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CE 515: Genetic Algorithms

Instructor: Prof. Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Room No. 105 (M Block)

Phone No. 2428

Email: rkbc@iitg.ernet.in


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Class Timing


Wednesday      : 09.00 - 09.55 (Room No. 4208)

Thursday          : 09.00 - 09.55 (Room No. 4208)

Friday              : 09.00 - 09.55 (Room No. 4208)


Pre-requisites: Nil




Pre-Requisite: Nil Introduction to Evolutionary Computation: Biological and artificial evolution, evolutionary computation and AI, different historical branches of EC, a simple genetic algorithm. Search Operators: Crossover, mutation, crossover and mutation rates, Crossover for real-valued representations, mutation for real-valued representations, combinatorial GA, Selection Schemes: Fitness proportional selection and fitness scaling, ranking, tournament selection, selection pressure and its impact on evolutionary search. Theoretical Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms: Schema theorems, convergence of the algorithms, computational time complexity of the algorithms, no free lunch theorem. Search Operators and Representations: Mixing different search operators, adaptive representations. Niching and Speciation: Fitness sharing, crowding and mating restriction. Constraint Handling: Common techniques, penalty methods, repair methods, Deb's penalty parameter method. Multiobjective evolutionary optimization: Pareto optimality, multi-objective evolutionary algorithms: MOGA, NSGA-II, etc. Applications of GA in engineering problems, job-shop scheduling and routing problems



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  3. M. Mitchell, An introduction to genetic algorithms, MIT Press, 1996.

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  5. K. Srinivasa Raju and D. Nagesh Kumar. Multicriterion Analysis in Engineering and Management. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India 2010.



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Mid-semester Exam


End-semester Exam







  1. L01: Introduction

  2. L02: Classical optimization methods

  3. L03: Region elimination methods

  4. L04: Multivariable problems

  5. L05: Convex fucntion

  6. L06: Multi-variable problem with equality and non-equality constraints

  7. L07: Penalty parameter approach

  8. L08: Quadratic approximation methods

  9. L09: Introduction to linear problem

  10. L10: Introduction to linear problem (Cont.)

  11. L11: Simplex method

  12. L12: Tutorial #1

  13. L13: Quiz # 1 (28/08/2015)

  14. L14: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

  15. L15: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms (Cont.)

  16. L16: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms (Cont.)

  17. L17: Tutorial # 2

  18. L18: Tutorial # 3

  19. L19: Real coded GA

  20. L20: Real coded GA (Cont.)

  21. L21: Optimization Using Matlab

  22. L22: Optimization Using Matlab

  23. L23: Multi-modal function optimization

  24. L24: Multi-objective GA

  25. L25: Multi-objective GA (Cont.)

  26. L26: Multi-objective GA (Cont.)

  27. L27: Optimization Using Matlab

  28. L28: Optimization Using Matlab

  29. L29: Constraint Handling in GA

  30. L30: ES

  31. L31: ES (Cont.)

  32. L32: Optimization Using Matlab

  33. L33: Introduction to PSO

  34. L34: Introduction to DE