Sorption Cooling and Heating Systems

Sorption Cooling and Heating Systems

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    ME 667

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  • Sorption Cooling and Heating Systems

    Introduction: Classification of sorption systems, Absorption and adsorption systems, Dry and wet types; Working principles of sorption refrigeration system, heat pump and heat transformer; Wet absorption systems; Refrigerant absorbent combination: LiBr-H2O and NH3-H2O solution thermodynamics, Pressure - concentration - temperature / enthalpy relations and charts; Analysis of single stage, multistage and hybrid systems; Types and design considerations for components such as absorbers, generators and rectifiers; Working principle of pumpless absorption systems; Dry absorption / adsorption systems; Refrigerant / Sorbent combinations and their properties; Metal hydride based systems; Heat and mass transfer in sorption beds; Analysis of metal hydride based refrigerator, heat pump and heat transformer; Selection of metal hydride alloys for various engineering applications.


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