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    Dr. Anand Tiwari (DST-Young Scientist)

    Research Interest: Molecular physiology of heavy metal transport, bioremediation, inorganic nanoparticle synthesis, cell polarity in morphogenesis, live-cell imaging

    2015-present, Email[at];[at]

PhD Scholars

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    Dibakar Gohain (Graduate Student)

    Research interest: Molecular mechanism and genetics of Neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS-1).

    2013-present; Email id: g.dibakar[at]

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    Ajeet Kumar (Graduate Student)

    Research Interest: Understanding the functions of calcineurin in N. crassa.

    2014-present; Email id: ajeetkumar.2014[at]

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    Avishek Roy (Graduate Student)

    Research interest: Understanding the Molecular mechanism and genetics of calcineurin-B subunit gene in N. crassa.

    2015-present; Email id: r.avishek[at]

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    Christy Noche K. Marak (Graduate Student)

    Research Interest: Molecular mechanism of calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinases in N. crassa.

    2015-present; Email id: c.marak[at]

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    Darshana Baruah (Graduate Student)

    Research Interest: Understanding molecular mechanisms of plc-1, splA2, and cpe-1 in N. crassa.

    2016-present; Email id:darshana[at]

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    Serena Ngiimei D (Graduate Student)

    Research Interest: Molecular analysis of a of a zinc transporter in N. crassa.

    2017-present; Email id:serena[at]

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    Rahul Kumar Thaosen(Graduate Student)

    Research Interest:

    2018-present; Email id:thaos[at]

M.Tech Students

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    Shalini Shokeen (M.Tech Project Student)

    Research Interest: Studies on some newly isolated fungal endophytes.

    2018-present, Email id:shoke174106023[at]

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    Nayan Mani Bania (Co-supervisor)

    Research Interest: Understanding molecular physiology of selected mushroom species

    2018-present; Email id:bania174106025[at]

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