Right To Information
                                                                                                  RTI Act, Videos
  1. Introduction
  2. Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties
  3. Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
  4. Rules, Regulations and Instructions
  5. Mode of Public Participation
  6. Official Documents and their availability
  7. Boards, Council, Committees and other Bodies
  8. Public Information Officers
  9. Procedure followed in Decision Making Process
  10. Directory of Officers and Employees
  11. Pay Structure of Institute Staff
  12. The Budget Allocated
  13. Subsidy Programmes
  14. Concessions availed by the Institute
  15. Norms / Standards :IIT Guwahati follows:  Acts and Statutes of IIT Guwahati,    IIT (Amendment) Act, 1994,    
  16. Information available in Electronic Form
  17. Obtaining Information
  18. Other Useful Information
  19. RTI Replies
  20. Suo Moto Disclosures



Other Details

  1. Minutes of meetings of boards, committees, councils and other bodies [For intranet users only]
  2. Information Relating to Procurement
  3. RTI MIS Online Portal for CPIO and DPIO
1. Application Fee of Rs. 10/- by way of Cash / IPO /DD / Bankers Cheque payable to IITG.

2. Quick Links

3. RTI Online



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