Game Design workshop and Internship

We at Department of Design IIT Guwahati are pleased to announce a Game Design Workshop by Professor Uday Athavankar (IDC, IITB).

Under the project Kanimuni, students currently pursuing Bachelors, Masters, Research degree in Design are invited to participate in 16 day workshop to develop educational games. The workshop will be a great opportunity to learn how to design educational games, test and prototype them during the 16 day workshop. We are also offering an opportunity of internship for period of one month after the workshop. The games developed during the workshop will be enhanced further to make a finished product. You may forward this email to anyone who might be interested.

There will be nominal fees for the workshop. The interns will be remunerated.

The particulars are as listed below:

Game Design Workshop

Conducted by Prof. Uday Athavankar
Venue: Department of Design, IIT Guwahati, Assam
Duration: May 31st - June 18th, (16 days)
No. of Seats: 15
Participation Fees: 5,000 Rs. (Can be waived off for special cases)
This will include the hostel accommodation and food during workshop.

Game Design Internship

Internship month : June 16th to July 16th
Internship remuneration: Rs. 10,000

Registration closed List of Selected participants

For any further information write to
Prasad Bokil (prasad.bokil[at] or
Sheetal Gokhale (sheetalg[at]

Opportunity for semester projects: Academic projects during Jan-May 2016, July-Nov 2016

For more information contact any project investigator