PhD. Council | Students' Academic Board

PhD. Council | Students' Academic Board

The SAB-PhD Council is a constituent body of the SAB with members as: the student member of the DPPC or CPPC and/or PhD students nominated by the Chairperson of the DPPC or CPPC of each academic department or center, and the Doctoral Representative of the SAB.The activities of the SAB-PhD council shall be coordinated by the Doctoral Representative of the SAB. Each DPPC or CPPC can initiate various departmental and inter departmental activity by means of proper formal procedure involving/apprising General Secretary, SAB.


Mr. Gaurav Bhatt

Department of BSBE

Mr. Nikhil Kumar

Department of Chemical Engineering

Mr. Himangshu P. Bhattacharyya

Department of Chemistry

Mr. Suman Kr. Mushahary

Department of Civil Engineering

Mr. Nilotpal Biswas

Department of CSE

Ms. Monikuntala Das

Department of Design

Mr. Rahul Sharma

Department of EEE

Mr. Samar Das

Centre for Energy

Mr. Prithwi C. Chatterjee

Centre for Environment

Ms. Smriti Rekha Singha

Department of HSS

Ms. Lalnunsiami Ngente

Centre for LST

Mr. Avijit Das

Department of Mathematics

Mr. Lakshmi N. Dhara

Department of Mechanical Engg.

Mr. Nirmal Roy

Centre fro Nanotechnology

Ms. Shashi Priya Balmuchu

Department of Physics

Mr. Bibhuti R. Bhattacharjya

Centre for Rural Technology