Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr.Lightson Ngashangva

Position: Research Scientist

Research Area: Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Device (µ-PAD), Chemical Sensors, Biosensors, Alcohol Biosensors, Microfabrication, Analytical Chemistry, Optical.

Dr. Bahaa El-Din Ahmed Mohamed Hemdan

Position: Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Area: Wastewater treatment using Microbial fuelcell (MFC).

Dr. Sudarshan Gogoi

Position: Research Associate

Research Area: Enzyme based Biosensors, Electrochemical Biosensors, Interfacial Electrochemistry.

Doctoral Students

Dr.Phurpa Dema Thungon

Graduation: 2022


Contact: :

Dr. Smita Das

Graduation: 2022

PhD thesis: Studies on the synthesis, characterization, mechanism of peroxidase-like activity, and the application potential of carbon dots prepared from L-glutamic acid and D-(+)-glucose

Contact: :

Dr. Priyanki Das

Graduation: 2021

PhD thesis: Enzyme based biosensor and Biofuel Cell

Contact: :

Dr. Naveen Kumar Singh

Graduation: 2019

PhD thesis: Cloning, expression and biosensing application of Glutamate dehydrogenase for malaria.

Contact: :

Dr. Mrinal Kumar Sarma

Graduation: 2019

PhD thesis: Cyanobacteria based bioelectrode for biofuelcell applications.

Contact: :

Dr. Sharbani Kaushik

Graduation: 2018

PhD thesis:Cyanobacteria based photosynthetic microbial fuel cell: Development and application for sensing alcohol.

Contact: :

Dr. Babina Chakma

Graduation: 2018

PhD thesis: Development of malaria detection methods using P.falciparum histidine rich protein II as target biomarker.

Current Position: Associate Scientific Writer, Promotional and Medical Review Solutions Department, Indegene Private Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Contact: :

Dr. Priyamvada Jain

Graduation: 2017

PhD thesis: Studies on DNA as biorecognition element for detection of Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase in optical and electrochemical platforms.

Current Position: IPDF, IIT Madras

Contact: :

Dr. Santhosh M

Graduation: 2016

PhD thesis: Human serum albumin stabilized gold nanoclusters and their applications for detection of bilirubin in serum samples.

Current Position: Post-Doctoral, Nanobioelectronics lab, Center of Integrated Biotechnology, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: :,

Dr. Ankana Kakoti

Graduation: 2016

PhD thesis: Development and characterization of DNA aptamer and microfluidic paper based platform for detection of heart type fatty acid binding protein.

Contact: :

Dr. Chinnadayyala Somasekhar Reddy

Graduation: 2015

PhD thesis: Biophysical and Biochemical characteristics of Alcohol Oxidase from P. pastoris and its Potential Bioelectronic Application.

Current Position: Research Professor, BioMEMS and Bioimpedance Lab, Department of Electronic Engineering, Gachon University, South Korea

Contact: :

Dr. Madhuri Das

Graduation: 2015

PhD thesis: Nanocomposite based alcohol oxidase bioanode and laccase biocathode for bioelectronics applications.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Bioengineering and Technology. Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam

Dr. Seraj Ahmad

Graduation: 2015

PhD thesis: Studies on Production, Characterization, and Application Potential of Cholesterol Oxidase from a Rhodococcus Sp. NCIM 2891.

Current Position: Guest Faculty, Department of Botany, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya.

Contact: :

Dr. Mitun Chakraborty

Graduation: 2014

PhD thesis: Molecular and Functional Characterization of a Novel Alcohol Oxidase From Aspergillus terreus MTCC6324.

Current Position: Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator, University Institute of Biotechnology, Chandigarh University

Contact: :

Dr. Urmila Saxena

Graduation: 2012

PhD thesis: Studies on nanomaterials and a biomaterial as cholesterol oxidase-immobilization supports for developing cholesterol biosensor.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal, Warangal, Telangana

Contact: :

Dr. Sushovan Chatterjee

Graduation: 2012

PhD thesis: Studies on immobilization of lipase and its application for hydrolysis and transesterification of sunflower oil for production of biodiesel.

Current Position: Head and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cooch Behar Government Engineering College, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India.

Contact: :

Dr. Preety Vatsyayan

Graduation: 2010

PhD thesis: Studies on heme-based redox enzymes from Aspergillus terreus MTCC 6324 and their potential applications for bioelectronic devices.

Current Position: Based in Universität Regensburg

Contact: :

Dr. Abhishek Sahu

Joint-supervision: Dr. U. Bora

Graduation: 2009

PhD thesis: Development of Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells.

Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea

Contact: :

Dr. Adepu Kiran Kumar

Graduation: 2008

PhD thesis: Characteristics and application potential of an alcohol oxidase from the hydrocarbon-degrading fungus Aspergillus terreus.

Current Position: Principal Scientist, Department of Bioconversion Technology, Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat

Contact: :

Dr. Lambit Kanwar

Graduation: 2004

PhD thesis: studies on the production, isolation, characterization and application of extracellular lipase (s) of microbial origin.

Currently based in N. Delhi, India

Students completed their M.Tech./M.S. (Research) Thesis:

  • Khadija, MTech (year 2022) Microbial characterization and mathematical modelling of growth kinetics for microbial symbionts isolated from cyanobacterial biofilm.
  • Kundan Kumar Singh, MTech (year 2022) Molecular dynamic simulation and experimental investigation for Arsenic(III) adsorption on functionalized cellulose.
  • Lekhashree L K, MTech (year2021): Development of conductive ink for aptamer based electrochemical sensor to detect h-FABP3.
  • Nishu Nehra, MTech (year 2020): Studies on the Mechanism of Gold Nanocluster Formation in BSA Protein Matrix.
  • Sunandan Naha, MTech (year2020): Studies on Wastewater Sludges and Biomaterial Coatings for Anodic Biofilm Formation and its Application for Power Generation in Microbial Fuel Cell.
  • Nabajyothi Kalita,M.S.(R), (year2020):Electrochemical investigation of anodic culture broth in photosynthetic microbial fuel cell for identification of intrinsic electron transfer mediator.
  • Sanjay, MTech, (Year 2019): A smart phone-based fiber optic aptasensor for detection of malaria in human serum samples.
  • Ankit, [M. S. (R) (Year 2019) under Centre for Energy]: Flexible Supercapacitor for wearable energy storage.
  • Reshmi Das, M. S. (R), (year 2018), (Co-supervisor: L. Barbora, Energy Centre): Cyanobacteria.
  • Torsha Kundu, MTech (Year 2018): Studies on nanoclusters in protein matrix.
  • Rupam Bhaduri, [M. S. (R) (Year 2017) under Centre for Energy]: Detection of Mercury using cyanobacterial biofilm induced on silk platform.
  • Anil Kumar, (Year 2017) (Co-supervisor: Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi): Sensing bilirubin from its interaction with pristine single walled carbon nanotubes.
  • Smita Das (Year 2016): Electrochemical biosensor for malaria.
  • Mohd Farhan Siddiqui (Year 2015): A low cost design and fabrication method for developing a leak proof microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (μPADs) with customized test zone.
    (currently PhD student in Korea University of Science and Technology)
  • Danish Warsi (Year 2014): Studies on the preparation of gold nanoclusters in the protein matrix.
  • Hemant Kumar (Year 2013): Studies on marine cyanobacteria (Synechococcus sp.) for potential biofuelcell applications.
  • Ujjwal Ranjan Dahiya (2013): Alcohol oxidase from Aspergillus terreus MTCC 6324: Partial biophysical characterization of the recombinant protein from E. coli BT21and expression in eukaryotic system (Pichia pastoris).
  • Priyanki Das (Year 2012): Development of laccase based bioelectrode for biosensor and biofuelcell applications.
  • Babina Chakma (Year 2012): Synthesis, stabilization and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles and its potential application for developing cholesterol biosensor.
  • Santhosh M. (Year 2011): Studies on the electron transport mediation in alcohol oxidase based bio-electrode for biosensor application.
  • Sandip Bordoloi (Year 2010, Under Energy Centre, IIT Guwahati): Dissertation title: Development of Bioelectrode for Biofuelcell application.
  • Madhuri Das (Year 2009, Under Energy Centre, IIT Guwahati): Dissertation title: Fabrication of bioelectrode for development of cholesterol biosensor.
  • Mahesh Kumar Gagrai (Year 2007, Under Jt. Supervision with Prof. A. K. Ghoshal, Chemical Eng Department): Dissertation title: Bioremediation of refinery waste water.
  • Students completed their BTech. projects:

    Abhay Pratap Singh Kushwah (2022), Manish Kaushik (Year 2006), A. Balasubrahmanyam (Year 2007), Ankur Gupta (Year 2008), Janardhan Kumar Amburi (Year 2008), Ch. Ravi Shankar (Year 2009), V. Raj Kiran Kollimarla (Year 2009), Manuj Mundra (year 2010), Saumitra Karmakar (Year 2010), Sabitoj Singh Virk (Year 2010), Debraj Das (Year 2011), Y.Abhinav (year 2012), MohitGanguly (year 2012), Pushpalata (year 2013), Manish Goel (year 2014), Naveen Kumar (year 2015), ASTI APOORVA (year 2016), Abhas Jangre (Year 2016), Gaurav Kumar (year 2018), Ayush Kumar (year 2019), Jay Sardar (2020), Hritu Shree (2020), Lazmy Deware (Year 2021).