Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal
Assistant Professor

Tel: +91-361-258 3328 (O);
                    258 5328 (R);

Fax: +91-361-258 2440

Email: mkgoyal@iitg.ernet.in





Textbook on "Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines"  

Textbook on "Engineering Hydrology "

Professional Experience


  • Indo-US WARI Fellow, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

  • Visiting faculty, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Thessaloniki

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University, Canada

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

  • Manager- CNIA Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

  • Assistant Manager-Jones Lang LaSalle Pvt. Ltd., Chennai and New Delhi 



  • Associate Editor- ASCE- Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste
  • Indo-US WARI Fellowship Award (2016)
  • DST Young Scientist-Fast Track Grant
  • Chairman and Editor-International conference on Residual Science and Environment
  • INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award, India
  • JSPS Fellowship Award, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • Travel Fellowship Award, Workshop on Climate Informatics, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, McGill University, Canada
  • Young Scientist Award, APEC Climate Center, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Financial assistance to attend workshop at ICTP, Itly, Europe
  • Travel Fellowship Award, CCCPR, Seoul, Republic of  Korea
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, University of California, San Digeo, USA
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Award, University of Waterloo, Canada


Research Interests


(i) Climate change

  • Impact of climate change on water resources
  • Statistical Downscaling
  • Climate variability and change detection

(ii) Hydrology

  • Hydro-Climatology
  • Hydrological Modeling and Flood Routing
  • Snow-melt Hydrology
  • Glacial Lake Changes
  • Hydro-geoInformatics
  • Remote Sensing Applications

(iii) Irrigation

  • Crop modeling
  • Irrigation Water Management

(v) Carbon sequestration

  • Soil Carbon Sequestration

(vi) Data Mining

  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning Models -Neural Network, Fuzzy logic, clustering


Editor/Editorial Board Member :

  • Editorial Board Member-ASCE- Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste
  • Editorial Board Member-American Journal of Water Resources
  • Editorial Board Member-Open Journal of Modern Hydrology
  • Editorial Board Member -Journal of Frontiers in Environmental Engineering (FIEE)
  • Editorial Board Member -Frontiers in Geosciences (FG), American V-King Scientific Publishing
  • Editor-Current Advances in Civil Engineering
  • Editor-International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (IJWREE)

Peer Reviewer:

  • Journal of Climate-American Meteorological Society (AMS)

  • Journal of Hydrology- Elsevier  

  • Atmospheric Research- Elsevier

  • Bioresource Technology- Elsevier  

  • Chemosphere- Elsevier  

  • Journal of Ecological Engineering- Elsevier

  • Global and Planetary Change-Elsevier

  • Environmental Modelling & Software- Elsevier

  • Agricultural Water Management-Elsevier

  • Computers and Electronics in Agriculture- Elsevier  

  • Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics-Elsevier

  • Journal of Climatology-Wiley (RMetS)

  • Meteorological Applications- Wiley (RMetS)

  • CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water-Wiley

  • Irrigation and Drainage, Wiley-Blackwell

  • Journal of Hydrologic Engineering- American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE)

  • Journal of irrigation and Drainage Eng.- American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE)

  • Journal of Pipeline Systems- American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE)

  • Theoretical and Applied Climatology-Springer

  • Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment-Springer

  • Environmental Earth Sciences-Springer

  • Water Resources Management, Springer  

  • Journal of Earth System Sciences -Springer

  • KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering-Springer

  • Neural Computing and Applications- Springer

  • Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA)

  • Journal of Hydroinformatics-IWA

  • Hydrological Sciences-IAHS

  • Hydrology Research (Former Nordic Hydrology)-IWA

  • Journal of Water and climate change-IWA

  • Water Science and Technology- International Water Association (IWA)

  • Water Science and Technology- Water Supply-International Water Association (IWA)

  • Desalination and Water Treatment-Taylor & Francis

  • Journal of Global Warming Inderscience

  • International journal of Hydrology Science and Technology-–Inderscience

  • Scientia Iranica- Elsevier 

  • ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

  • Sadhana- Academy Proceedings in Engineering Science

  • Water Science and Engineering

  • Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014- IWA

  • Athens Journal of Sciences-ATINER



Research Publications :


1)      Goyal Manish Kumar, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic machines, ISBN: 978-81-203-5117-2, Pages: 792, Pub: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India. Brochure

2) Goyal Manish Kumar, Engineering Hydrology, ISBN: 978-81-203-5243-8, Pages: 356, Pub: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India    Brochure


Book Chapters


1)      Goyal Manish Kumar, Ojha C. S. P, Burn Donald H. and Rao Y.S. (2013), Statistical downscaling of precipitation and temperature for a lake basin” Chapter 9 in Climate change: modelling , mitigation and adapting, Editors - Rao Y. Surampalli, Tian Zhang, Ojha C.S.P., Tyagi R.D. and Kao C.M. (Pub : American Soc. Civil Engrs (ASCE)) Stock No. 41271 / ISBN: 9780784412718, Page 219-250

2)      Goyal Manish Kumar, Royal I.(2014), “Soil carbon sequestration: an alternative option for climate change mitigation”, Handbook of Research on Advancements in Environmental Engineering, Editor: Nediljka Gaurina-Medjimurec , ISBN13: 9781466673366; ISBN10: 1466673362, page 30-54.

3)      Dongqing Zhang, Goyal Manish Kumar, Singh V., Richard M Gersberg (2015),  “Constructed Wetlands: Case Studies”, Chapter 55 in Urban Water Reuse Handbook (UWRH), Francis and Taylor, CRC Group, ISBN 9781482229141, Page 723-741

4)       Goyal Manish Kumar, Singh V and Eslamian S.(2015),  “Impact of Climate Change on Drinking Water”, Chapter 76 in Urban Water Reuse Handbook, Editor: Eslamian Saeid, Taylor and Francis, CRC Group , ISBN 9781482229141, Page 991-1016

5)      Goyal Manish Kumar and Gupta V.(2016), “Hydrological Drought: Water Surface and Duration Curve Indices”, Chapter 04 in Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity (HDWS), Francis and Taylor, CRC Group (In Press)

6)      Goyal Manish Kumar, Ojha C. S. P, Burn Donald H.(2016), Machine Learning Algorithms and their application in water resources management” Chapter 30 in Sustainable Water Resources Management, Editor: CSP Ojha (Pub : American Soc. Civil Engrs (ASCE))( accepted)

7)      Goyal Manish Kumar and Sharma A.(2016), “Regionalization of Drought Prediction”, Chapter 15 in Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity (HDWS), Francis and Taylor, CRC Group (In Press)


 Refereed Journal

8)      Goyal Manish Kumar, Khan M (2016), Assessment of spatially-explicit annual water-balance model for Sutlej River Basin in eastern Himalayas and Tungabhadra River Basin in peninsular India, Hydrology Research (Accepted)

9)      Singh V, Goyal Manish Kumar (2016),  Changes in climate extremes by the use of CMIP5 coupled climate models over eastern Himalayas, Environ Earth Sci (2016) 75:839, Springer

10)   Singh V., Goyal Manish Kumar (2016),  Analysis and trends of precipitation lapse rate and extreme indices over north Sikkim eastern Himalayas under CMIP5ESM2-M RCPs experiments, Atmospheric Research, Elsevier Volume 167,  Pages 34–60

11)   Singh V., Goyal Manish Kumar, X Chu (2015),  “A Multi-criteria Evaluation Approach for Assessing Parametric Uncertainty during Extreme Peak and Low Flow Conditions over Snow Glaciated and Inland Catchments” ASCE-Journal of Hydrologic Engg,  DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0001217

12)   Chandrra Sekar; B R Gurjar; C S P Ojha; Goyal Manish Kumar (2015), “Modeling and prediction of hourly ambient Ozone (O3) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) concentrations using artificial neural network and decision tree algorithms for an urban intersection in India”, ASCE's Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HZ.2153-5515.0000270

13)   Chandrra Sekar; B R  Gurjar; C S P Ojha; Goyal Manish Kumar (2015), Potential Assessment of Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithms for Forecasting Ambient PM2.5 and CO Concentrations: A Case Study”, ASCE's Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, DOI- 10.1061/(ASCE)HZ.2153-5515.0000276,  A5015001.

14)   Apurv T, R Mehrotra, A Sharma, Manish Kumar Goyal, S Dutta (2015), “Impact of Climate Change on Floods in the Brahmaputra basin using CMIP5 Decadal Predictions”, Journal of Hydrology,  Volume 527,  Pages 281–291

15)   Goyal Manish Kumar, V Singh and A H Meena (2015) “Geospatial and hydrological modeling to assess hydropower potential zones and site location over rainfall dependent Inland catchment” Water Resources Management , Springer, Volume 29, Issue 8, pp 2875-2894

16)   Goyal Manish Kumar,  Madramootoo C.A.,  Richards J. (2015), “Simulation of the streamflow for the Rio Nuevo watershed of Jamaica for use in agriculture water scarcity planning”, ASCE-Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Volume 141, Issue 3, 04014056-1-9

17)   Goyal Manish Kumar and Gupta V.(2014), Identification of homogeneous rainfall regimes in Northeast region of India using fuzzy cluster analysis, Water Resources Management. Springer, Volume 28, Issue 13, Page 4491-4511,

18)   Goyal Manish Kumar (2014), “Monthly Rainfall Prediction Using Wavelet Regression and Neural Network: An Analysis of 1901-2002 data, Assam, India”, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Springer, Vol. 118, Page number: 25–34,

19)   Manish Kumar Goyal, Birendra Bharti, John Quilty, Jan Adamowski, Ashish Pandey (2014), Modeling of Daily Pan Evaporation in Sub Tropical Climates using ANN, LS-SVR, Fuzzy Logic, and ANFIS, Expert Systems With Applications, Elsevier, Volume 41, Issue 11, September 2014, Pages 5267–5276      

20)   Royal Irom and Goyal Manish Kumar (2014), Estimation of soil carbon stocks in Pabitora Santuary and Manas National Park in Assam, Current Science, Vol. 107(1):94-98, July 2014

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22)   Goyal, Manish Kumar (2014), Modeling of Sediment Yield Prediction using M5 Model Tree Algorithm and Wavelet Regression. Water Resources Management. Springer 28:1991–2003, May 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s11269-014-0590-6

23)   Goyal, Manish Kumar (2014), Statistical analysis of long term trends of rainfall during 1901-2002 at Assam, India. Water Resources Management. Springer, 28:1501–1515, April 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s11269-014-0529-y

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25)   Goyal Manish Kumar and Singh V.(2014), Discussion of SWAT-Based Evapotranspirative Water Conservation Analysis Performed on Irrigated Croplands to Determine Potential Regional Water Savings, ASCE- Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. Volume 140, Issue 4 (April 2014).  10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0000684

26)   Singh A. K. , Madramootoo C. A., Goyal Manish Kumar, and Smith D. L. (2014), “Corn yield simulation using the STICS model under varying nitrogen management and climate change scenarios” ASCE-Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Volume 140, Issue 4 (April 2014)   Page number: 04013023-1-7

27)   Goyal Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P. (2014), “Evaluation of Rule and Decision Tree Induction Algorithms for Generating Climate Change Scenarios for Temperature and Pan Evaporation on a Lake Basin” ASCE-Journal of Hydrologic Engg (April 2014) Vol.19(4): 828–835. http://dx.doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0000795

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29)   Dongqing Zhang, Richard M. Gersberg, Tao Hua, Junfei Zhu, Goyal Manish Kumar, Wun Jern Ng, Soon Keat Tan (2013), “Fate of pharmaceutical compounds in wetland mesocosms planted with Scirpus validus” Environment Pollution, Elsevier, 181: 98–106  (IF-3.73)

30)   Richards J., Madramootoo C.A., Goyal Manish Kumar and Trotman Adrian (2013)Application of the SPI and NDVI for evaluating irrigation demands in JamaicaASCE-Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 39(11), 922–932. November 2013

31)   Goyal Manish Kumar, Burn Donald H. and Ojha C.S.P. (2013), “Precipitation Simulation based on k-Nearest Neighbour Approach using Gamma KernelASCE-Journal of Hydrologic Engg., Vol.18(5), 481–487.

32)   Senthil kumar A.R., Goyal Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P., Singh R. D. Swamee P. K. and Nema R.K.(2013), Application of ANN, Fuzzy Logic and Decision Tree Algorithms for the Development of Reservoir Operating Rules, Water Resources Management, Springer Vol. 27, Issue 3 , Page 911-925

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35)   Ajmera T. K. and Goyal Manish Kumar (2012), “Development of Stage Discharge Rating Curve Using Model Tree and Neural Networks: An Application to Peachtree Creek in Atlanta” Expert Systems With Applications, Elsevier, Vol. 39, Issue 5 , Pages 5702–5710

36)   Goyal Manish Kumar, Burn Donald H. and Ojha C.S.P. (2012), “Evaluation of Machine Learning Tools as a Statistical Downscaling Tool:  Temperatures Projections for Multi-Stations for Thames River Basin, Canada”  Theoretical and Applied Climatology Springer, Volume 108, Issue 3-4, pp 519-534

37)   Goyal Manish Kumar and Burn Donald H.(2012), Discussion of "Comparison of Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for Peak Urban Water-Demand Forecasting: Evaluation of Different ANN Learning Algorithms" by Jan Adamowski and Christina Karapataki, ASCE's Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Vol. 15, No. 10, pp. 729–743

38)   Goyal Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P. and Burn Donald H. (2012), “Nonparametric Statistical Downscaling of Temperature, Precipitation and Evaporation for Semi-Arid Region in India”, ASCE-Journal of Hydrologic Engg., Vol. 17, No. 5,pp 615-627, May 2012

39)   Senthil kumar A.R., Ojha C.S.P.,Goyal Manish Kumar, Singh R. D. Swamee P. K. (2012), “Modelling of Suspended Sediment Concentration at Kasol in India using ANN, Fuzzy Logic and Decision Tree Algorithms”, ASCE's Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Vol.17(3):394-404

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42)   Goyal Manish Kumar and Ojha C. S. P.(2011), “Estimation of Scour Downstream of a Ski—Jump Bucket Using Support Vector and M5 Model Tree”, Water Resources Management, Springer, Vol 25, Number 9,Pages 2177-2195

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44)   Goyal Manish Kumar and Ojha C. S. P.(2011), “Evaluation of Linear Regression Methods As Downscaling Tool in Temperature Projections Over Pichola lake Basin in IndiaHydrological Processes, Wiley InterScience, Volume 25, Issue 9, pages 1453–1465

45)   Ojha C.S.P., Goyal, Manish Kumar and S.Kumar  (2007) , “Applying fuzzy logic and point count system to select landfill sites”, J. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Springer, 135(3), 99—106



46)    Singh V, Manish Kumar Goyal (2016), Global climate change impact on Indian Himalayan regions: analysis, downscaling and scenarios of extreme temperature, temperature lapse rate, precipitation extremes and precipitation lapse rate, 5th Annual International Conference on Sustainability: March, 2016, IIM Shillong, India

47)    Sharma A and Goyal Manish Kumar (2015), Bayesian Network Model for Monthly Rainfall Forecast, IEEE International Conference on Research in Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (ICRCICN),  Kolkata, 20-22 Nov. 2015, p 241-246

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49)   Irom Royal and Goyal Manish Kumar  (2014), Soil carbon stock estimation for sustainable agriculture in Northeast India, 1st International Symposium on Efficient Irrigation Management and its Effects on Urban and Rural Landscapes  (IRLA2014), 26-28 November 2014, Patra, Greece

50)   Vishal Singh, Goyal Manish Kumar and Akshay H Meena (2014), Geo-informatics application for hydropower plants to site suitability analysis, Regional Conference on Geoinformatics for Early Warning of Disasters with Special Emphasis on NE Region, September 18-19, 2014, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India

51)   Rangathan K and Goyal Manish Kumar (2014), Homogeneous CO2 emission using fuzzy clustering, 3rd International Conference On “Innovative Approach in Applied Physical, Mathematical/Statistical, Chemical Sciences and Emerging Energy Technology for Sustainable Development” (APMSCSET-2014), Sept 2014 New Delhi, India

52)   Singh Vishal and Goyal Manish Kumar (2014), Sub-catchment wise spatio-temporal analysis of streamflow/water yield on a Himalayan catchment under the changing role of temperature, International Conference on Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Animal Sciences, Food Technology, Biodiversity and Climate Change: Sustainable Approaches” (AFHAFBC-2014), August 2014, New Delhi, India

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54)   Sarma Arup Kumar and Goyal Manish Kumar (2013), Uncertainty Analysis in Flood Management, CWC Workshop, Delhi, India.

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56)   Singh AK, Madramootoo CA, Goyal Manish Kumar and Smith DL (2013). “Calibration of STICS Crop Model under Different Nitrogen Management Scenarios”. ASABE Annual International Meeting, July 2013, Kansas city, Missouri, USA. 

57)   Goyal, Manish Kumar and Ojha C.S.P.(2013), “Impact of climate change on hydro-meteorological variables on Pichola lake in Rajasthan” International Conference on Water Desalination, Treatment and Management, February 2013, Jaipur, India

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60)   Goyal, Manish Kumar and Ojha C.S.P.,” Climate Change Impact Assessment on the Pichola Lake Basin in Rajasthan using various Modeling Technique” the International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management And Climate Change (SWRMCCA), NIT Durgapur, India,  17-19, February  2011 

61)   Goyal, Manish Kumar and Ojha C.S.P.,” A Comprehensive Study of Statistical Downscaling for Climate Projections on a Lake Basin for an arid region in India”, National seminar titled “Global warming and its effects on water resources, Graphic Era university, Dehradun, India, Dec .2010. 

62)   Goyal, Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P. and Burn Donald H.,” Downscaling of Hydrological Parameters: Assessment of Various Modeling Techniques”, The 1st Waterloo Conference on ChaRisMa: Characteristics, Risk and Management of Natural Hazards, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, 01-03 Dec .2010.   

63)   Goyal, Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P. and Burn Donald H.,” An evaluation of decision tree algorithm as a downscaling tool: Application on a Lake Basin for an arid region in India”, Tenth conference of Canadian Geophysical Union, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 04 Dec .2010.

64)   Goyal, Manish Kumar, Ojha C.S.P. and Burn Donald H.,” Prediction of Precipitation in lake basin using kernel regression from GCM output”, International Conference on climate change and Environment, Kochi, Kerala , India, October 24-26,2010 

65)   Nath U.K. , Goyal, Manish Kumar and Barua P. B  “Computerized Optimization of Concrete Mix-Design Using Taguchi’s Method” National conference on advances in Civil Engineering: 2008, 174-177

66)   Ojha C.S.P. , Goyal, Manish Kumar  “A brief review of Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering”- Indo-Australian Conference on Information Technology in Civil Engineering (IAC-ITCE)-2006

67)   Ojha C.S.P. , Goyal, Manish Kumar  “Utility of Fuzzy Inference Systems in Civil Engineering”- Indo-Australian Conference on Information Technology in Civil Engineering (IAC-ITCE)-2006



UG Courses taught/teaching

CE 203: Fluid Mechanics

CE 214: Fluid Mechanics Lab

CE 311: Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

ME 111 - Engineering Drawing

PG Courses taught/teaching

CE 551 - Surface Water Hydrology 

CE 558 - Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

CE 586 – Hydro-Climatology



Workshop/Short term course coordinated:

  • TEQIP Short Term Course on “Water Resources Management and Climate Change Impacts Assessment”, December 22-26, 2014, IIT Guwahati., Role: Coordinator


  • Workshop on “Research opportunities in Hydrology and Water Resources under Climate Change”, April 03, 2015, IIT Guwahati, Role: Co-Coordinator


  • GIAN International course (First at IIT Guwahati) on "Optimization Methods to Groundwater Resources Management" from 07-11 March 2016, IIT Guwahati. Role: Coordinator


  • Workshop on “Indo - Japan Workshop for Rainfall Disaster and Human Adaptability”, March, 2016, IIT Guwahati, Role: Co-Coordinator

Ph.D. Completed

1. Dr. Vishal Singh(2016) -Hydrological and hydrodynamic modeling under climate change scenarios in snow-glacier induced himalayan catchment (Status: Postdoc in USA)

2. Dr. Shivam(2017) -River basin planning of Subanshri river basin under climate change scenarios


M.Tech Completed

1)      Mr. I Royal- Study on soil carbon sequestration and carbon flux evaluation (Completed-July, 2014)

2)      Mr. K. Ranganathan-: An integrated study on carbon dioxide emissions from Indian energy and municipal solid waste sectors  (Completed-May,2015)

3)      Mr. V Gupta-Application of machine learning and data mining for hydro-climatic modelling (Completed-June, 2015)

4)   Mr. Ashutosh Sharma- Identification of homogeneous drought regions and regional drought prediction in Western India (Completed-May, 2016)

5)  Mr Manas Khan- Assessment of spatially-explicit annual water-balance model in two river basins in India (Completed-May, 2016)




Details of Sponsored R&D Projects:

Name of Project

Sponsoring Agency

Greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration       


An integrated approach for snowmelt hydrological modeling at downstream of Sikkim glaciers


Quantification of Soil organic carbon sequestration using remote sensing and field based approach


Assessment of snowmelt and glacier melt runoff contribution in upstream part of Teesta river  catchment using hydrological modeling and field based measurements DST


Consultancy Projects


Keynote/Invited/Expert Presentation/Lectures:

  • Delivered lecture on “Hydrological Impacts of climate change” at University of Missouri, Missori, USA
  • Delivered lecture on “Some climate change studies at IIT Guwahati” at School of Civil Engineering, AUTH, Greece,
  • Delivered lecture on “A Comparative evaluation of carbon footprint of municipal solid waste in states and major cities in India: An insight” DST-Royal Society Sponsored INDO-UK International Scientific Seminar on “Sustainable Solid Waste Management for Cities: Opportunities in SARC Countries”, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Invited lecture on “Climate Change Impact on Agriculture and Soil in Rainfed Areas and Management” at National Institute of Rural Development
  • Invited for lecture on Short Term Course on “Hydrological Modeling : Recent Advances” at NIT Silchar
  • Invited to attend DST’s Brainstorming Meeting on Study of Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Coupling and Extreme Events (SOLACE)
  • Delivered talk on “Statistical Downscaling: Understanding and Applications” at Dept. of Earth Sciences and Environment, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

Member of  Scientific Committee:

  • Organizing Committee Member for The 2nd Hydrology, Ocean and Atmosphere Conference (HOAC 2014), Beijing
  • Technical Program Committee Member  for  Winter International Conference of Environmental Engineering and Science (WICEES 2013) Yueyang, Hunan

Professional Membership:

Member -American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 
Member-International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS), Canada
Member-Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological& Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES)
Member-International Association of Engineers (IAENG)



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