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Priyankoo Sarmah


I am a Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG). I am actively involved in the Center for Linguistic Science and Technology at IITG. Before joining IITG in 2011, I worked in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea (2008-2011).

I received my PhD in Linguistics from the Department of Linguistics, University of Florida. Prior to that, I received my MPhil in Linguistics in 2005 and MA in Linguistics in 2002 from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.

Research Interests
My research interests are phonetics, speech analysis, speech perception and speech technology development. I am passionate about production and perception of tones and have worked on tones in Bodo, Dimasa, Mizo, Paite, Poula, Rabha and Tiwa. I am also interested in vowel production ad perception. Recently I have been working on sociophonetics of Assamese and Angami.

At IIT Guwahati I teach a BTech elective course on phonetics titled 'Introduction to Phonetics' for the third semester students. I also teach a survey course on written scripts of world's languages titled 'Writing Sytems of the World'.

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