Ongoing Projects In R&D Section

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Sl. No. Project No. Title PI Name Name of CO PI Funding Agency Start date Completion Date Duration
1 xENVSPNxDBT00673xxCD004 "Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous medium by biochar adsorbent prepared from bio-sludge of Indian Standard Natural Rubber plant in Tripura" Chandan Das Ajay K Manna DBT 31-12-2019 31-12-2021 24
2 BSBESPNxDBT00929xxMK008 Generation of DNA vaccine with a mutated capsid gene of porcine circovirus type 2 and evaluation of its immune-potential Manish Kumar Manish Kumar DBT 31-12-2019 31-12-2023 48
3 BSBESPNxDBT01128xRPT005 "Establishment of a cell-permeant recombinant protein toolbox for the conversion of adult human somatic cells to insulin-producing ?-cells" Rajkumar Parshottambhai Thummer DBT 31-12-2019 30-06-2022 30
4 BSBESPNICMR00756xBGJ010 Targeting mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo1 in metastatic breast cancer Bithiah Grace Jaganathan Rajkumar Parshottambhai Thummer ICMR 31-10-2019 31-10-2022 36
5 xCLESPNSERB00852xxNK004 Combined Catalytic Reforming and Upgrading Technique for Production of Biofuels in Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor Nanda Kishore Nageswara Rao Peela
Sunder Lal Pal"
SERB 31-10-2019 31-10-2022 36
6 xxCESPNNRDA01097AKSG005 Life Cycle and Performance Assessment of Roads Constructed Using Cold Mix Technology Anjan Kumar Siddagangaiah Teiborlang Lyngdoh Ryntathiang NRRDA 29-11-2019 29-05-2021 18
7 xENVSPNxDST00527xMKP015 "Development of catalysts and a prototype device for conversion of CO2 to fuels/chemicals " Mihir Kumar Purkait Mihir Kumar Purkait DST 29-11-2019 29-11-2022 36
8 xHSSSPNDOES00808xxRB003 Survey of Morbidity and Mortality Rates among Tea Garden Workers of Assam Rajshree Bedamatta Daksha Chandu Parmar "Directorate of Economics and Statistics Goverment of Assam" 29-11-2019 29-09-2020 10
9 BSBESPNMHRD01192xCNG002 Data driven neuro-behavioral clusters in adults who were born very preterm using multivariate analysis Cota Navin Gupta Dr.Souptick Chanda MHRD 29-05-2019 29-05-2021 24
10 MATHSPNSERB00732xPSM001 "Fault-tolerance in Priority Evacuation and Mutual Visibility of Mobile Robots" Partha Sarathi Mandal SERB 29-02-2020 28-02-2023 36
12 xxMESPNxDBT00228xSKD003 "Bioengineered bilayer 3D printlets for segregated compartmental delivery of fixed dose antitubercular drug combinations" Santosha Kumar Dwivedy Santosha Kumar Dwivedy DBT 29-02-2020 28-02-2022 24
13 MATHSPNSERB00579xxSB002 "Eigenvalues of Linear and Non-linear Matrix Valued Functions: A Study of Inclusion Regions Pseudospectra and Low Rank Perturbations" Shreemayee Bora SERB 29-02-2020 28-02-2023 36
14 xCLESPNSERB00617xxTB009 Deep Eutectic Mixtures with Graphene Functionalized Nanofluids for Indirect Solar Desalination using Multistage Flash Approach Tamal Banerjee Suryasarathi Bose DST 29-02-2020 28-02-2023 36
15 xxMESPNARDB00713xVNK006 Experimental studies on finiteness of a wing Vinayak Narayan Kulkarni Niranjan Sahoo ARDB 29-02-2020 28-02-2022 24
16 BSBESPNCSIR01123xKKS004 Construction of a minigene to analyze the alternative splicing regulation of UPF3B variable exon Kusum Kumari Singh CSIR 28-08-2019 28-08-2022 36
17 BSBESPNIITG00534xxUB012 "Exploration extraction and standardization of plant-based natural Dye for dying eri silk yarn by ethnic people and with special reference to quality eri silk products in Assam" Utpal Bora Utpal Bora "Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati" 28-07-2019 28-07-2021 24
18 xCLESPNHGCL00860xxVK012 "Development for Guar Gum based Additives for Biodegradable Polymers for Enhance Compostability and Gas Barrier Properties" Vimal Katiyar "TATA STEEL Jamshedpur" 28-07-2019 28-07-2020 12
19 xCHMSPNxDST00091xATK004 Synthesis of Heterocycles and Their Biological and Photo-Physical Studies Abu Taleb Khan DST 28-05-2019 28-05-2022 36
20 NANOSPNSERB00763AKDM004 "Studies on the crystallization of crystalline/crystalline binary polymer blends " Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra SERB 28-05-2019 28-05-2022 36
21 xCLESPNMHRD01003xxRA002 Thermal food processing optimization for simultaneous multi-product sterilization R Anandalakshmi Prakash Kotecha MHRD 28-05-2019 28-05-2021 24
22 BSBESPNxDBT00646xxSP006 Study of in?depth genetic heterogeneity with respect to resistome and compensatory adaptation of MDR Mtb clinical strains inside BM? Mesenchymal stem cells circulating in the North East Region Sanjukta Patra Shankar Prasad Kanaujia DBT 27-09-2019 27-09-2022 36
23 xCSESPNSERB01285xxMK002 "Adaptive Cell Scheduling Function of 6TiSCH Network for Efficient Data Communication in Industrial Internet of Things" Manas Khatua SERB 27-01-2020 27-01-2022 24
24 xCRTSPNxDBT01191xxSM005 Prospects of biochars as amendment in various types of soil present in North East India Sudip Mitra DBT 27-01-2020 27-01-2022 24
25 xCEESPNxDBT00760xVVG010 Enhanced carbonate precipitation of ureolytic and nitrifying microbe treated rubber wastewater Vaibhav Vasant Goud DBT 26-10-2019 26-10-2022 36
26 BSBESPNxDBT00864xxVR007 Design and Characterization of peptide based cell targeting domains with live cell and animal imaging methods Vibin Ramakrishnan "Nitin Chaudhary
Santhosh Kumar T R"
DBT 26-10-2019 26-10-2022 36
27 xxMESPNISRO00530xxNS005 Stress Wave Force Balance (SWFB) Technique: An Alternative Method of Accurate Force Measurement Niranjan Sahoo Vinayak Kulkarni ISRO 25-12-2019 25-06-2021 18
28 xxMESPNIITG00709xSKJ012 "Farmers? friendly innovative mechanical devices for boosting profitable pig production and improving animal welfare in rural North Eastern States of India " Subramani Kanagaraj Subramani Kanagaraj "Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati" 25-06-2019 25-06-2021 24
29 BSBESPNxDBT00864xxVR008 "Search of potent inhibitors against target from L donovani (Visceral Leishmaniasis) using Systems Biology Virtual Screening and Molecular Dynamics" Vibin Ramakrishnan Vibin Ramakrishnan DBT 25-02-2020 25-08-2022 30
30 xCLESPNxDST00673xxCD003 Nano-enhanced adsorptive microporous membranes for effective removal of heavy metals from water sources Chandan Das LAU WOEI JYE DST 24-06-2019 24-07-2019 1
31 xxCESPNxDST00708xRKB003 Impact of Climate Change on the Integrated Flood Vulnerability Index of Hilly terrain Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya DST 24-06-2019 24-06-2021 24
32 xCEESPNxDST00584xPMK008 Metal hydride materials and systems for the increase of efficiency in renewable and hydrogen energy P. Muthukumar Pankaj Kalita DST 24-04-2019 24-04-2022 36
33 xDESSPNASTE00821xxKS011 Design and Development of Virtual Reality Zone at the Guwahati Planetarium Keyur Babulal Sorathia Govt. of Assam 23-09-2019 23-03-2020 6
34 xCHMSPNSERB00736xCVS009 "Chemical and Structural Intricacies in the Formation Stability and Reactivity of Metal-Oxygen Adducts in Non-Heme Synthetic Scaffolds" Chivukula Vasudeva Sastri SERB 23-01-2020 23-01-2023 36
35 xPHYSPNSERB00983xSUB002 Multipartite Dark Matter at Direct and Collider Searches Subhaditya Bhattacharya DST 23-01-2020 23-01-2023 36
36 xCRTSPNxDBT01191xxSM004 Greenhouse gas emission mitigation & adaptation: strategies for better inventory and management of such gases in rice ecosystems of two agro-climatic zones of Assam" Sudip Mitra DBT 22-11-2019 22-11-2022 36
37 xCRTSPNxDST01195xxSS002 "Development of a low cost multi-stage platform for microbial analysis of solid food samples" Siddhartha Singha "Sashindra Kumar Kakoty
Santanu Basu"
DST 22-10-2019 22-10-2021 24
38 xCSESPNxDST00803xxSK001 Game Theory based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Cyber Physical System. Sushanta Karmakar Santosh Biswas DST 22-08-2019 22-08-2022 36
39 xPHYSPNxDST00627xxBB006 Indian Institutions-Fermi Lab Collaboration in Neutrino Physics. Bipul Bhuyan DST 22-05-2019 22-05-2024 60
41 xCLESPNxNRL00860xxVK013 "NRL-Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Materials [NRL-COE-SUSMAT] for Development of Biodegradable Plastics from Oil and Bio-Refinery Streams " Vimal Katiyar "Numaligarh Refinery PSU" 21-10-2019 21-10-2021 24
42 xxCESPNAPWD00281xSKD008 Experimental study on cyclic horizontal force-displacement characteristics of prototype U-FREIs with and without rotation Sajal Kanti Deb APWD 21-07-2019 21-07-2022 36
43 BSBESPNSERB00992xSKM002 Process intensified production of lignocellulosic liquid biofuel by cyclic shifting of the process parameters in a single bioreactor Soumen Kumar Maiti Soumen Kumar Maiti SERB 21-06-2019 21-06-2022 36
44 xxCESPNMEFC00671xHBK005 EVALUATION OF BAMBOO HOUSES FOR EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE Hemant B. Kaushik Pawan K Kaushik " Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change GOI" 20-06-2019 20-06-2022 36
45 xCHMSPNCSIR00380xAKS006 "Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via activation of C-H allylic-OH and alkynes by organic and metallic reagents" Anil Kumar Saikia CSIR 20-06-2019 20-06-2022 36
46 MATHSPNSERB00208xBKS001 A study on highly acyclic matrices with special emphasis on the role of graph labelling in solving some inverse eigenvalue problems for such matrices Bhaba Kumar Sarma Dr. Debashish Sharma SERB 20-05-2019 20-05-2022 36
47 xPHYSPNSERB00626AMKS004 Soliton Dynamics of the Generalized Nonlinear Schrödinger Models In Parity-­Time (PT) Symmetric potentials Amarendra Kumar Sarma SERB 20-03-2020 20-03-2023 36
48 BSBESPNSERB00756xBGJ011 To study the mechanosensitive cell surface protein Piezo1 as a target for metastatic colorectal cancer Bithiah Grace Jaganathan Bosanta Ranjan Boruah SERB 20-03-2020 20-03-2023 36
49 BSBESPNSERB00811xxBA010 Functional Mechanism of CRISPR RNA Maturation in an Atypical CRISPR-Cas Adaptive Immune System Anand Baskaran SERB 20-02-2020 20-02-2023 36
50 xCHMSPNSERB00863xCKJ007 Metal Free Simultaneous C(sp3)-H and C(sp2)-H Functionalizations of Aliphatic Amines/Amino Acids and Nitrosoarenes to Indoles and Perophoramidine?s Analogs Chandan Kumar Jana SERB 20-02-2020 20-02-2023 36
51 NANOSPNSERB00764xxDP009 "Development of biologically active ferroelectric Ca10 (PO4)6(OH)2- K0.5 Na0.5 NbO3 composite thin films for biomedical applications " Dobbidi Pamu SERB 20-02-2020 20-02-2023 36
52 BSBESPNSERB01123xKKS005 Deciphering the assembly of RNPS1 into the spliceosomal machinery Kusum Kumari Singh sachin singh gautam SERB 20-02-2020 20-02-2023 36
53 BSBESPNSERB00861xxSS007 Process Analytical Technology (PAT) control tools for high cell density cultivation of glycoengineered Pichia pastoris for Human Interferon Alpha 2b production Senthilkumar Sivaprakasam Anil Mukund Limaye SERB 20-02-2020 20-02-2023 36
55 BSBESPNxDBT00993xLMP005 "Development of multifunctional rare earth based nanomaterial for biomedical applications in reference to magnetic hyperthermia and imaging" Lalit Mohan Pandey Lalit Mohan Pandey DBT 18-09-2019 18-03-2022 30
56 xxCESPNDTRL01140xRIB004 RISK ASSESSMENT OF FLOATING DEBRIS DOMINATED FLASH FLOODS IN TRANS-BOUNDARY UPPER HIMALAYAN CATCHMENTS Rishikesh Bharti "Santosha Kumar Dwivedy Subashisa Dutta Santosha Kumar Dwivedy" DTRL 18-09-2019 18-09-2022 36
57 xCLESPNSERB00965xxVP003 "Experimental and power plant simulation studies on co-chemical looping combustion of coal and biomass in the context of clean fuel utilization " Prabu Vairakannu DST 18-04-2019 18-04-2022 36
58 xxCESPNxPSA00270xAKS011 "Two-Day Brain Storming Workshop on River-research to Evolve Sustainable-projects for People with Ecofriendly Climate-resilient Technology (RESPECT)" Arup Kumar Sarma PSA - GoI 16-05-2019 16-07-2019 3
59 BSBESPNxDBT00743xAML009 "Studies on genetic and epigenetic alterations on Keratoconus patients from Assam India." Anil Mukund Limaye Surya Prakash G Ponnam "Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati" 16-01-2020 16-07-2022 30
60 xCSESPNxDBT00842xxAA002 Integrated software for analyzing single-cell RNA sequencing Ashish Anand Dr. Ranjita Das DBT 16-01-2020 16-01-2022 24
61 xCHMSPNCSIR00110xBKP011 "Probing Annulations in Multi Directing Systems and Development of Multifunctional AIEgens " Bhisma Kumar Patel CSIR 16-01-2020 16-01-2023 36
62 BSBESPNSERB01216xxSC002 Proximal Femoral Locking Plates (PFLP): Biomechanical Exploration of Design Variants for North Eastern (NE) Population Souptick Chanda SERB 16-01-2020 16-01-2022 24
63 BSBESPNMHRD01216xxSC003 Investigation on the Influence of Ferromagnetic Coating on Bone Ingrowth in Hip Stems Made of Composite Titanium-Tantalum (Ti-Ta) Foam Souptick Chanda "Rajkumar Parshottambhai Thummer Flinders University Saulo Martelli Debabrata Chakraborty" MHRD 16-01-2020 16-01-2022 24
64 xxMESPNxDST00584xPMK009 DST-Energy Storage Platform on Hydrogen P. Muthukumar DST 15-05-2019 15-05-2024 60
65 xxMESPNSERB00709xSKJ011 Development of new generation Acetabular Socket Linear and Femoral Head Prototypes with unique 3D microstructures and better fracture resistance for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis treatment Subramani Kanagaraj "Subramani Kanagaraj, Senthilvelan Selvaraj" MHRD 15-05-2019 15-05-2022 36
66 xCHMSPNxDBT00703xBHM006 Tailor Made Peptidomimetics Designing Against Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide (hIAPP) Aggregation: A Therapeutic Approach Associated with Type-2 Diabetes Bhubaneswar Mandal Dr Anirban Bhunia DBT 13-12-2019 13-12-2022 36
67 BSBESPNICMR00743xAML008 DNA methylation in the upstream CpG island of GPER1 and its association with GPER1 expression in colon cancer: a pre-clinical proof of concept study in colon cancer cell lines Anil Mukund Limaye Rajkumar Parshottambhai Thummer ICMR 13-12-2019 13-12-2021 24
68 MATHSPNSERB00630xSPC001 Stochastic Models for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Siddhartha Pratim Chakrabarty Siddhartha Pratim Chakrabarty SERB 13-03-2020 13-03-2023 36
69 xCEESPNxDBT00760xVVG011 Bioconversion of organic wastes and de-oiled algal residue into biodiesel and value added products (carotenoids etc.) using oleaginous microbes Vaibhav Vasant Goud DBT 13-01-2020 13-01-2022 24
70 MATHSPNELNT00017xASS002 Uncloaking Covert Networks: Identification and Analysis Ashok Singh Sairam "Elint Technologies Subsidiary of Seclabs & Systems Private Ltd.Noida UP" 12-08-2019 12-02-2021 18
71 xCLESPNSERB00674AKGO003 Integrated solar-photocatalytic and biological treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater Animes Kumar Golder Kaustubha Mohanty SERB 12-04-2019 12-04-2022 36
72 xxMESPNSERB00922xMDA004 Design and development of a novel plasma processing set up for uniform nano-polishing of Prism and any freeform surfaces of fused silica Manas Das SERB 12-04-2019 12-04-2022 36
73 xxMESPNSERB01220xxNM002 Computational and Experimental study of damage and failure in carbon/glass fiber reinforced composite materials. Nelson Muthu SERB 12-04-2019 12-04-2022 36
74 xxCESPNGoAP00281xSKD007 Experimental study on seismic evaluation of performance of 3 storeyed test structure isolated by U-FREIs Sajal Kanti Deb "Arunachal Pradesh PWD" 12-04-2019 12-04-2022 36
75 xPHYSPNSERB00946xxSN001 Study of the heavy flavour observables for an indirect detection of physics beyond the Standard Model Soumitra Nandi SERB 12-04-2019 12-04-2022 36
76 NANOSPNSERB00041xxAC012 "Assembly of Nanoscale Particles for Theranostic and Energy Applications Sanction order no JCB/2019/000039" Arun Chattopadhyay SERB 12-03-2020 12-03-2025 60
77 MATHSPNSERB01119xARC001 Trace Formulae and Multivariable Operator Theory Arup Chattopadhyay SERB 12-03-2020 12-03-2023 36
78 NANOSPNMHRD01122AKAS007 "Design of Efficient Recyclable and Sustainable Immobilised Molecular-Pincer Group (VIII) Metal Catalytic Systems for Fine Chemical Synthesis Via Direct Functionalization of Carbon Dioxide " Akshai Kumar Alape Seetharam MHRD 12-02-2020 12-02-2023 36
79 xCLESPNSERB01018PSGP003 Investigation of the dynamics of charged particle/macromolecules in gel electrophoresis in presence of external noise Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader Dipankar Bandypadhyay SERB 12-02-2020 12-02-2023 36
80 xCEESPNxDBT00389xxPG008 Development of a Cloud Computing Based Wireless Sensor for Patient Monitoring System in Health Care Engineering Pranab Goswami Pranab Goswami DBT 11-02-2020 11-02-2022 24
81 BSBESPNxDBT00389xxPG009 Implementation of electronic resistance in vaginal mucus (ERVM) technology to improve reproductive performance of crossbreed cow Pranab Goswami Pranab Goswami DBT 11-02-2020 11-02-2022 24
82 BSBESPNIITG01192xCNG003 Multivariate Intrinsic mode functions for Electroencephalogram signals using single channel Cota Navin Gupta MHRD 10-07-2019 10-01-2022 30
83 xCSESPNMHRD01125xxJJ004 Approximate Computing Techniques for Resource Constrained Edge Devices John Jose "Dr. Amit Kumar Singh,Dr. Maurizio Palesi, Dr. Tamarapalli Venkatesh, Dr. Davide Patti,Dr. Alessandro Cilardo" MHRD 10-07-2019 10-07-2021 24
84 xEEESPNxDST01238xxMA003 Design of IoT Trans-receiver integrated with compact MIMO/Diversity antenna scheme Mahima Arrawatia DST 10-06-2019 10-06-2022 36
85 xCHMSPNMHRD00505xPKI009 Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites for Solar Energy Conversion Parameswar K Iyer Arun Tej Mallajosyula "Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati" 10-06-2019 10-06-2021 24
86 xCLESPNxDST00985xxSS008 LOw-cost innovative Technology for water quality monitoring and water resources management for Urban and rural water Systems in India (LOTUS) Senthilmurugan Subbiah "Bodhisattva Sengupta,Chandan Mahanta,Sri Harsha Kota,Rashmi Dutta Baruah,Mrinal Kanti Dutta" DST 09-05-2019 09-05-2023 48
87 xPHYSPNSERB00638xTND002 Coherent Control of Wave Front Engineering Tarak Nath Dey SERB 08-04-2019 08-04-2022 36
88 xCRTSPNSERB01203xMEK003 "Composting/vermicomposting of Mikania micrantha kunth and it's effect on soil properties " Meena Khwairakpam DST 08-04-2019 08-04-2022 36
89 xEEESPNSERB00883xxGT004 "An Energy Efficient IOT Processor built using an Optimized Near-Threshold Voltage Standard Cell Library" Gaurav Trivedi Gaurav Trivedi SERB 07-05-2019 07-05-2022 36
90 xCEESPNxDBT00619xxKM008 Innovative Algae Platform for Industrial Wastewater Valorization (InWAP) Kaustubha Mohanty DBT 07-05-2019 07-05-2022 36
91 CLSTSPNxDST00030xxSN009 "Archiving Modelling and Visualization of the Eco-Cultural Heritage of the Majuli River Island of Assam" Sukumar Nandi "Samit Bhattacharya Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya" DST 07-05-2019 07-05-2022 36
93 xCHMSPNSERB01146xPKK004 "Synthesis of 1-C 2-C 3-C-Branched Pyranosides and Heptanosides Higher-Carbon Sugars L-Sugars and All the Epimers of Sialic acids and KDN Non-Ulosinic acids from Perlin Aldehydes" Pavan Kumar Kancharla SERB 06-02-2020 06-02-2023 36
94 xxCESPNCSIR00671xHBK006 Seismic Strengthening of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings using Ferrocement Bands Hemant B. Kaushik Vaibhav Singhal CSIR 05-09-2019 05-09-2022 36
95 xxMESPNxDST01219xSMH002 Five Fingered Bionic Prosthetic Hand Shyamanta Moni Hazarika Sangamesh Deepak Rajendraswamy DST 05-09-2019 05-09-2021 24
96 xxMESPNMHRD00709xSKJ013 Development of a novel endotracheal tube holder for better management of invasive ventilation Subramani Kanagaraj NPIU 05-09-2019 05-01-2021 16
97 xCSESPNSERB00803xxSK002 Design and Analysis of Some Fast Steiner Tree Algorithms Sushanta Karmakar Sushanta Karmakar SERB 05-03-2020 05-03-2023 36
98 xCEESPNMHRD01144xxHC001 Technology for Large scale development of textile fibres for wearable electro-optic devices Harsh Chaturvedi "Harsh Chaturvedi,Pratima Agarwal" MHRD 05-02-2020 05-02-2022 24
99 xxMESPNSERB00974xSSG004 Functionality Enhancement through Design and Development of Advanced Finite Element Algorithms for STRTOOLS Sachin Singh Gautam "Nelson Muthu,Budhaditya Hazra,Arup Kumar Nandy" SERB 05-02-2020 05-02-2023 36
100 xCHMSPNSERB00853xxSD003 Dynamics and Control of Two and Three-dimensional Excitation Waves Sumana Dutta SERB 05-02-2020 05-02-2023 36
101 xxMESPNxDST00155xUSD008 Experimental and numerical research on contact friction in the process of plastic deformation by means of compression with torsion Uday Shanker Dixit Pavel A. Petrov DST 05-02-2020 05-02-2022 24
102 BSBESPNxDBT00848xxNC006 "Isolation synthesis and structure-function analysis of frog and toad-skin derived antimicrobial anticancer and wound-healing peptides " Nitin Chaudhary Sachin Kumar DBT 04-11-2019 04-11-2022 36
103 BSBESPNIITG01213xSEN002 Sustainable production of algal biomass for production of biofuels: A holistic approach with bioremediation & economical harvesting technique Selvaraju Narayanasamy DBT 04-11-2019 04-11-2022 36
104 MATHSPNSERB01179xxST001 "Study of nonlocal elliptic and parabolic problems with variable exponents " Sweta Tiwari SERB 04-11-2019 04-11-2022 36
105 xxMESPNSERB00776ARKD003 "Dynamics of wake behind 3D tapered and circular cylinder in vortex induced vibration subject to planar and span-wise shear " Arnab Kr. De SERB 04-03-2020 04-03-2023 36
106 xxMESPNSERB00776ARKD004 Numerical investigation on the effect of surface roughness and tilt angle on turbulent Rayleigh-B?nard convection Arnab Kr. De SERB 04-03-2020 04-03-2022 24
107 xxMESPNSERB00976xxPK004 "Development of three-dimensional analytical solutions for elastic laminated and piezoelectric shells subjected to Levy-type boundary conditions using Extended Kantorovich Method " Poonam Kumari SERB 04-03-2020 04-03-2023 36
109 xxMESPNSERB00976xxPK003 "Experimental and theoretical studies of thermo-elastic response of axially graded beams " Poonam Kumari SERB 03-06-2019 03-06-2022 36
111 NANOSPNMHRD00505xPKI010 "Organic Nanomaterials Based Portable Device for Biosensing and Disease Diagnostic" Parameswar K Iyer "Prof.Lidong Li,Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh,Prof. Shu Wang" MHRD 02-09-2019 02-09-2021 24
112 xCSESPNxDST00728xSAB003 Formal Methods for Modeling and Verification of Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Networks. Santosh Biswas "Sukumar Nandi,Chandan Karfa" DST 02-09-2019 02-09-2022 36
114 xCLESPNHPCL00617xxTB007 Development of Novel Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Extraction of Aromatics to Produce Food/Pharma Grade Hexane and Speciality Products Using COSMO-SAC Screening Tamal Banerjee Tamal Banerjee HPCL GREEN 02-08-2019 02-08-2021 24
115 xCHMSPNxDBT00772xxDM008 "Interaction of Cuminaldehyde and Gingerol present in spices with Bovine Serum Albumin and Human Serum Albumin" Debasis Manna DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
116 xCHMSPNCSIR01106xxKR006 Design and Synthesis of Freestanding Ion-Selective Membranes from Peptide Modified Two-Dimentional Nanomaterials Kalyan Raidongia Sunanda Chatterjee CSIR 02-01-2020 02-01-2023 36
117 xBIOSPNxDBT00929xxMK009 Biochemical characterization of seminal gel and its application for biostimulation in pigs Manish Kumar Manish Kumar DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
118 BSBESPNxDBT00848xxNC007 Effect of Lead poisoning in Anatomical and Molecular Changes in Certain Visceral Organs in Adult Pati Ducks of Assam Nitin Chaudhary Nitin Choudhary DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
119 BSBESPNxDBT01116xPDS004 In-silico characterization and biological validation of potential peptide vaccines for SalmonellaTyphi using the outer membrane Priyadarshi Satpati Priyadarshi Satpati DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
120 BSBESPNxDBT00747xxRT006 Identifying bacterial wilt resistant cultivars of tomato from the commercially available accessions using simple tomato seedling assay Ranjan Tamuli Ranjan Tamuli DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
121 BSBESPNxDBT00913xxSK009 Assessment of male infertility using infrared digital thermography in livestock Sachin Kumar Dr. Manna Baruti DBT 02-01-2020 02-01-2022 24
122 BSBESPNxDBT00913xxSK010 Development of ELISA kit for differential diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis virus within the flavivirus serological group Sachin Kumar Dr. Siraj Khan DBT 02-01-2020 02-07-2022 30
123 xxCESPNxDBT00532xSBG005 Development of Non-invasive diagnostic method and Pharmacological intervention strategies to modulate EMT pathway for detection and amelioration of PM2.5/PM10 (collected from NE India) induced lung fibrosis models in rodents. Sharad Bhaurao Gokhale Sharad Bhaurao Gokhale "Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati" 02-01-2020 02-07-2022 30
124 xxMESPNxDBT01219xSMH003 Development of A tactile sensory based grasping controller for electromyographic prosthetic hand Shyamanta Moni Hazarika DBT 02-01-2020 02-07-2022 30
125 xEEESPNSERB00871xSKN005 Development of non-edible green vegetable oil as a potential liquid dielectric for power/distribution transformer from the renewable source. Sisir Kumar Nayak Santosha Kumar Dwivedy SERB 02-01-2020 02-01-2023 36
126 xEEESPNCPRI01137xxCK006 "Design operation and control of distributed generation (DG) integrated unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) in electric grid " Chandan Kumar Ravindranath Adda Centre for powert research ins 01-07-2019 01-07-2021 24
127 xxCESPNSERB01097AKSG006 Assessment of Recycled Materials Interaction and its Effect on Durability of Cold Bituminous Mixes Anjan Kumar Siddagangaiah Teiborlang Lyngdoh Ryntathiang SERB 01-05-2020 01-05-2023 36
128 xxMESPNSERB00382KSRK004 An examination on use of the quarter point elements for the accurate determination of notch stress intensity factors K S R Krishna Murthy Debabrata Chakraborty SERB 01-05-2020 01-05-2022 24
129 xCRTSPNxDST00296xxSK010 Drudgery Reduction of Tribal Women through S&T Intervention in Betel nut Cutting Sashindra Kumar Kakoty Bibhuti Ranjan Bhattacharjya DST 01-05-2020 01-05-2021 12
132 xENVSPNDoFE00807xxAB007 Climate Change and Manipur: Input to State Action Plan on Climate Change- SAPCC II Dr. Anamika Barua Dept of Forest and Environment Govt of Manipur
133 xCLESPNxDST00527xMKP013 Centre for Technological Excellence in Water Purification (CTEWP) Dr. Mihir Purkait DST 05 years
134 xEEESPNxDST90036xHOD003 Fabrication Facility for Silicon Photonics and Microelectronic Devices "HOD EEE" DST 5years
135 xPHYSPNSERB01152xxDB00 Particle Dark Matter Beyond the WIMP Paradigm: Model Building and Phenomenological Studies Dr. Debashish Borah SERB 3 YEARS
136 MATHSPNSERB01184xxAG001 Investigation of statistical aspects of step-stress life testing Dr. Ayon Ganguly SERB 3 years
137 xENVSPNxDST00993xLMP004 An advanced integrated process for the treatment of sewage plant effluent using bio-based antimicrobial metal biosorbents and photocatalytic materials Dr. Lalit Mohan Pandey DST 2 years
138 xPHYSPNCSIR00105xxAS012 Comparartive study of low dimensional ferromagnetic Heusler Alloys prepared by different routes Dr. A. Srinivasan CSIR 3 years
139 BSBESGTIITG01116xPDS003 Energetic basis of accuracy for RIG-I immune response to pathogens Dr. Priyadarshi Satpati IITG 2 years
140 BSBESGTIITG01123xKKS003 "To understand the splicing mechanism of SAP18 spliceosomal protein" Dr. Kusum Kumari Singh IITG 2 years
141 BSBESGTIITG01128xRPT004 Generation of insulin producing Beta cells by direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts using non-integrative approaches for prospective cell therapy of Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Rajkumar P. Thummer IITG 2 years
142 BSBESGTIITG01129xxSN004 Elucidating peroxisome-lipid body communication in yeast Dr. Shirisha Nagotu IITG 2 years
144 BSBESPNICMR00936xABK007 Placental oxidative stress in gestational diabetes Mellitus Dr. A. B. Kunnumakkara ICMR 3 years
145 BSBESPNICMR00936xABK009 Deciphering the Role of Different Isoforms of AKT in the Development of Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (North-East Concept-ECD) Dr. A.B kunumakkara icmr 03 years
146 BSBESPNSERB00789xxVT009 Chemical Biology Approaches to Exploit FIKK kinase(s) from Plasmodium Falciparum to Develop Potent Anti-malarials Dr. Vishal Trivedi SERB 3 years
147 BSBESPNSERB00848xxNC005 Mechanistic insights into IAPP self-assembly-targeting early intermediates for therapeutics Dr. Nitin Chaudhary SERB 3 years
148 BSBESPNSERB00857xBBM015 "Bioengineered 3D constructs for cartilage repair osteochondral regeneration and high throughput drug screening towards osteoarthritis management." Dr. Biman B. Mandal SERB 3 years
149 BSBESPNSERB00908xSPK008 Structural and functional characterization of an ABC transporter involved in the maintenance of lipid asymmetry in Escherichia coli and Shigella flexneri: structure-based drug-designing Shankar Prasad Kanaujia SERB 3 YEARS
150 BSBESPNxDBT00420xxAG012 Development of novel and efficient carbohydrate enzymes for bioenergyand biovalued products Dr. Arun Goyal DBT 03 years
151 BSBESPNxDBT00498xxRC007 Seedless plant production and mass scale propagation of musa balbisiana (Bhimkol Banana) of NER using in-vitro approaches Dr. R. Chaturvedi DBT 3 years
152 BSBESPNxDBT00747xxRT005 Understanding Molecular Mechanism of calcium signaling in Meurospora crassa Dr. Ranjan Tamuli DBT 03years
153 BSBESPNxDBT00789xxVT008 Re-purposing of FDA approved drugs for tuberculosis treatment Dr. Vishal Trivedi DBT 3 years
154 BSBESPNxDBT00857xBBM016 Fabrication of Biocompatible Scaffolds for Delivery of Stem Cells in Myocardial Infarct Model: In Search of an Ideal Cardiac Patch Dr. Biman B. Mandal DBT 3 years
155 BSBESPNxDBT00857xBBM018 NIRMAN 3D- Novel minimally invasive implants for reconstructive surgery using materials providing mechanical instruction and prepared by 3D printing Dr. Biman B. Mandal DBT 4 years
156 BSBESPNxDBT00929xxMK007 "Govt. of India Ministry of Science & Technology Dept. of Biotechnology Block 2 6-8th Floors CGO Complex Lodhi Road New Delhi-110003" Dr. Manish Kumar DBT 3 years
157 BSBESPNxDBT00936xABK008 DBT-AIST International Center for Translational and Environmental Research (DAICENTER) Dr. A. B. Kunnumakkara DBT 3 years
158 BSBESPNxDBT01129xxSN005 Investigationg the role of peroxisomes in Parkinson's disease Dr. Shirisha Nagotu dbt 3 YEARS
159 BSBESPNxDST90001xHOD003 Strengthening of research facilities in the department HOD BSBE DST 5 years
160 BSBESPNxPPS00209xxRS008 Research project for understanding structure and function of several IDPs and mechanism of HBV capsid formation using ProCharTS Dr. R. Swaminathan "PurplePatch Services USA" 3 years
161 MATHSPNSERB00409xJCK002 Coupled Ψ-v and immersed interface method for incompressible viscous flows Dr. Jiten Chandra Kalita SERB 3 years
162 MATHSPNSERB01185xxRB002 Elliptic curves with complex multiplication and hypergeometric sums Dr. Rupam Barman SERB 3 years
163 MATHSSUGIITG01235xSKK002 Analysis and Numerical Methods for problems related to Two Phase flow in heterogenous porous media and Euler Equations of gas dynamics Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Kenettinkara IITG 2 years
164 MATHSUGIITG01211xxDD001 Design of a virtual collaborative platform for creative problem solving emphasizing on…….multiple formats of display Dr. Debayan Dhar IITG 2 years
165 MATHSUGIITG01217xASS001 Detecting semantic attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems Dr. Ashok Singh Sairam IITG 2 years
166 NANOSPNBRNS00764xxDP008 Development of pill boc type rf window based on AIN ceramic for 3.7 GHz Dr. D. Pamu BRNS 2 years
167 NANOSPNxDBT00399xSSG008 Modulation of Connexin-43 and Histone Deacetylase to Comprehend Cancer Therapy. Dr. S..S Ghosh DBT 03 YEARS
168 xCEESPNxDBT00420xxAG013 Efficient utilization of sugarcane top for production of cellulosic ethanol and other value added products Dr. Arun Goyal DBT 3years
169 xCEESPNxDBT00491xVSM007 "Design Optimization and Intensification of a Bioprocess for Converting North East Natural Gas into Liquid Fuels (Bio-GTL)" Dr. V.s Moholkar DBT 3 years
170 xCEESPNxDST00584xPMK007 Reversible Alkali Metal Based Hydrides for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Dr. P. Muthukumar DST 3 years
171 xCETSPNMHRD90022xHOC006 Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Phase-III "HOC CET" MHRD 03 years
172 xCHMSGTIITG01107xxDS004 Synthesis of chiral manganese and cobait based pincer complexes for asymetric hydrogenation reactions Dr. Dipankar Srimani IITG 31.03.19
173 xCHMSGTIITG01111xKPB005 "Design Synthesis and anti- caner potentials of fluorescently-labelled organosulfur compounds" Dr. Krishna Oada bhabak IITG 02 years
174 xCHMSGTIITG01113xxAD004 Designing Multifunctional complexes for chemical catalysis: cooperative substrate binding and activation Dr. Animesh Das IITG upto 31.03.19
175 xCHMSGTIITG01118xxUM006 Bio-mimicked interface for developing smart and reusable chemical sensors using liquid crystal u-droplets Dr. Uttam Manna IITG till 31.03.19
176 Xchmsgtiitg01122akas005 The effect of systematic Induction of fluorine and Nitrogen on Semiconducting properties of π-conjected molecule Dr. Akhai Kumar A.S IITG upto 31.03.19
177 xCHMSGTIITG01146xPKK003 Iminium catalysis for glycosylation reactions: Organocatalytic Stereoselective Dehydrative Glycosylation of 2- Deoxy Sugars Dr. Pavan Kumar Kancharla iitg upto 31.03.19
178 xCHMSPNMHRD00736xCVS007 Perspective of Fluctuations in Electron Transfer Reactions in Non-Heme Chemistry (SPARC) Dr. C.V.Sastri MHRD 2 YEARS
179 xCHMSPNSERB00110xBKP010 Non-Directed Remote sp3 C-H Functionalizations Dr. B.K. Patel SERB 3 years
180 xCHMSPNSERB00334xxTP013 Study of Selective C-H Activation: Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds Formation Tharmalingam Punniyamurthy SERB 3 years
181 xCHMSPNSERB00725xxSP006 Understanding the inhibiting actions of different inhibitors on the aggregation of human amylin peptide Dr. Sandip Paul SERB 03 years
182 xCHMSPNSERB00862xASA004 Molecular Engineering of Perylene for Energy Conversion Dr. Achalkumar Ammathnadu Sudhakar SERB 3 years
183 xCHMSPNSERB00879xSCP008 Organocatalytic Asymmetric Kinetic Resolution for the Synthesis of Aziridines and Tetrahydropyrans Subhas Chandra Pan SERB 3 YEARS
184 xCHMSPNSERB01122AKAS006 Greenhouse Gas to Fuel: Development of Powerful Catalytic Systems Based on Pincer-Metal Catalysts Heterogenized on Solid Supports for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol Akshai Kumar Alape Seetharam SERB 3 YEARS
185 xCHMSPNxDBT00775xLMK004 Development and evaluation of peptide conjugated antitumor drugs in combination with nucleobases deaminases for controlled and targeted drug delivery Dr. Lal Mohan Kundu DBT 3 years
186 xCHMSPNxDBT00850xxCM006 Synthesis and MR Image Investigation on MRI Contrast Agent-Entrapped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Dr. Chandan Mukherjee DBT 3years
187 xCHMSPNxDBT00863xCKJ006 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Dysideanone and its synthetic Analogs for the development of Potent and selective Anti-Oral-Cancer Agents. Dr. C.K Jana DBT 03 YEARS
188 xCHMSPNxDBT00879xSCP007 Novel rationally designed DNA gyrase inhibitors as antibacterials Dr. S. Chandra Pan DBT 3 years
189 xCHMSPNxDST01106xxKR005 Aerobic Oxidations of Light Alkanes over Atomically Thin Clay Layers of Controlled Lateral Dimensions Kalyan Raidongia DST 3 years
190 xCHMSPNxDST90009xHOD003 FIST in the subject area Chemical Sciences "HOD CHM" DST 5 years
191 xCLESGTIITG01011xNRP004 Glucose and Xylose conversion to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and Levulinic Acid Dr. Nageswar Rao Peela IITG 02 years
192 xCLESPNBRNS00829xRKU006 Investigation of Flow Behavior of Pulsed Sieve Plate Column through Radiotracer Based Techniques Dr. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay BRNS 3 years
193 xCLESPNBRNS01010xxRG003 Validating CFD Simulations of Gas-Liquid stirred tank reactor for different impellers through radiotracer based techniques Dr. Raghvendra Gupta BRNS 3 years
194 xCLESPNxDBT00860xxVK009 DBT-TERI Center of Excellence Project Integrated Production of Advanced Biofuels and Biocommodities Dr. Vimal Katiyar DBT 3 years
195 xCLESPNxDBT00860xxVK010 Development of biodegradable polymer based controlled release fertilizers and pesticides for sustainable Agro-economy ‘BioPolyCRF’ Dr. Vimal Katiyar DBT 3 years
196 xCSESGTIITG01125xxJJ003 Power efficient fault tolerant techniques for deflection routers in large mesh on-chip interconnection networks Dr. John jose IITG 31.03.19
197 xDESSPNMOEF01081xPCK001 Bamboo bricks/laminates from BMF s (Bamboo Micron Fibres) for low cost housing structures for North Eastern Himalayan region Dr. Pratul Chandra Kalita MOEF 3 years
198 xDESSUGIITG01001ABHS001 Concept Development for 2- Wheeler for Contemporary utility Dr. Abhishek Singh IITG 2 years
199 xEEESGTIITG01137xxCK004 "Operation and control of parallel power converters for stable efficient and continuous operation of electric grid" Dr. Chandan Kumar IITG 02 years
200 xEEESPNMEIT00875xRKS002 Young Faculty Research Fellowship (YFRF) of Visvesvaraya PhD Programme Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sonkar MeitY 5 years
201 xEEESPNMEIT01137xxCK002 Young Faculty Research Fellowship (YFRF) of Visvesvaraya PhD Programme Dr. Chandan Kumar MeitY 5 years
202 xEEESPNNMTD00781xxPK002 "HUB and SPOKE consortium for 2W and 3W Electric Drives - Design Development and Prototyping of advanced IM and Synchronous Reluctance Drives and vehicle integration for e2W and e3W vehicle Applications" Dr. Praveen Kumar NFTDC 02
203 xEEESPNSERB00746xMKB002 Development of a prototype of disabled-friendly automatic virtual text-entry keyboard interface system Manas Kamal Bhuyan SERB 3 years
204 xEEESPNSERB00875xRKS003 Analytical and Numerical Design of Hybrid Multiplexer for Optical Interconnect using Silicon Photonics Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sonkar serb 3 YEARS
205 xEEESPNSERB01006xxSN002 Development of high power density solid state transformer using direct AC to AC power electronic co Dr. Shabari Nath SERB 3 years
206 xEEESPNSERB01137xxCK003 "Design Operation and Control of Smart Transformer-based Microgrid System" Dr. Chandan Kumar SERB 3 years
207 xEEESPNSERB01137xxCK005 "Design control and management of distributed generation in microgrid" Dr. Chandan Kumar SERB 02 YEARS
208 xEEESPNSERB01141xATM002 Flexible Memristors Using 2D Layered Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites Arun Tej Mallajosyula SERB 3 years
209 xEEESUGIITG01231xxSA002 User cooperation in green communication networks Dr. Satyam Agarwal IITG 2 years
210 xENVSPNxDST00504xxKP009 The development and implementation of sensors and treatment technologies for freshwater systems in India Dr. Kannan Pakshirajan DST 3 years
211 xENVSPNxDST00736xCVS006 Bioinspired green catalysts for water purification Dr. C.V. Sastri DST 2 years
212 xPHYSGTIITG01082xUNM006 Defect healing and doping control of graphene for the development of wearable dye sensitized SOLAR CELL FIBRE Dr. Udar Narayan maiti IITG upto 31.03.19
213 xPHYSGTIITG01162xxKP003 High Flux Rb Vapor source under high vacuum condition for cooling and trapping Dr. Kanhaiya Pandey IITG 02 YEARS
214 xPHYSGTIITG01168xPKM002 Numerical and theoretical investigations of coupled dynamics of superfluid and normal components in superfluid turbulence in a channel at finite temperature Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra IITG 2 years
215 xPHYSPNBRNS01082xUNM003 Studies on the development of devices using MXenes/mono-elemental 2D materials for energy harvesting and storage applications (Part 2: Energy storage applications) Dr. Uday Narayan Maiti BRNS 3 years
216 xPHYSPNCSIR01082xUNM004 Defect and doping synergist in perforated graphene-aerogel nanohybrid for the development of efficient hydrogen generation catalyst Dr. Uday Narayan Maiti CSIR 3 years
217 xPHYSPNDRDO01082xUNM005 Ultrafast Joule heating induced defect healing and in-situ activation of spontaneously assembled graphene network for wearable energy storage Dr. Uday Narayan Maiti DRDO 3 years
218 xPHYSPNSERB01161xxTM002 Theoretical studies of quantum phase transitions of dipolar bosons in frustrated and flatband lattices Dr. Tapan Mishra SERB 3 years
219 xPHYSPNSERB01162xxKP002 "Laser cooling and trapping of Rubidium atom and superflash of light using the narrow 5S1/2 ?6P3/2 transition at 420 nm" Dr. Kanhaiya Pandey SERB 3 years
220 xPHYSPNSERB01168xPKM003 Numerical and theoretical investigation of different states of turbulence in counterflow superfluid turbulence in a channel. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra SERB 3 years
221 xRTCSPNxDST00296xxSK006 Rural Technology Action Group ( RuTAG) Dr. Sashindra Kumar Kakoty DST 03 YEARS
222 xxCESGIITG01140xRIB003 Pragmatic Spectral Repository for Mapping and Exploration Dr. Rishikesh Bharti IITG 02 years
223 xxCESGTIITG01097AKSG004 Assessment of Moisture Damage in Bituminous Mixes using Advanced Techniques Dr. Anjan Kumar S IITG 2 years
224 xxCESGTIITG01117xAJD003 Health mapping of living root bridges Dr. Ajay Dashora IITG 2 years
225 xxCESGTIITG01136xxRK003 Application of bio-char amended soil in geotechnical engineering Dr. Ravi K IITG 2 years
226 xxCESPNEPSA00415xxSD011 Integrated use of WRF-Hydro and space based inputs for flood forecasting Subashisa Dutta EPSA 30 months
227 xxCESPNGRSP01097AKSG003 "Safer Roads for Safer Childhood (SRSC) Jorhat City" Dr. Anjan Kumar S GRSP 2 years
229 xxMESPNSERB00709xSKJ010 "An affordable lower limb prosthesis with polycentric knee joint dynamic ankle joint and suction-suspension socket system having advanced features ( IMPRINT-PHASE-II)" Dr.Subramani Kanagaraj SERB 3 years
230 xxMESPNSERB00922xMDA003 Fabrication of Prosthetic Implants and further Nanofinishing Using Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing (MFAF) Process Dr. Manas Das SERB 3 years
231 xxMESPNSERB00930xDNB003 Experimental and Computational Analyses of Flow-induced Heat Transfer Deterioration in Supercritical Natural Circulation Loop Dr. Dipankar Narayan Basu SERB 3 years
232 xxMESPNxDBT00709xSKJ009 Indigenous development of a new suture mediated vascular closure device for closure of arterial access site to achieve instant hemostasis following catheter angiography and interventions Dr. S.K Kanagaraj DBT 2 Years
233 xxMESPNxDST00590xxSS005 Feasibility Evaluation of Power Metallurgy Connecting Rod for Automobile Application Dr. Senthilvalen S DST 02 years
234 xxMESPNxDST00817xAMD004 Development of Microbial Fuel Cells and theoretical modeling on the multiple effect of flow-materials in waste water bio-energy reactor Dr. Amaresh Dalal DST 3 years
235 xxMESPNxDST00817xAMD005 National Centre of Clean Coal Research and Development Dr. Amaresh Dalal DST 5 years
236 IITG/P/RP/01 Establishment of Research Parks under the ‘Start-up India Initiative in Higher Educational Institutions (SIIHEI)’ Prof. G. Krishnamoorthy MHRD 3 years
237 xCHMSPNSERB01111xKPB004 Development of ROS sensitive turn-on fluorescent probes for targeted delivery of anti-cancer compounds Dr. Krishna Pada Bhabak SERB 4 years
238 BSBESPNBRNS00864xxVR006 Peptide based molecular constructs for tumor homing and small molecule delivery Dr. Vibin Ramakrishnan BRNS 3 years
239 BSBESPNICMR00929xxMK006 Characterization of predicted novel extracellular proteins of pathogenic Leptospira interrogans Dr. Manish Kumar ICMR 3 years
240 BSBESPNSERB00908xSPK007 Structural and functional investigation of mammalian cell entry (MCE) proteins from human pathogens: development of structure-based lead molecules Dr. Shankar Prasad Kanaujia SERB 3 years
241 BSBESPNxDBT00857xBBM014 Functional collagen nanoparticle impregnated silk nano-ceramic composite 3D matrices for flat bone regeneration Dr. Biman B. Mandal DBT 3 years
242 BSBESPNxDBT00864xxVR005 "Design Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Impregnating Nano-assemblies using Peptide Model Systems; Applications in heavy metal entrapment in North-East Region" Dr. Vibin Ramakrishnan DBT 3 years
243 BSBESPNxDBT00908xSPK006 Structural investigation of sugar ABC transporters in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and thermophiles: application to the development of drug carriers and biosensors Dr. Shankar Prasad Kanaujia DBT 3 years
244 BSBESPNxDBT00913xxSK007 Improved classical swine fever virus diagnostics using Newcastle disease virus as a vector Dr. Sachin Kumar DBT 3 years
245 BSBESPNxDBT00936xABK005 Development of novel Akt/m TOR inhibitors for oral cancer prevention and treatment Dr. A. B. Kunnumakkara DBT 3 years
246 BSBESPNxDBT00936xABK006 A comparative study of the population chronically exposed to arsenic in two different demographic regions of Eastern India: Identification of responsible genes and susceptible population Dr. A. B. Kunnumakkara DBT 3 years
247 NANOSPNSERB00771xDPB007 Extreme Point of Care Diagnostics on a CD Dr. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay MHRD 3 years
248 xCEESPNxDST00407xxLB001 Bioremediation and Bioconversion of waste with complex photosynthetic organisms and heterotrophs under aerobic and anaerobic condition with generation of bioenergy Dr. Lepakshi Barbora DST 3 years
249 xCHMSPNCSIR00879xSCP006 Organocatalytic Asymmetric Reactions with 3-Carbomethoxy-Dihydro-2-Quinolones Dr. Subhas Chandra Pan CSIR 3 years
250 xCHMSPNCSIR01122AKAS004 Fuel chemical synthesis via catalytic transformation of hydrocarbons using pincer-ligated complexes based on inexpensive transition metals Dr. Akshai Kumar Alape Seetharam CSIR 3 years
251 xCHMSPNSERB00380xAKS005 "Diastereo-and Enantio-selective synthesis of oxygen nitrogen and sulfur heterocyclic compounds" Dr. A. K. Saikia SERB 3 years
252 xCHMSPNSERB00729xxMQ005 Design and development of novel broad absorption semiconductor/oxides for efficient water splitting:Role of morphology and charge transfer amongst the composites Dr. M. Qureshi SERB 3 years
253 xCHMSPNSERB00772xxDM007 "Cancer Immunotherapy: Mechanism-Based Design of Potent Inhibitor for Indoleamine 2 3-Dioxygenase-1" Dr. Debasis Manna SERB 3 years
254 xCHMSPNxDBT01118xxUM004 Bulk: Superhydrophobic polymer materials for controlled and tunable release of antimicrobial peptides” A novel material for generating antimicrobial material Dr. Uttam Manna DBT 3 years
255 xCHMSPNxDST00865xxDD007 Peptide based semiconducting materials for organic-electronic devices Dr. Debapratim Das DST 3 years
256 xCLESPNxDST90003xHOD002 Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutes (FIST) Programme "HoD CLE" DST 5 years
257 xCSESPNSERB00809xxRI003 Approximate geodesic nearest neighbors and shortest paths Dr. R. Inkulu SERB 3 years
258 xCSESPNSERB01188xxCK002 Formal verification of optimizing transformations of programs Dr. Chandan Karfa SERB 3 years
259 xEEESPNSERB01238xxMA001 Design of high efficiency power amplifier for 5G applications Dr. Mahima Arrawatia SERB 3 years
260 xEEESPNxDST01231xxSA001 Wireless networking for sustainable rural connectivity Dr. Satyam Agarwal DST 5 years
261 xENVSPNCSIR00504xxKP008 A novel membrane assisted bioprocess for heavy metal removal and recovery as nano powders from acid mine drainage Dr. Kannan Pakshirajan CSIR 3 years
262 xPHYSPNxDST90007xHOD002 FIST Phase II "HoD Physics" DST 5 years
264 xRTCSPNxDBT01191xxSM002 Genome and transcriptome sequencing of aromatic rices from North Eastern region Dr. Sudip Mitra DBT 3 years
265 xxCESPNBRNS00955xMKG006 An integral assessment of groundwater and surface water using stable isotopes of water Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal BRNS 3 years
266 xxCESPNMHRD01117xAJD002 Risk assessment of moraine dammed glacier lakes due to climate change (IMPRINT) Dr. Ajay Dashora MHRD 3 years
267 xxCESPNNHAI00710xAMK004 Performance of Geogrid and Geocell Reinforced Pavements Dr. A. Murali Krishna NHAI 3 years
268 xxCESPNOIPL01097AKSG002 Compatibility Assessment of Local Aggregates for Cold Mix Process Dr. Anjan Kumar S Om Infracon Pvt. Ltd. 3 years
269 xxCESPNSERB01121xAMN003 Study on the reflectance and thermal emission spectral characteristics of Orthopyroxene bearing Granitic rocks for Terrestrial and Planetary Remote Sensing Dr. Archana M Nair SERB 3 years
270 xxCESPNxDST00782xxAK005 Pilot scale studies on rotary drum composting and anaerobic biphased baffled reactor (ABBR) technology for biomethanation of industrial sludges and aquatic weeds Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad DST 3 years
271 xxMESPNMHRD00584xPMK004 "Design Development and Demonstration of Indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and ststionary applications of 5 kW capacity" Dr. P. Muthukumar MHRD 3 years
272 xxMESPNMHRD00584xPMK006 Design and development of energy efficient and environment friendly LPG and kerosene cooking stoves with porous radiant burners for household and large-scale cooking applications Dr. P. Muthukumar MHRD 3 years
273 xxMESPNMHRD00590xxSS004 Manufacturing Solutions for the Preparation of Siddha Medicines (Traditional Medicines Originated from Tamilnadu) Dr. S. Senthilvelan MHRD 3 years
274 xxMESPNxDST00584xPMK005 Development of High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System for Solar Thermal Power Plant Dr. P. Muthukumar DST 3 years
275 BSBESPNONGC00810xxDD006 Production of Hydrocarbon oil via hydrothermal Liquification (HTL) of recycled from HTL unit Dr. Debasish Das ONGC 4 years
276 BSBESPNSERB01126xxPC002 Development of electrocatalytic aptamer-nanosensor for bacterial exotoxin detection Dr. Pranjal Chandra SERB 5 years
277 xCHMSPNSERB00975xSPB003 "Development of Highly Stable Zr(IV) and Hf(IV) Based Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Applications in Gas Storage Separation and Chemical Sensing" Dr. Shyam Prasad Biswas SERB 4 years
278 xCLESPNxDBT00760xVVG008 Integrated biorefinery approach towards production of sustainable fuel and chemicals from Algal biobased systems Dr. V.V. Goud DBT 4years
279 BSBESPNxDBT00598xxBB005 Design principles in the Molecular Network of an Oncofetal Protein Dr. Biplab Bose DBT 5Years
280 BSBESPNxDBT00399xSSG002 Fundamental Molecular Investigations in Biotechnology Dr. S.S. Ghosh DBT 5Years
281 BSBESPNxDBT00391xxLS013 Development of Abiotic Stress Resilient Tropical Pulses Through Tailoring of ABA Receptor genes Dr. L.Sahoo DBT 5Years
282 BSBESPNxDBT00389xxPG007 Studies and application of redox enzymes for bioelectronics devices Dr. P.Goswami DBT 5Years
283 BSBESPNxDBT00399xSSG005 Investigations on the molecular mechanism of Nanomaterial-cellular interactions to develop Potential Therapeutics Dr. S.S. Ghosh DBT 5Years
284 BSBESPNxDST00993xLMP002 INSPIRE Dr. Lalit Mohan Pandey DST 5years
285 xCHMSPNxDST00211xxAD002 "Terminal Oxo and Imido Transition-Metal Complexes of Group 11 (Cu Ag Au): Strategies for Sequential C-H Bond Activation Functionalization Carbon-Heteroatom (C-N and C-O) Bond- Forming Reactions and Group-transfer catalysis" Dr. Animesh Das DST 5years
286 xCHMSPNxDST01107xxDS002 Integration of photoredox catalysis with chiral bronsted acids: towards enantioselective synthetic routes of versatile structural motifs Dr. Dipankar Srimani DST 5 years
287 xCHMSPNxDST01111xKPB001 DST-INSPIRE Resaerch Grant Dr. Krishna Pada Bhabak DST 5years
288 xEEESPNxMLA90036xHOD002 Visvesvaraya Phd Scheme for Electronics and IT Dr. Roy Paily Palathinkal Media Lab Asia 5Years
289 NANO/SP/DEIY/AC0041/0011 Centre for excellence in Research and Development of Nanoelectronics Theranostic Devices Dr. A. Chattopadhyay DEITY 7years