Executive Body of Previous Years

Here are the members from the previous years of SAB.

Departmental Faculty Advisors

Dept. of BSBE

  • Dr. Kinnumakkara A. B.


  • Dr. Satpati


Dept. of Physics

  • Dr. P. K. Padmanabhan


Dept. of CSE

  • Dr. Hemangee Kapoor


  • Dr. T. Venkatesh


Dept. of Mathematics

  • Dr. Bikash Bhattacharjya


  • Dr. Jitendriya Swain


Dept. of Mechanical Engg.

  • Dr. Sangamesh Deepak


Centre For Energy

  • Dr. Pankaj Kalita


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Dept. of EEE

  • Dr. Dr. A. Ravindranath


Dept. of Civil Engg.

  • Dr. Arindam Dey


Dept. of Chemical Engg.

  • Prof. Anugrah Singh


Dept. of Chemistry

  • Dr. Lal Mohan Kundu


  • Dr. Akshai Kumar


Centre for Environment

  • Dr. Ranjan Tamuli


Dept. of Design

  • Dr. Nanki Nath


Dept. of HSS

  • Dr. Sawmya Ray


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News and Updates

We have various regular activities conducted throughout the year, including gathering donations during disasters, and planting sessions to upkeep the surrounding environment.