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Department of Chemistry). Thesis title: Evaluation of Aniline- formaldehyde condensate polymer in two different forms for heavy metals and anionic dye adsorption from wastewater. Dr. Terangpi is working as guest faculty at NIT Arunachal Pradesh.

Ms Biju Prava Sahariah (Thesis defended, April, 2013). Thesis title: Performance evaluation of continuous and fed batch sequential moving bed reactors for removal of phenol, thiocyanate and ammonia-nitrogen from wastewater.

Mr. Bedabrata Saha (Thesis defended: 2012).Thesis title: Interaction of proteins and ions at different tailor-made solid liquid interfaces, (Co supervisor: Prof. G. Das, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati). Dr. Bedabrata Saha is currently doing postdoc at Netherland.

Mr. Potsangbam Albino Kumar (Thesis defended: 2010). Thesis title: Heavy metal removal and recovery using functionalized polymers in aqueous environment, (Co supervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati). Dr. Albino Kumar is currently working as Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering at NIT Manipur, India.         


Present research group

Ms. Sayanti Ghosh (Thesis submitted) Aerobic granular reactor for hydrocarbon rich wastewater treatment. 

Ms. Jinat Akhtar (December, 2015- ongoing) DST-INSPIRE fellowship; Research area: Synthesis of nano scale iron using green route and application for water and wastewater treatment (Co supervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Department of Chemistry, IITG).

Ms. Shweta Singh (July, 2016- ongoing); Research area: Treatment of acid mine drainage in constructed wetland.

Mr. Anjishnu Biswas (July 2018-ongoing); State-of the Art Seminar given

Mr. Christy Benny (December, 2018- ongoing): First APS given  

M. Tech thesis supervision

Mr. Agnibha Maity (2020): Automobile wastewater treatment in baffled horizontal flow constructed wetland

Mr. Hriten Ghosh (2020): Treatment of textile wastewater in horizontal-vertical flow constructed wetland

Ms S. Sethulekhmi (2019): Treatment of textile wastewater in horizontal flow baffled wetlands

Mr. Rejil Nath (2019): treatment of brewery wastewater in aerobic granular reactors

Mr. Bhupendra Nautial: (2018): Treatment of dairy industry wastewater in constructed wetland.

Kiran C Babu (2017): Modifications of amine based polymers for arsenic removal.

Christy Benny (2017): Constructed wetland for phenol, thiocyanate removal.

Sagar Patil (2016): Constructed wetland for removal of organics and nitrogen.

Sajal R Paul (2016): Combined Fenton-biological treatment

T. Vishnuvardhan Reddy (2015) Removal of hexavalent chromium by low cost adsorbent.

Sachin Chauhan (2015) Batch studies on Hg(II) removal.

Shravani S. Kamal (2015) Electrocoagulation for treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater.

Priti Mishra (2014) Removal of hexavalent chromium by adsorption using iron sulfide.

K. Arul Nath (2014) Removal of heavy metals in mono, binary system by chitosan.

Subrat Kumar Mallick (2013) Removal of Acid orange 8 by polyaniline.  

Ramizuddin Ahmad (2011) Removal of Congo red dye using aniline formadehyde condensate coated on silica gel (Cosupervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Deparment of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati).  

M Santosh Krishna (2010) Removal of fluoride from water using Fe-Mg oxides.

Patil Sudhir Bandopant (2010) Effect of sulfate and nitrate ions on adsorption of phosphate by iron-magnesium oxide.  

Ashok. Chunchu, (2009) Adsorption of phosphate using iron-magnesium oxide coated solica gel.  

Gourav Kore (2009) Sequential chemical reduction using steel wool and aerobic biodegradation for removal of Methyl red azo dye from wastewater.  

Bhaskar Jyoti Deka (2008) Treatment of synthetic wastewater containing phenol and ammonia-nitrogen in a three-stage attached growth system.  

Immadi Nagababu (2008) Treatment of synthetic wastewater containing phenol, thiocyanate and nitrate-nitrogen in anoxic fixed film reactor.  

Sinjan Dhar (2007) Effects of common ions and operational parameters on chemical reduction and biodegradation of azo dye in aqueous environment.  

Jonali Saikia (2008) Role of various support materials in synthesis of aniline formaldehyde condensate for removal of lead from wastewater (Cosupervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati).  

Dasari Sudhakar (2006) Treatment of azo dye by chemical and biological treatment.  

Animesh Debnath (2006) Removal of Congo Red azo dye from wastewater using zero-valent metal.  

G. Pramod Kumar (2005) Removal of heavy metals from wastewater using functionalized polymers (Cosupervisor: Prof. M. Ray, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati).  

Manish Kumar (2005) Removal of nitrate from ground water. 

B. Tech Project supervision

Mr. P. Vijender Reddy, (2004), B. Tech project, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati.          

Mr. Ravi Bharadwaj, (2004), B. Tech project, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati.  

Mr. Sambhav Sogani, (2003), B. Tech project, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati.