Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


S. No. Name Ph. D. Thesis Supervisor(s) Year
1 Dr. Pinakeswar Mahanta Collapsed Dimension Method Applied to Problems Involving Thermal Radiation with Participating Medium Dr. S. C. Mishra 2001
2 Dr. Kalyan Kalita Predictions of Turbulent Plane Plume in Quiescent Ambience and Turbulent Plane Jet in Cross-flow Dr. A. K. Dass & Dr. A. Dewan 2002
3 Dr. Prabal Talukdar Combined Radiation, Conduction and/or Convection Heat Transfer in Participating Media Dr. S. C. Mishra 2004
4 Dr. P. Rajesh Kanna Numerical Study of Flow and Conjugate Heat Transfer in Plane Laminar Offset Wall Jets Dr. M. Kumar Das 2007
5 Dr. Madhumita Kalita Dynamic Characteristics and Stability of Rotors Mounted on Fluid Film Bearings Dr. S. K. Kakoty 2007
6 Dr. Anil Bora Processing and Characterisation of Ruthenium Aluminium Alloys Dr. P. S. Robi & Dr. A. Srinivasan 2007
7 Dr. Bitta Gopal Mondal Application of the Lattice Boltzmann Method in Solving Energy Equations of Heat Transfer Problems Involving Thermal Radiation. Dr. S. C. Mishra 2008
8 Dr. Gonella V. Durga Prasad Studies on Flow Instabilities and Nonlinear Oscillations in Natural Circulation Boiling Systems Dr. M. Pandey 2008
9 Dr. Muthukumaran R Transient Response of a Participating Medium Subjected to Short-Pulse Radiation Sources Dr. S. C. Mishra 2008
10 Dr. M. Sivasankar Failure analysis Hip Prosthesis Dr. D. Chakraborty & Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2008
11 Dr. S. Sekhar Panda Multi Sensor Based Drill Wear Monitoring using Artificial Neural Network Dr. D. Chakraborty 2008
12 Dr. Manabendra Pathak Computational Investigations of Turbulent Rectangular Jets in a Narrow Channel Crossflow Dr. A. Dewan & Dr. A. K. Dass 2008
13 Dr. M. Karthikeyan Detection, Localization and Sizing of a Structural Flaw in a Beam Based on Vibration Measurements Dr. R. Tiwari 2008
14 Dr. Jagu Srinivasa Rao Design Optimization of Active Magnetic Thrust Bearing Systems Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Dr. R. Tiwari 2009
15 Dr. Tarapada Roy Finite Element Based Design and Optimal Vibration Control of Smart Fiber Reinforced Composite Shell Structures Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. D. Chakraborty 2009
16 Dr. Barun Pratiher Nonlinear Dynamics of Flexible Cartesian Manipulators Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2009
17 Dr. Vadiraja D.N Vibration Analysis, Control and Optimal Placement of MFC Actuators and Sensors on Rotating Thin-Walled Composite Cantilever Beams Dr. A. D Sahasrabudhe 2009
18 Dr. G. Prashant Pralhad Soft Computing Assisted Modelling of Symmetric and Asymmetric Cold Flat Rolling Processes Dr. U. S. Dixit 2009
19 Dr. E. Vishnu Vardhana Rao Study of Turbulent Flow and Conjugate Heat Transfer of Plane Wall and Offset Jets Dr. M. Kumar Das 2009
20 Dr. P. Pandithevan Subject Specific Design and Analysis for Fabrication of Human Femoral Scaffold Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2009
21 Dr. Ranjan Das Retrieval of Parameters in Heat Transfer Problems Involving Thermal Radiation Dr. S. C. Mishra & Dr. R. Uppaluri 2010
22 Dr. Lakshmanan S. P. Investigations on Startup Instabilities and Power Ramping Procedures for Natural Circulation Boiling Systems Dr. M. Pandey 2010
23 Dr. Vijaya Kumar Pantangi Development and Performance Analysis of Porous Radiant Burners for Cooking Applications Dr. S. C. Mishra & Dr. P. Muthukumar 2010
24 Dr. Deba Kumar Sarma Experimental Study, Neural Network Modelling and Optimization of Environment-Friendly Air-Cooled and Dry Turning Processes Dr. U. S. Dixit 2010
25 Dr. M. Eswaran Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Free Surface Characteristics of Sloshing Waves in Externally Induced Tanks Dr. U. K. Saha 2011
26 Dr. Manjuri Hazarika A Fuzzy Set Based Setup Planning Expert System Considering Fixturing Aspects for Machining of Prismatic Parts Dr. U. S Dixit 2011
27 Dr. C. Subramanian Design, Development and Performance of Thermoplastic Composite Leaf Springs Dr. S. Senthilvelan 2011
28 Dr. Sanjib Banerjee Mechanical Properties and High Temperature Deformation Behaviour of Al-Cu-Mg Alloys Micro-alloyed with Sn Dr. P. S. Robi & Dr. A. Srinivasan 2011
29 Dr. A. Satheesh Thermal Modeling and Performance Investigations of Metal Hydride Based Heat Pump Dr. P. Muthukumar & Dr. A. Dewan 2011
30 Dr. D. Arumuga Perumal Lattice Boltzmann Computation of Micro and Macro Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer Dr. A. K. Dass 2011
31 Dr. Swarup K. Laha Analysis of Stability and Unbalance Response of Flexible Rotor Supported on Hydrodynamic Porous Journal Bearing Dr. S. K. Kakoty 2011
32 Dr. D. Santosh Kumar Multigrid Computation of Steady and Time-Dependent Incompressible Viscous Flows Dr. A. K. Dass & Dr. A. Dewan 2011
33 Dr. L. Lalmingsanga Post combustion carbon di-oxide capture through adsorption process in fixed and fluidized beds Dr. P. Mahanta 2012
34 Dr. Manjula Das Investigation on Biogas Generation and Purification using Lignocellulosic Biomass and Cattle Dung Dr. P. Mahanta 2012
35 Dr. Perumalla Janaki Ramulu Forming Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Sheets Dr. R. G. Narayanan 2012
36 Dr. Sachin K. Singh Identification of Multiple Cracks in a Shaft System Dr. R. Tiwari & S. Talukdar 2012
37 Dr. Ramchandra P. Chopade Thermal Design and Analysis of a Radiant Furnance for Uniform Thermal Conditions Dr. S. C. Mishra & Dr. P. Mahanta 2012
38 Dr. Ratnakar Das Experimental Study and Simulation of Multi-Hole Extrusion Process Dr. U. S. Dixit 2012
39 Dr. Dillip Kumar Biswal Fabrication, Modeling, Analysis and Application of Silver-Electrode Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuator Dr. D. Bandopadhyay & Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2012
40 Dr. Hrushikesh Sarangi Optimal strain gage locations for experimental determination of stress intensity factors Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy & Dr. D. Chakraborty 2012
41 Dr. Mohit Lal Identification of Multiple Fault Parameters In Rotor-Bearing-Coupling Systems Based on Forced Response Measurements Dr. R. Tiwari 2013
42 Dr. Biplab Kumar Debnath Experimental and Theoretical Routes towards Assessing the Potential of Emulsified Palm Biodiesel as an Alternative to Diesel Fuel Dr. U. K. Saha & Dr. N. Sahoo 2013
43 Dr. P. S. Rama Sreekanth Feasibility Studies on Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene/Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Composites for Total Joint Replacements Dr. S. Kanagaraj 2013
44 Dr. Biswajit Nayak Dynamic Stability of Magnetorheological Elastomer based Sandwich Beams Dr. S. K. Dwivedy & Dr. K.S.R. K. Murthy 2013
45 Dr. M. Chandrasekaran Cloud Computing Based Machining Optimization Dr. U. S. Dixit 2014
46 Dr. Kaushik Das Non-Invasive Detection of a Tumor in a Human Breast Dr. S. C. Mishra 2014
47 Dr. S. Anbarasu Studies on Metal Hydride Based Hydrogen Storage Device Dr. S. C. Mishra & Dr. P. Muthukumar 2014
48 Dr. B. Satya Sekhar Studies on Metal Hydride Based Heat Transformer Dr. P. Muthukumar 2014
49 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Design, Fabrication and Novel Calibration Techniques for Heat Transfer Gauges during Short-Duration Transient Measurement Dr. N. Sahoo 2014
50 Dr. V. Satheeshkumar Forming of Adhesive Bonded Steel sheets Dr. R. G. Narayanan 2014
51 Dr. Lintu Roy Groove Locations for Optimum Performance of Two-Axial Groove and Multi-Lobe Hydrodynamic Bearings Dr. S. K. Kakoty 2014
52 Dr. Ravi Kumar Peetala Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis in Hypersonic Applications Dr. N. Sahoo & Dr. V. Kulkarni 2014
53 Dr. Sukanta Roy Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Novel Savonius-style Wind Turbine Through Unsteady Simulations and Wind Tunnel Experiments Dr. U. K. Saha 2014
54 Dr. Shravankumar C. Crack Identification in Rotors with Full-Spectrum Dr. R. Tiwari 2014
55 Dr. Pitambar Randive Mesoscopic Modeling of Capillarity-Wettability Interaction Dr. A. Dalal 2014
56 Dr. Bibin John Numerical Investigations of Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction in Hypersonic Flows Dr. V. Kulkarni 2014
57 Dr. P. Rameshbabu Experimental and computational Investigations of force prediction methodology from force balances for short duration applications Dr. S. K. Dwivedy & Dr. V. Kulkarni 2015
58 Dr. Sachindra Mahto Shape Optimization of Revolute-Jointed Flexible Manipulators Dr. U. S. Dixit & Dr. A. K. Gogoi 2015
59 Dr. Rupesh Singh Non-Invasive Detection and Differentiation of Skin Cancer Stages - a Numerical Study Dr. S. C. Mishra 2015
60 Dr. Biswajit Parida Experimental Investigation, Modeling and Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process Dr. S. Pal 2015
61 Dr. Bhaskor J. Bora Standardizing the specifications of a biogas run dual fuel diesel engine for stationary applications Dr. U. K. Saha 2015
62 Dr. Yadaiah Nirsanametla Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of deep penetration laser and GTA welding processes Dr. S. Bag 2015
63 Dr. Niraj Kumar Mishra Development of Self - Aspirated Two-Layer Porous radiant burners for LPG Cooking Applications. Dr. P. Muthukumar & Dr. S. C. Mishra 2015
64 Dr. Anil Kumar Deepati Transient Thermal analysis and Experimental Investigations of Friction Stir Welding on Similar and Dissimilar Materials. Dr. P. Biswas 2015
65 Dr. Thrisekhar Reddy Ganji Characterization of Cylindrical and Elliptical Textured Journal Bearing Dr. S. K. Kakoty 2015
66 Dr. A. Ghatak Creep correlation of Micro-alloyed HP40Nb reformer steel Dr. P. S. Robi 2015
67 Dr. M. S. Aravinda Kumar Design and Non-linear Frequency Response Analysis of Smart Functionally Graded Plates using a 1-3 Piezoelectric Composite Dr. S. Panda & Dr. D. Chakraborty 2015
68 Dr. L. G. Kiran Kumar Thermal Comfort Analysis of Building with Emphasis on Roof Types Dr. P. Muthukumar 2015
69 Dr. Dhruba Jyoti Bordoloi Optimum Multi-Fault Classification of Gears With Integration of Evolutionary and SVM Algorithms Dr. R. Tiwari 2015
70 Dr. N. Shanmuga Priya Synthesis and characterization of high Oxygen storage capacity nanoparticles dispersed Diesel for the emission reduction and performance enhancement of a direct Injection Engine Dr. S. Kanagaraj & Dr. C. Somayaji 2015
71 Dr. Sathisha H. M. Thermo-electro-hydrodynamic investigations of all-vanadium redox flow battery using lumped model and numerical simulation Dr. A. Dalal 2015
72 Dr. Jagannath Sardar Design and Development of Low Cost Cement Reinforced Plymeric Composite Material for Fabrication of Automotive Parts Dr. D. Bandopadhya 2015
73 Dr. Seikh Mustafa Kamal A theoretical and experimental study of thermal autofrettage process Dr. U. S. Dixit 2016
74 Dr. S. Arun Design, development and testing of user friendly, light weight and inexpensive artificial limb for trans-femoral amputees Dr. S. Kanagaraj 2016
75 Dr. T. Moasunep Jamir Gas Foil Bearings: Stability Analysis using Different Numerical Models for Foil Structure Dr. S. K. Kakoty and Dr. K. Kalita 2016
76 Dr. Phyu Phyu Thant Experimental Investigation of Cereal Crop Drying in an Inclined Bubbling Fluidized Bed Dr. P. Mahanta and Dr. P. S. Robi 2016
77 Dr. Ravi Kant Assessment of feasibility, productivity and product quality during laser bending of magnesium alloy sheets Dr. S. N. Joshi 2016
78 Dr. Sandeep Singh Model Based Fault and System Identification in Rotor-AMB Systems with Breathing Crack Dr. R. Tiwari 2016
79 Dr. A. Muthuraja Development and Performance Evaluation of Tungsten Carbide based Self Lubricating Cutting Tool Dr. S. Senthilvelan 2016
80 Dr. V. Yadav Inverse estimation of material parameters, convective heat transfer coefficients and friction in warm flat rolling Dr. U.S. Dixit & Dr. A.K. Singh 2016
81 Dr. A. Johnney Mertens Performance of Injection Molded Carbon Nano-Tube Polypropylene Asymmetric Gear Dr. S. Senthilvelan 2016
82 Dr. Azd Zayoud Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor towards Third Generation of Oxy-fuel Combustion Dr. P. Mahanta and Dr. U. K. Saha 2016
83 Dr. S. Kirtania Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites having a Broken CNT Dr. D. Chakraborty 2016
84 Dr. M. Baruah Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of plasma and laser microwelding processes Dr. S. Bag 2017
85 Dr. S. Peter Dynamics of the wake behind an oscillating and rotating sphere in uniform flow Dr. A. K. De 2017
86 Dr. V. K. Mishra Estimation of Parameters in Conduction-Radiation Heat Transfer in Porous Media Dr. S. C. Mishra and Dr. D. N. Basu 2017
87 Dr. D. K. Yaduwanshi Plasma assisted hybrid friction stir welding of similar and dissimilar materials Dr. S. Bag and Dr. S. Pal 2017
88 Dr. S. Sarma Thin film heat transfer gauges for short duration transient measurements Dr. N. Sahoo 2017
89 Dr. D. Chakraborty Strain Gage Based Determination of Stress Intensity Factors in Cracked Orthotropic Materials Dr. D. Chakraborty and Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy 2017
90 Dr. G. N. Shelke Parametric Studies of Downdraft Gasifier along with Tar Cracking Dr. P. Mahanta 2017
91 Dr. P. K. Sahu Enhancement of Weld Qualities in Friction Stir Welding Dr. S. Pal 2017
92 Dr. D. K. Rabha Development and Performance Investigation of a Solar Dryer Integrated with Latent Heat Storage Dr. P. Muthukumar 2017
93 Dr. R. Kalidasan Experimental Investigations on Double Tool Turning Process Dr. S. Senthilvelan and Dr. U. S. Dixit 2017
94 Dr. H. Niyas Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the development and optimization of latent heat storage system Dr. P. Muthukumar 2017
95 Dr. C. Patel Application of Electromagnetics in Forming of Tubes and Perforation of Sheets Dr. S. D. Kore 2017
96 Dr. H. Gurung Self-sensing shape memory alloy wire actuators using Kalman filters Dr. A. Banerjee 2017
97 Dr. B. Das Weld Quality Monitoring and Defect Identification in Friction Stir Welding Process Dr. S. Pal and Dr. S. Bag 2017
98 Dr. J. Manik Well-balanced and consistent algorithms for three-dimensional simulations of binary immiscible flows Dr. A. Dalal 2017
99 Dr. G. S. Sinha Development and Performance Analysis of Self-Aspirated Porous Radiant Burners for Kerosene Pressure Stove Dr. P. Muthukumar and Dr. S. C. Mishra 2017
100 Dr. G. Bolar Numerical and experimental studies on thin-wall machining of aerospace grade aluminum alloy Dr. S. N. Joshi 2017
101 Dr. P. Kalita Regulation of numerical diffusion for compressible-flow computations Dr. A. K. Dass 2017
102 Dr. D. Shankar Analysis and Scaling of Coupled Neutronic Thermal Hydraulic Instabilities of Supercritical Water-cooled Reactor Dr. M. Pandey and Dr. D. N. Basu 2018
103 Dr. S. Singh Experimental Study and Modeling of Abrasive Flow Finishing Process for Nano Finishing of Macro to Micro Features Dr. M. R. Sankar 2018
104 Dr. P. K. Mandal Role and Influence of Microalloying with Silver on Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behavior of Aluminum-Copper Alloys Dr. P. S. Robi 2018
105 Dr. J. K. Patel A Generic and Robust Numerical Framework for Multiphase Flows using Volume-of-Fluid/Immersed Boundary Methods Dr. G. Natarajan 2018
106 Dr. A. S. Pavan Kumar Active control of annular plates through the design of extension/shear mode PFC actuators Dr. S. Panda 2018
107 Dr. A. Rajak Electromagnetic Crimping of Terminal - Wire Interconnections Dr. S. D. Kore 2018
108 Dr. P. Gangsar Multiple Fault Classification of Induction Motor Based on Vibration and Current Signals Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm Dr. R Tiwari 2018
109 Dr. P. Borgohain Development and application of a generic quasi-incompressible framework for miscible fluid flows Dr. A. Dalal 2018
110 Dr. A. Barman Nanofinishing of Freeform Surface using Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing (MFAF) Process Dr. M. Das 2018
111 Dr. M. Kevat Simulation of Chemical Looping Cumbustion using Coal and Biomass Mixtures Dr. T. Banerjee and Dr. V. Kulkarni 2018
112 Dr. A. K. Mondal Experimental and Numerical Study of Submerged Arc Welding Induced Thermal History, Residual Stresses, Distortion and Weldment Characterization Dr. P. Biswas 2018
113 Dr. K. Borah Finite volume and meshless algorithms for ideal magnetohydrodynamics Dr. G. Natarajan and Dr. A. K. Dass 2018
114 Dr. A. Kumar Design of 1-3/0-3 viscoelastic composite layer for augmented active/passive constrained layer damping of structural vibration. Dr. S. Panda 2018
115 Dr. S. Agarwal Surface Junction Thermal Probe for Transient Measurements - Conceptual Design to Field Application Dr. N. Sahoo 2018
117 Dr. Subrat Kotoky Development and application of a generic finite volume multiphase flow solver for gas-particulate flows Dr. A. Dalal and Dr. G. Natarajan 2018
118 Dr. Chandan Kumar Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Fiber Laser Welding of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy and SS-316L Dr. M. Das 2018
119 Dr. Snehasish Panigrahy Investigation on Combustion in Porous Inert Burners Using Gaseous and Liquid Fuels Dr. S. C. Mishra 2018
120 Dr. V. Pandey Dynamics of vapor bubbles and associated heat transfer in various regimes of boiling Dr. G. Biswas and Dr. A. Dalal 2018
121 Dr. Mukul Parmananda Development of a finite volume framework for convective-radiative flows on unstructured grids Dr. A. Dalal 2018
122 Dr. Susanta Behera Three dimensional static and dynamic analysis of hybrid plate using multi-term multi-field extended Kantorovich Method Dr. Poonam Kumari 2018
123 Dr. Hiranya Deka Analysis of Free Surface Flows in Formation, Coalescence and Impact of Drops on Liquid Surfaces Dr. G. Biswas, Dr. A. Dalal 2018
124 Dr. Chilaka Ravichandra Rao Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Sensible Heat Storage Systems P. Muthukumar 2018
125 Dr. S. R. Nanda Force Recovery Technique for Multi-component balances under Impulsive Loading in High Speed Flow Experiments Dr. N. Sahoo 2018
126 Dr. A. K. Kadian Material Flow Analysis of Similar and Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding Dr. P. Biswas 2018
127 Dr. N. Barakat Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization for Bulldozer and its Blade in Soil Cutting Dr. D. Sharma 2018
128 Dr. B. K. Naik Design and Performance Assessments of Solar Driven Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System Components Dr. P. Muthukumar 2019
129 Dr. M. K. S. Sarkar Computational & Experimental Assessment of Supercritical Natural Circulation Loop: Steady-state Thermalhydraulics & Stability Aspects Dr. D. N. Basu 2019
130 Dr. D. Mallick Co-gasification of biomass-coal and various biomass blends: mechanistic investigations and pilot scale application Dr. P. Mahanta and Dr. V. S. Moholkar 2019
131 Dr. S. Desai Numerical Study of Flow Alteration Techniques and High Temperature Effects at Supersonic/Hypersonic Speeds Dr. V. Kulkarni and Dr. G. Natarajan 2019
132 Dr. M. W. Mekonen Evaluation of Engine Characteristics for a Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Preheated and Blends of Biodiesel Dr. N. Sahoo 2019
133 Dr. S. J. Rapur Diagnosis of Multiple Independent and Coexisting Mechanical and Hydraulic Faults in Centrifugal Pumps Using Algorithms Based On Support Vector Machines Dr. R. Tiwari 2019
134 Dr. B. Nath Migration of liquid drops through narrow passages and flow dynamics of cancer cells through constricted microchannel Dr. A. Dalal and Dr. G. Biswas 2019
135 Dr. B. M. Barkachary Numerical and experimental studies on single point diamond turning of brittle and ductile materials Dr. S. N. Joshi 2019
136 Dr. S. Brahmachary Finite Volume/Immersed Boundary Solvers for Compressible Flows: Development and Applications Dr. G. Natarajan and Dr. N. Sahoo 2019
137 Dr. R. R. Behera Bioceramic Coating on Ti Alloy using Magnetron Sputtering for Orthopedic Applications Dr. M. Ravi Sankar 2019
138 Dr. M. Basumatary Development of a novel computational framework for non-Newtonian fluid flows with applications to hemodynamics Dr. V. Kulkarni and Dr. G. Natarajan 2019
139 Dr. G. Kumar Magnetic Field Analysis, Modelling and Vibration Control in Bridge Configured Winding Induction Machines Dr. K. Kalita and Dr. A. Banerjee 2019
140 Dr. A. Alok Sustainable dry hard turning of AISI52100 hard steel with new coating material (HSN2) on carbide insert and simulation of forces Dr. M. Das 2019
141 Dr. D. S. D. Dev Nanofinishing and Surface Integrity Enhancement of Inertial Sensor Microstructures using Medium Pressure Plasma Process Dr. M. Das 2019
142 Dr. V. Babu Studies on the influence of processing techniques and their parameters on the characteristics of Cu/CNT composites having different CNT size and its concentration for steel industries Dr. S. Kanagaraj 2019
143 Dr. P. K. Talukdar In-situ experiments and numerical simulation of vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbines for small-scale power generation Dr. V. Kulkarni and Dr. U. K. Saha 2019
144 Dr. A. Sarkar Role of global fuel-air equivalence ratio and intake charge preheating in dual fuel diesel engines run on biogas and blended oxygenated pilot fuels Dr. U. K. Saha 2019
145 Dr. A. K. Agrawal A study on end forming of metallic tubes Dr. R. G. Narayanan 2019
146 Dr. R. Saikia Transient Hydrodynamics and Heat transfer behaviour along with Heat recovery in a Pressurized Circulating Fluidized Bed Unit Dr. P. Mahanta 2019
147 Dr. S. Prasad Investigation and Analysis of Micro Plasma Arc Welding of SS-316L Sheet Dr. S. Pal & Dr. P. S. Robi 2019
148 Dr. D. Gayen Finite Element Analysis of a Functionally Graded Shaft with Transverse Cracks in a Rotor-Bearing System Dr. D. Chakraborty & Dr. R. Tiwari 2019
149 Dr. Md. N. Alom Aerodynamic Drag and Lift Characteristics of a Newly Developed Elliptical-bladed Savonius Wind Turbine Rotor Dr. U. K. Saha 2019
150 Dr. A. Iqbal Development and Experimental Validation of Simple Methodologies for Modelling of Flow Boiling in Microchannels with Large Pressure Drop Dr. M. Pandey 2019
151 Dr. T. P. Saju Friction Stir Form Joining of AA 5052-H32 and AA 6061-T6 Sheets Dr. R. G. Narayanan 2019
152 Dr. A. Prasad Development and Characterization of nano-Hydroxyapatite based Bioabsorbable Polymeric Internal Fixation Devices Dr. M. R. Sankar & Dr. Vimal Katiyar 2019
153 Dr. R. Kumar Development of Kinetic-Theory-Based High-Resolution Schemes for the Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations of Gas Dynamics. Dr. A. K. Dass 2019
154 Dr. N. Sivaramakrishnan A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Mitigation of the Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in a Bridge Configured Induction Machine Dr. K. Kalita 2020
155 Dr. L. K. Kaushik Performance and Feasibility Assessment of Porous Radiant Burner Aided Cook-stoves for LPG, Biogas and Waste Cooking Oil Fuels Dr. P. Muthukumar 2020
156 Dr. J. P. Ekka Performance, Techno-Economic and Enviro-Economic Analyses on Forced Convection Mixed Mode Solar Cabinet Dryer Dr. P. Muthukumar 2020
157 Dr. S. Pandian Characteristics of cavities during start transient and established flow conditions at supersonic Mach number Dr. N. Sahoo 2020
158 Dr. Rajkumar Shufen Thermally Assisted Autofrettage of Thick Cylinders Dr. U. S. Dixit 2020
159 Dr. Sangjukta Devi Development and performance analysis of a crude biogas operated sideway faced porous radiant burner Dr. N. Sahoo 2020
160 Dr. Vikash Kumar Modeling and Optimization of Single Pass Laser Bending with Inverse Estimation Dr. U. S. Dixit 2020
161 Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Effect of Non-Newtonian Lubricants on the Performance of Two-Axial Groove and Multi-Lobe Pressure Dam Bearing Dr. S. K. Kakoty 2020
162 Dr. R. S. Gorthi Dynamics and Control of Capillary Filling in Microfluidic Channels Dr. G. Biswas and Dr. P. K. Mondal 2020
163 Dr. Arnab Chanda Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Workpiece and Tool in Turning Operation Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2020
164 Dr. Dhrubajyoti Kashyap Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Fluid Flows with Special Emphasis on Nanofluid Flow through Porous Structures: Development and Applications Dr. A. K. Dass 2020
165 Dr. Anshul Garg Nonlinear Dynamics of Piezoelectric Based Energy Harvester with Parametric and Galloping Instabilities Dr. S. K. Dwivedy 2020
166 Dr. S. Sajith Experimental and numerical investigation of equivalent stress intensity factor models for fatigue life predictions Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy and Dr. P. S. Robi 2020
167 Dr. P. V. S. S. Sridhar Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Single Side, Double Side and Heat Sink Assisted Submerged Arc Welded Butt Joint of Stainless Steels Dr. P. Biswas and Dr. P. Mahanta 2020