Some of the Important Keynote / Invited Lectures Delivered


Nature of lecture



Green Porous Radiant Burners

Plenary talk

ICITFES-2020, NIT Rourkela

10th Feb 2020

Design, development and testing of thermal energy storage systems

Invited talk

Int Workshop on Energy Storage, IIT Tripati

24th Dec 2019

Design and development of large scale metal hydride based thermal systems

Invited talk

Hydrogen Energy Storage workshop, 8th Dec 2019, IIT Bombay

8th Dec 2019

Thermo-chemical Energy storage systems

Invited talk

Int Conference on Polygeneration, ICP 2019, Kyushu University, Japan

15th May 2019

Green Hydrogen – A future Energy Career

Key-Note talk

12th Int Conf on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications, February 23-26, 2019, Gandhinagar, India

26th Feb 2019

Development and testing of large scale metal hydride based hydrogen storage device for automobile and stationary applications.

Invited talk

Indian Oil Corporation Delhi

7th December 2018

Green Energy Technologies: A summary of Research Activates on Hydrogen and Thermal Energy Storage Systems carried out at IIT Guwahati

Invited talk

Texas A&M University, USA

27th April 2018

Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant Applications


Invited talk

Wichita state University, USA

24th April 2018

Hydrogen - A Future Green Energy Carrier


Invited talk

Wichita state University, USA

27th  March  2018

Energy Efficient and Green Energy Technologies

Plenary talk

IntConf on Mechanical Materials and Renewable Energy, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim,

9th Dec 2017

Recent trends in solar thermal utilization

Plenary talk

International Workshop on Renewable Energy, NIT Silchar

26th Sept 2017

Energy transition for sustainable future

Invited talk

9th Indo – German Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, Jaipur

9-11th March 2017

Hydrogen a future energy carrier

Key note talk

International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials, Anna University, Chennai

8th Jan 2017

Metal hydride based thermal management systems for heating and cooling applications

Key note talk

RAAR 2016, CV Raman Engg College, Bhubaneswar, India.


11 Nov.  2016

Thermal Energy Storage systems : Concept and Applications

Invited talk

Workshop on Renewable Energy, NIT Rourkela

15th April 2016

Thermal Energy storage systems for solar thermal power plant applications

Key note talk

National Conference on Solar Thermal Energy Technologies (NCSTET), IIT Jodhpur

26th Feb 2016

Metal Hydride based Thermal Machines

Key note talk

ICAME 2015, TKM College of Engineering, Kerala,

14-16th Dec. 2015

Development of Fast Reaction Metal Hydride Reactors for Hydrogen Storage and Thermal Management Applications.

Key note talk

6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, Sydney, Australia

11 – 14th Oct. 2015

Development of Porous Radiant Burners for Domestic LPG Cooking and Industrial Applications

Key note talk

 2nd World Congress on Petro chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2014” conference, Las Vegas, USA during October 27-29, 2014

October 27th 2014

Research Activities on Hydrogen and Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Porous Medium Combustion at IIT Guwahati

Invited talk

Clean Energy Research Centre, University of South Florida, USA

11th June, 2014

Metal Hydride based Thermal Machines

Keynote lecture

Int. Workshop on Energy, Sustainability and Development (ISWESD-12),Sibs agar College, Joys agar, Assam

14th Oct.12

Development of novel porous radiant burner for domestic LPG cooking applications

Invited talk,

6th Symposium on National Frontiers of Engineering. IIT Hyderabad

3rd Sept.   2011

Thermal energy storage systems for solar thermal power plants: Methods and Materials.

Invited talk,

Indo-Spain joint work on Renewable Energy, Sevilla, Spain

3rd March 2011,

Metal Hydride Based Energy Conversion Systems

Plenary lecture


Arunachal Pradesh.

24th Sept. 10

Research activities on “Metal hydride based thermal machines at IIT Guwahati.

Invited talk

IKE, University of Stuttgart, Germany,

16th July, 2012

Metal Hydride Heat Transformer for waste heat up gradation.

Invited talk

NPTC, Noida,

19th April 10.

Review on Metal hydride based heating and cooling systems.

Keynote lecture

ISOHIM·2009 3rd International Symposium on Hydrogen in Matter, IIT Madras, India,

16th Dec.09


Thermal modeling of double stage double effect metal hydride heat pump.

Keynote lecture

World Hydrogen Energy Convection New Delhi

27th August, 2009.

Performance Investigations of Metal Hydride based Thermal Machines.

Invited talk

Indo-French Workshop on Metal Hydride and Applications Jaipur, 22nd- 28th March 2009.


25th March 2009

Applications of Metal Hydrides in Energy Sector.


Plenary lecture

Int. Conference on Energy Engineering (ICEE-2009), Pondicherry Engg. College, Puducherry, India.

7th Jan. 2009

Hydrogen Storage using Metal Hydrides- System modeling and Design.

Invited lecture

Indo-France Workshop on Bio-hydrogen Production: Basic concepts to Technology Mussorie, Dehradun,

7th Nov. 2008.

Delivered over 150 invited lectures on various aspects of Hydrogen Energy Storage, Solar Thermal Utilization, Renewable Energy, Non-conventional Refrigeration System, Porous Medium Combustion, etc. in various Engineering Colleges/Research Institutes in India and aboard.