Internships and Exchanges

Right from the beginning of the second year the students start gearing up for Internships. Academic/Research Internships are the utmost priorities, particularly among the second year students. From working in a startling research lab to roaming in the streets of Europe to enjoying the picturesque view from a seafront library and much more; A research internship abroad is a once in a lifetime experience for many. For others it is their first trip across the seven seas.

Irrespective of whether you choose to remain in Academia or work in Industry, an Academic/Research Internship abroad would give you the much needed edge over your counterparts at other colleges. It would, in a broader sense, help you decide which field should you choose after you graduate. At SAB we appreciate Academic Excellence and value your accomplishments and efforts in bringing laurels to your Alma-Mater. Cracking Research Internship, particularly abroad, isn’t such a big deal at all. You need to be well prepared, patient and diligent in your approach. By sheer dint of hard work and a terse clasp of serendipity you can achieve your dream research internship abroad.

There are umpteen opportunities for budding undergraduates to undertake Research Internships at various Universities abroad. Links to some of the structured programs are enlisted here for the benefit of the students.**Some opportunities are floated on an individual basis by Professors. You are therefore advised to regularly check the web-pages of labs and professors, where you aspire to work, to check for International Internship listings **.The SAB shall conduct a workshop on effect resume making in the next semester to galvanize the upcoming batches, so stay tuned for announcements. The SAB is in the process of developing a portal for an organized delivery of your applications in individual cases.*** It however strongly deplores any sort of mass emailing to the Professors. Remember outside the Institute , you are the bearers of the Institute tag. Anything you do reflects of your Institute, whether it be good or bad. Hence always look for opportunities through structured programs and in the meanwhile we shall strive to bring to you a hassle free system. Starting up early is always a good thing. To all the first year students I would say, a good CPI at the end of the first year is a precursor to securing an Academic Internship after your second year/third year. So stay focused and build up a sound base to erect a skyscraper of laurels and achievements. Remember all disciplines have equal opportunities and it may be possible that you secure an Internship that your senior batches could just dream of.

Various Internships

More listings shall be posted as and when they open up.

For the DAAD-WISE and HKUST-SENG program or any other program pertaining to Exchange opportunities in Germany/Hong Kong you are requested to mail your inquiry to

News and Updates

We have various regular activities conducted throughout the year, including gathering donations during disasters, and planting sessions to upkeep the surrounding environment.