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About Language Cell

In this day and age of rapid globalization, we are never far from interacting with communities of great linguistic and cultural diversity, both in Indian and International context. The Language Cell, formed in 2016 under the purview of the Student Affairs Board, caters to these ever-growing demands among students and faculty alike in improving research skills, enhancing career prospects or simply advancement of personal knowledge through study of regional or international languages and inter-cultural communication. Since then the Language Cell has served as a dedicated centre for basic and elementary level language courses taught round the year in small focused groups by experienced tutors employing modern teaching methods and high-quality resources. With hundreds of students enrolling in range of courses, Language Cell has been a confluence of people with varied interests –be it to increase skills for international experiences, to facilitate domestic cross-cultural exchanges or to build academic proficiency of non-native speakers in spoken English.

Objectives of Language Cell

Introducing students, academic and professional staff of the campus to foreign languages with the aim to expedite unhindered exchange of knowledge through foreign academic works and also to enhance their multicultural and multilingual profile for comprehensive international experiences.

Providing platform for exchange students coming from or going to other campus to enhance their communication skills in their respective vernacular and in turn assisting them in easy transition to foreign culture, work and life.

Easy availability of reliable learning methods for regional languages in their native environment, to help the campus populace hailing from other parts of the country to acclimatize linguistically.

Helping to organize academic and spoken English courses for inadequately experienced pupils, to improve their academic writing and communication – enhancing job profile and increasing confidence.

Ongoing Course

Online Course on Assamese Language

Schedule: Every Saturday/Sunday (August and September)
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Mr. Suresh Goduka

About the Instructor: Mr. Suresh Goduka is pursuing Ph.D. in Dept. of Design at IITG. He edited 44 print editions of ‘Jeevan’ magazine. His poems have been translated into Hindi, Bangla, English, French, Spanish. He is the recipient of Junior Fellowship by Government of India’s ministry of culture, TATA-RGVN Senior Fellowship, Writer’s Travel Grant by Sahitya Akademi, Prag Cine Award for best film critic. He was in India Today list of India's 35 youth achievers with 'determination, innovation, and courage.'

About the course: Assamese is the official language in Assam and understood well in parts of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, North Bengal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Knowing an Indian language makes it easier to learn the Assamese fast. This course aims to initiate conversation in Assamese among the non-Assamese natives. The content includes, but not limited to, building vocabulary, learning sentence formation, verbs, variations in tenses, gender-based pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, affix, enclitic definitive, conjunctions, idiomatic expressions, etc. The mode of learning will be an innovative, conversational, and enjoyable module with practice sessions and follow-ups. After completion of this course, the participants can use the language in everyday tasks and real-life situations, for instance, in introducing/ greetings, sharing whereabouts/ emotions/ feelings/ preferences, local traveling/sightseeing, conversing at restaurants/ shops/ streets, asking for help and other tasks while staying in Assam and forever.


Mr. Rupak Bhowmik

General Secretary, SAB

Mr. Rishabh Gupta

Language Cell Head, SAB

Afrin Iqbal

Dept. of Design(M.Des)

Mousumi Baruah

Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences

Kallolini Baruah

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

Vikrant Prasad

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

Y. Sasi Bhushan

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Chiranjit Ray

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering