Kanimuni- Game Design for education

Kanimuni, an ancient game in Assam, involves a blindfolded player searching for insights through the surrounding. This is the name chosen for this project proposed under Design Innovation Center. It symbolizes our efforts to facilitate the young minds in adverse surroundings with educational tools. This project promises to create various learning opportunities with playful environment.

Proficiency in English, Mathematics, Computing, and Science (EMCS) has significant impact on economic opportunities in India. Students who are socially backward, or live in remote areas or have weak financial condition miss on many career opportunities due to lack of proficiency in EMCS. This project aims to build interest and confidence to learn EMCS in such students through physical and digital gamification of education. This project will focus on creating educational games from learners’ perspective rather than teachers’ perspective.

Game Design Workshop and Internship: May 31st - July 18th 2016 ....Know more

Opportunity for semester projects: Jan-May 2016, July-Nov 2016

Anouncement for Job Opportunities: Project Engineer, Project Scientist, Lab Attendent

About DIC

This is an initiative by the Government of lndia to establish Design lnnovation Centres across the country to promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving, to promote knowledge sharing and to enhance interdisciplinary design-focussed education, research and entrepreneurial activities. DIC at IIT Guwahati became effective from 26th March 2014. Kanimuni is one of the thematic projects approved by DIC at IIT Guwahati.

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About DoD

The Department of Design(DoD), one of the thirteen departments at IIT Guwahati, was set up with a vision to enkindle some of the brightest technical minds of the country a passion for innovation in technology driven by a firm understanding, appreciation and celebration of design.

The department offers an M.Des. degree, a B.Des. degree (the only undergraduate level degree of its kind in an Indian Institute of Technology) and a PhD degree in Design. The focus of the program is on the study, invention, and creative use of technologies to create effective, usable, enjoyable experiences with technology through interdisciplinary research in engineering, design, behavioral and social sciences, and to understand the impact of technology on individuals, groups, and organizations. The department envisions to produce successful graduates who will be capable of leading the changing scenarios of today and tomorrow through thought, innovation and values.