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The Consulting and Analytics Club at IIT Guwahati aims to facilitate a seamless transition from graduate school to a successful career in management consulting and data analytics through awareness, skill building, and networking.

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About Us

The Consulting and Analytics Club, popularly known as C&A, is IIT Guwahati’s in-campus society, under the Technical Board of​ IIT Guwahati.


The club is a dynamic interface for like-minded individuals operating through ‘knowledge-sessions’. We leverage focus groups and expert interviews to conduct in-depth research on core demand areas to facilitate skill-building among members.


C&A through its main divisions in Consulting and Data Analytics encourages students to follow a learn-by-practice regimen, and for the same, the club supports and organises a wide range of initiatives and events throughout the year.


Our members build on the skills and experience they have gained to join top firms and prestigious institutions across all industries after graduation. Club members have won laurels both nationally and internationally in various competitions.

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We aim to impart and inculcate our culture of learning-by-practice among students and professionals alike, and to that end, C&A supports and organises a multitude of events throughout the year. 

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Summer Analytics

Data Science is all about extracting meaningful insights from a vast amount of data. This online data science certification course will revolve around the concepts of Python, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis. This course will help you understand core concepts including aspects of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and introduce you to the latest tools and algorithms used in the industry.

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Coming in December 2022

Winter Consulting

The business world is saturated with intricate concepts, all of which combined have near-infinite applications. This course endeavours to help you understand core concepts via an application based pathway and mentor-supported peer-learning community with hands-on exercises on guesstimates, case studies, and many more skills essential for Management Consulting, Finance, and Economics.

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Coming Soon

Cascade Cup

Cascade Cup is the club's data science challenge that summons the crème de la crème, the sharpest minds and keenest eyes from all across the nation, to compete against each other and prove their proficiency in data science with a high-stakes competition for lucrative cash prizes, goodies, and recognition! 

Coming Soon

Strategy Storm

Strategy Storm is India's largest social business case competition organised by students at Consulting & Analytics Club, IIT Guwahati. Graduate and undergraduate students from all over the country will gather to solve business, marketing and PR related problems for social enterprises and organisations.


Executive Team

Mansi Gunwant

Mansi Gunwant


Advaith Krishna A

Advaith Krishna A

Consulting Head

Varun Bhardwaj

Varun Bhardwaj

Analytics Head

Arnav Singh

Arnav Singh

Outreach Head

Shashank Mishra

Shashank Mishra

Events Head

Amish Agrawal

Amish Agrawal

Projects Head

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