Formal Methods Update 2006
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
IIT Guwahati

3-6 July 2006

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Formal Methods Update Meeting

The Formal Methods Update Meetings are intended as a forum for Indian researchers and students in theoretical computer science to update themselves on current trends and to explore new research areas. The nature of presentations is that of technical surveys and advanced tutorials. The last meeting was held in IIT Bombay with theme " Advances in Concurrency, Logic and Verification" and earlier meetings were at IMSc, Chennai with themes "Models for Programs", "Timed Systems" and "Automata and Verification". This year the meeting will move to Guwahati. For the details and reports of the previous updates please click here.

This year's meeting will be held at IIT Guwahati from 3 -6, July 2006. As in previous years, the meeting will be devoted to talks, tutorials, discussions and presentations by researchers on recent trends and advances in the field. The broad theme this year is “Verification of Infinite State Systems”, which includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

  1. Automata theoretic aspects of Verification
  2. Analysis of Timed and Hybrid Systems
  3. Games and Compositional Verification
  4. Software Verification
  5. Process Algebra based Verification

Interested researchers and Ph.D. students working in areas related to theory and applications of logic in are strongly encouraged to participate in the meeting. Feedback from past years has shown that this meeting provides a unique opportunity for those working on formal methods to learn, present and get updated with recent advances in the area. We will be continuing the tradition this year as well.

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